Monday, November 7, 2011

so last night i had a shower at 11:45pm, i just kind of forgot to have one....i think that was the first time, i'm just sooo pre-occupied these days ):

finally went today for my first free 7-11 slurpee (: the wait wasn't too bad, about 10mins. and then it started pouring, like at the beginning of the year when we drove to the Gold Coast.

paper dying in Jap:
from this 

to this

and i saw my dance teacher use Siri today, first time seeing it in real life (:
need to try it out sometime....
he memorised the answers to: "where should i bury a dead body" question, haha...

and i have found a flaw on my iPhone. it can't connect to my laptop via bluetooth, even though it has bluetooth and it can connect, you can't actually transfer stuff. even my 3 older phones can do that....luckily there are other apps which act like bluetooth....

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