Wednesday, October 12, 2011

so i ended up having a different teacher because my teacher moved "up" 2 classes.
i hate how i have 5 different room for maths. what happened to yr12 having priority???
i understand why people consider to drop 3U.
i wished my mark was my rank.
except i was so scared about being the bottom online maths class cause i would have had to say goodbye to my Cambridge textbook. like my heart was pounding this morning. i was heaps worried about being in the bottom.....
i hate getting used to again, of a new way of teaching.
so i kind of moved up a class cause the previous people were mainly no.3 or 4 class.
aiming for above average.......

and the Renovators.
what cheap houses! the Blacktown house looked so nice except it was worth only 440 000 and won't even buy you a unit in Epping. it's always location which plays a factor into houses.
but seriously, the houses were all sooo cheap!!
i would have totes bought a house, if i had the money...

nts: don't go to the library during HSC period. all the tables are taken, so are most of the chairs.

oh, and i found out today who the third P-plater was. because i always wondered why there were to other P's parked in the good spots before me....

and we have the most unknown texts everrrrrr for English (except for the Shakespeare). our teacher like random unknown stuff which will be hard to find stuff about over the net ):

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