Thursday, September 29, 2011

September City Outing

well ain't it lucky i wasn't in castle hill today...

today was really fun meeting new people and just chilling (:
and i bumped into a really old primary school yr4 friend whom i haven't seen in soooo many years (except for fb) and yeah, nice talking in person (:

i love play equipment (: we have to play on the ufo some other day....
oh, and bubbles <3

i am so tank. i cam first out of 41 players for laser tag (:  i came first for one of the games we played last time as well (:
and my accuracy improved this time (:

someone mentioned Pancake on the Rocks, and my whole day was wanting to go there, luckily there was one at Darling Harbour and i had the Bavarian Apple. the pancakes weren't as nice as i remembered them to be a few years ago.... they had water with straws in them, how cute (:
i guess the price was okay, since it is the city, and it was pretty filling.

i didn't go Galaxy World since i knew i wouldn't play anything. so i went to Penno library after city, and they hardly have any books so i was a bit ):

i haven't done any work. D= sat, sun,mon, and today i was out. then this sat, sun, mon i'm out. and next sat. so like four days to study D=
34 days to go D=

and i received my High Resolves letter in the mail two days ago, except i've been sooo busy i haven't had time to read it ):
it brings back good memories :')

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