Monday, April 30, 2012

hsc timetable out!!!

i wasn't aware until after school. last year, i was much more aware of these things.
i freaked out because i thought my hsc pin was wrong, but then i remembered they sent me one just before results came out, so i made it into student online. and then i quickly glanced through my timetable, and two exams on the same day (going to now triple check)
and at least one day between exams. and English has a day in between. unlike last year, well a weekend in between like '10 and before would be good, but i would much much much rather a day in between than no day at all.
thank you God for alright timetable (:

English reading task was the biggest surprise in results. i fully blanked out in the test, yet somehow did alright...didn't even want teacher to read my makr out (as usual) and she was like it's higher than that person but lower than the other person. thanks for telling my mark to the class.

but Jap is definitely my worst subject. it's a slap in the face, really. how sad, the effort i put in does not equate to marks. ))): and then ext 1, our new teacher said our class was the worst, and we did heaps more worse than her other class, and that we all failed creative. great, that was my last subject to ever allow me to dream of state rank...going to be )))): with the results tomorrow....

i hate how the principal decided that our hy marks will be our report marks. that means 17 people get 100% for english, and it's stupid. also, like some marks are less appealing, then the scholarship people will just flick away the applications. and yeah, if the whole grade protested against a department, they might be persuaded, by there is no arguing against the principal...

waited for jerseys the whole day...and it was really disappointing, such an unreliable courier...

just spent 30min analysing timetable instead of doing hw =/

had my first shower in the new bathroom today, last one to try it out...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bathroom Renovation

finally finished after 3 weeks! i ceebs to move everything back into place...

it didn't really take 3 weeks. but last for 3 weeks, ti was more like:
-2 days destroying/chucking
-half day to paint water proof paint thing
-1 day tile floor
-2 days tile walls and paint ceiling
-half day to put shower
-half day to put vanity and mirror
-half day to put toilet
-half day to put light, heater, fan thing and connect electrical stuff

-one day to put new vanity in another toilet

then one day clean stuff

i think it's ok speed since dad went on a business trip for a week...

it feels like a new house (((: it echoes a lot though, so when you step out, it feels as if you become deaf when you step out of the bathroom...

after one month, have have finally had all 45 Costco jelly belly flavours. i've found that the sodas are rarer...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

house/street thoughts...

here's what happened in my street today:

the family who sold their house in feb, moved out (i never saw them move out) while 2 asians drove a truck moved in with 2 other asian guys in suits who helped move stuff in all in less than 20mins. so weird,  a truck to move little items...

next door had an open home and i finally went inside. they have over 6 different types of flooring. normal houses, i think, stick to 3...
i don't like their home, it's really dark and their backyard is half trees, but only good thing is half the backyard is flat. they say the house has "natural lighting," i don't think so since it was really dull, compared to our house, our's would have "artificial natural lighting" as in our side has heappppps more natural lighting than theirs.

they somehow fit all the desks into their rooms, and have built ins, we don't have built ins except for en suite.
oh, and their bathroom is reallly badly renovated. feels more crowded than before and doesn't really look new.

bathroom is almost finished! i think there's just some cleaning to do. i didn't know my parents were going to change another bathroom's vanity until dad started taking out the old one (which i didn't get a proper photo of)

our grass has never been this short/nice! neighbours, for once, trimmed our lawn. we have been always cutting their side of their grass, so finally they tried to cut the grass. i think they really want to sell their house this time, since there's been three previous attempts. this time has been the first time they have ever put so much effort into the garden.

mostly asians saw the house. my street used to be full white (except for my family ofc). now it's not.

next week this time is going to be so rowdy

Friday, April 27, 2012

shapes roadies are really good. they have ribs and steak flavour so it is a cheaper alternative when i crave a slab of steak or a rack of ribs. the shape is really random, but the packet is heavier than normal chip packets.

dad brought home a box of chocolates which were supposed to sell for $40. there weren't many inside, so i think they're hand made. they are so nice (:

i have found that children who have parents as teachers are really smart. i personally know a few. they are so this girl, her mum teaches at my school, and goes Ruse and doesn't need tutoring since her mum can teach her. i wish my parents had some kind of uni degree to teach me stuff at home...

ps. i'm posting on old blogger right now (: somehow, if you click stats through old history links, then click post, it goes back to the old one, but if i click dashboard, it takes me to the new one....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Infinity Pools

i got side-tracked this afternoon, and found myself looking at infinity pools.

THEY ARE SOOOO COOOOOOOL. especially Singapore Marina Bay Sands Resort. 200m above ground, 150m long, and spectacular views.

i will go there, someday.....

and that feeling that you are going to fall of the edge (but you don't) and no glass wall
and then i went on other sites which had a full list of other amazing infinity pools (but not as high and long as singapore) but the designs are all so wonderful.

at the gold cost, there was also an infinity pool at the hotel we stayed at, but it was on a much smaller scale.

and, someone link me to $99 beijing trips. now i know quite a lot of people have been on those and are quite good. mainland china is actually part of the bottom of places i want to go, except it's cheap. i think america/europe will be after bro's HSC. 

two things i learnt in the holidays:
1. all bathroom measurements are in mm
2. if you cut your hair above shoulder length, it will start to curl as it grows out (which explains why my hair waves more every time i cut my hair the the beginning of the year above shoulder height)

masterchef next sunday. must restrict myself. fourth season already, new set. had to do a quick google search to see who won 3rd season, which shows how much i hated her (and also still hate 1st person winner) defs others who deserved to win (there should be an anglo young guy win this year since there hasn't been any yet...)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

how you know if an old person drives

1. they are in a car that's built to be fast/expensive/posh and they drive ever so slowly, more than 10km/h under speed limit
2. they cut/overtake you ever so closely and you think it's some rebel driver but then they don't speed of and drive really slowly
3. they drive slow and don't go in the "slow lane" ie left hand lane if there's two lanes
4. they weave through traffic
5. they move onto a lane which is about to end, then wait there until there are no cars to go back into the proper lane
6. some take really risky turns, ie you can crash into them unless you put on you brakes, you didn't have to put on your brakes since they shouldn't have turned out onto the road in the first place
7. they don't drive inside their lane, and you have to speed to overtake them in case they do more weird things
8. sometimes, it seems they have just forgotten all the road rules.

and i realised why peeta's actor looked so familiar. was reading on wiki, he's in a lot of familiar movies, like zathura and journey to centre of the earth

oh, and yesterday i though i smelt gas leaking in our house, and when i walked out of the house i thought they were doing some back burning (in the middle of autumn ?) but it turns out when i saw the news, it was a massive fire in dural. wow, it travelled quite far. (probs cause of the wind...)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

and another term begins

yesterday night when i was looking over my timetable, i saw i had a double free in the morning. so was full like yes!!!!!! because i could continue reading (;

i finished! i'm glad i finished before HSC ended. honestly, i think they were the only fiction books i've read since yr 11 (apart from Inheritance because who doesn't like Eragon?, and apart from school books...) i still have awesome books waiting for me after HSC (:

the ending wasn't that bad like my bro said. they should have said what jobs Gale and them does. can't stop thinking about twilight. SERIOUSLY GIRL CHOOSES OVER 2 GUYS then the kids come...and they live happily ever after....except in twilight, it just involves vampires and bears...
Peeta didn't fully die. (so what my bro said wasn't fully wrong..)
i kind of hate books when the author kills of the main/important characters...

yeah, 3rd book completely different, but i still like it

i think i will re-read the triology cause i skim read some parts, esp end of book 2 and middle/part of end in book 3...sometimes i do hate interior was such a dialogue-y book so it felt weird at times when no one talks...

well that ends 5 days of my hunger games fever. it was surprisingly satisfying.

you know, i got the exact same mark for phys and chem half-yearlies. my mark was actually "good" in chem, since everyone does "bad"
but in phys, it's a realllllllllllly crap mark. probs cause a million people got 100 (well a couple) and then helps in 90% or maybe it's just this year science peeps are smarter than last years
i hope it's the latter. please guys, pull me uppppppppppp.

and i walked past the agent for next door's home today and he was really cheerful. i guess you have to be nice to people if you want to sell homes... actually people who try to sell expensive stuff to you are more nice

i quite like baulko's ANZAC services, maybe the cadets give it a different touch. i'm pretty sure there was more sitting this year since i could see the stage more

ohh, and i saw an old girra eng teacher promoted to baulko. i hated her, she was such a bad teacher. had her for like one and a half years...horrible. it was really awkard cause she was like "i remember you" pretty sure she won't teach seniors. my bro's school having it on thursday, how strange

with the increasing amount of people getting their P's, i have to park further down the road if i don't reave the house earlier ):

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hunger Games-Movie

never would have thought that i would have watched it before friday when i couldn't stop myself reading the book so no one can spoil it for me.

so here are my thoughts:
ahh, peeta is exactly how i thought he would look like. you see, i only watch trailers after i see the movie, so i can see if their faces are what i imagine them to be. i thought prim would be heaps more girl-ish/young, gale was really ugly compared to the book's thoughts, cato was like the book, but i always thought Panem would be a "white country" as in Rue should have been white since she's supposed to remind Katniss of her sis..
their home is more crap than i thought it would be...
i liked the gore (: and yeah, the movie still kept the humour, even though it's kind of a bit different than the book...
ohh, the Capitol was really well done, like what i imagine them to be....bizarre make up and clothes etc
i keep thinking the training centre is like our school gym, obviously not...i thought the interview dress had jewels...but i liked the actor for played the interview guy...
and michelle posted something about the cornucopia, totes agree. thought it would be normal one, but it's really high tech, and the hovercraft are bigger than what i thought
i keep thinking haymitch is like the poor drunk guy with a billion kids in the simpsons...i like him in the movie, plays to his roles, i think
thought cinna would be like the designer guy in devil wears prada...

annd, it's better to read book first because i was actually surprised that they chose prim at reaping, since if i watched trailer/movie beforehand, the book would loose it's surprising element (well for me, that is)

i like to read a book first before movie (didn't to that with hp though...) but it lets me imagine it for myself, and then something to compare with

THIRD BOOK IS SO RIDICULOUS. EXACTLY LIKE TWILIGHT. girl likes two guys, theres even this page which is exactly what twilight is like, love triangle and the shiz with kisses etcetc. i think it only works for twilight, i'm not annoyed, just find it ridiculous how a girl loves two people in the hunger games. third book is really really different, but it's not as bad as my bro thinks it is, he took a week to read it, like 7times longer than normal. i really don't mind it except for the ridiculous things, but they are's not as intense as the other ones though....

the movie obviously had to move stuff around to cut back on costs (eg  less actors) but there was humour, so it was better than i thought for a movie book thing.

oh, i got a free boost today! after persuading the person my name was melissa and not elisa....i think she just got fed up in the end since there was a line behind me...

school tomorrow ):
really, holidays have flew past. noooooo joke.

Study Skills

going to school when it's not school.

yes, it was helpful, but i don't think i can part with my exercise books.

and then spacing my notes is a concept which is not me. (for those who have seen my notes...)
maybe i will try it... =/

also, i have always despised group work. now, i don't think i mind it, except what happens when you've done heaps of work and the other person's notes are really really bad?

you know in time management session, they forgot baulko kids go tutoring. that's how they fit the relaxing stuff and sport into a timetable + other parts of study.

will re-read them notes, hopefully this week...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

ooft. bathroom troubles. for the whole day. listening to the grumbles and fustration. rahhh, my mood has gone down, but hunger games have lifted it up (which sounds really materialistic...)

really, wasted heaps of money, hundreds of dollars gone, just because things don't fit. maybe we should have gotten a professional to do it...

bro's exam isn't in the conservatorium. apparently it's in a "new-ish" AMEB centre, obviously somewhere i haven't been.

busy busy day tomorrow.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

2 books, 2 days

write, so the orange pencil button is for a new post. i think this is more stylish-word-document-ish, hopefully i'll get used to it... excitement for hunger games. they make me happy, since i haven't been reading anything good these days.
finished book 2 today. 2 books in 2 days. this is a record for me. (i'm a slow reader) it sucks how my brother reads faster than me and tries to spoil the story with truths/ know, his school studied the first book in year 8, how cool! he was one of those who "read the book before it was popular"

ahhh, the book is so ridiculous, as in funny (?) ridiculous...actually Peeta is ridiculous, the things he says....
really, the second book is more ridiculous. it reminds me of twilight how a girl struggles between saving/loving two guys, it's funny cos people hate twilight but love hg. then it reminds me EXACTLY of the Gone series. about a town when adults disappear, and the kids disappear at a certain age, and people fight because of food and the occasional love story. and it also had a dome as well, which reminds me of simpsons movie, which is similar to the field barrier/dome thing.will finish the series after HSC....ahh, the similarities between teenage fantasy/love/action books is unending...

i couldn't help but start the 2nd book. hopefully i don't start the 3rd book...really, I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING THESE PAST 48 HOURS. HOW SAD. but it's good. i hope i'll just work hard during term. sometimes, you can't just full hard core study, you'll burn out before trials and HSC. i have many stories about this, which i will save in another post. well at least i've not played games/go on fb

how nice, bro friend finished 8th grade violin with A, and he's helping bro with his exam. will talk about music exams another day as well....

bro told me Peeta dies.(not sure if true) i think he will because of ending in 2nd book. how sad, he's a good character.

yeah, i think present tense books annoy me as it a sense that it is written by a person with not very skilled English (but i can't say much since my grammar is very poor)

shower was put up today! it's nice (: my parents did more toilet shopping today, i think the last of wonder why houses cost so much. just renovating one little room can cost you a new car...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hunger Games!

blogger updated itself between 4pm and just now.

spent the whole day reading Hunger Games. couldn't resist till after HSC. it is sosososososo good. yes, i love the concept (:
except, i remember ext 1 teacher how he hates first person present tense books, so he would hate HG.i think it gives the appeal of an "easy" and "not as sophisticated english" but there are still some words i had to look up =/

nooooooo, wasted a whole day of study.
i guess it was kind of worth it since i haven't had a good read in a while....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

this saturday was supposed to be my Costco outing day, but apparently the neighbours are having an open house so i want to go. i have been wanting to go since my 16th party. apparently their renovated bathroom is the ugliest bathroom my parents have ever seen.

turkey mince is so nice! and it's not that oily as well which is a plus. i should have resisted but my brother almost finished the honey baked ham kettle chips, which i haven't had for ages, so i had some. bad decision.

why do i not work productively? i spent probs total of one hour on angry birds. time NOT well spent.

i want to wake up early but i can't seem to D= spend half my day sleeping ):

so much food at home. no joke.

you know what i really admire? guys who are organised. my brother is writing a cv for work experience (which i didn't do) and he asked me how has he helped in organising stuff/ what organisational skills he has. i couldn't think of any. he only asked me because he knew he had none. like seriously, his desk is soooo messy, and tissues are everywhere and he shoves stuff into his school bag, and everything is everywhere....
i think good organisational skills=less stress.

sometimes, it's really awkward talking to relatives. it's either yes or no. and i understand and ok. actually, it's only this one uncle who i talk like that, since he has a habit(?) of telling people if you say something or do something weird/wrong.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BBQ in torrential rain

well that was an interesting experience. i've had a bbq in the rain at home before, but it was a light shower so it was alright.

but this: (for those of who you don't have fb)

it really made my day.

and have you seen this? uws's parking lot
i wonder what our school would be like, last time it rained hard, except this time i've heard more flooding around places, our lake at school is probs full.

i never got my meat, but there was meat at home so it was alright (: i really want to go someplace like hurricanes now, maybe i should persuade relatives to go there and shout me when they come next month =D

so, didn't do much today, except spectate guys playing gridiron in torrential rain and attempting the bbq. it was actually well orgainised, like everyone brought something and there were heaps of food etc, it would defs gave worked-if it was sunny. maybe next time

i survived driving through parra. even my mum hasn't done that (don't think she ever will unless i show her personally) the roads are SO BAD in parramatta and surroundings. many many potholes. like the potholes in my suburb, they get filled back in like a week, but the size of the one's in parra seem to have been there forever. i don't really like parra park. it's one way, so if you miss one place you have to go around the whole massive thing again. luckily i didn't miss it. and usually, bbq's have a shelter like in bicentennial park (i think), but its outdoors so there was no way decent barbecuing would happen.

my legs hurt and i don't know why.

some things i hate: people who chuck out good food, especially if its not opened, next time i'll volunteer to take it home, people who cough incessantly without covering their mouth-please i really can't get sick this year i have something called HSC (and so do you...). if that happens at home, i throw i mini-rage since i really don't want to get sick because other people are thoughtless about other people's health, people who try to get other people wet, people who don't answer you directly (which then implies the opposite of what you asked and the in an indirect way you get your question answered)
just some little things i noticed today, not naming any names (:

yesterday was the first day i stayed at home without setting a foot outside, the last time was the day after the horrid end adv exam.

ps. i don't like uploading pics on blogger because it's soooo slow, and videos on fb takes foreverrrrrrrrr, and so do photos on fb, so i really ceebs unless i have a need to show it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Holiday Wednesdays/GPS

why is everything always happening on my holiday wednesday's? things in morning and arvo i can't possibly move which leaves me the middle-ish of the day to do something. and like next week on Anzac day i have to miss out on lunch at old/ex-pastors house because of tutoring ): i really do like my food...after kyck i really craved red meat...yummm meattt...

the "new and improved" mcCain's lasagne now has orange cheese and tastes more like fake cheese than it used to be, it's quite sad. i had a lasagne craving today, and we have lasagne sheets except i don't have time to make it from scratch so i opted for the easier version....

was going to bake, but the rainy weather destroyed my baking mood.

i don't really get why people like youtube so much. (that is something which i have not conformed to...yet! (: )

my dad has a thing with gps's. i think i may have said this before, except he wanted to buy me a new gps for birthday/christmas last year, except i said no since i won't really use it. except tomorrow i need to use it, and my does has to go on business trip and also needs to use it. (un)luckily he bought a gps before on the internet. i think this was one of the badder buys on the internet. it said it could have gps, watch video, play games, music, radio etc all in one, except the thing is that it can't update itself, even if you take out the card and plug it into computer. ie, you can't get newer maps, even if you pay for it.
well that's the spare gps, it's actually newer than our normal one, except not as good. like if you shut it down, then open it, it loses its signal and you have to go through a billion steps (which i don't remember) to re-find the signal, so it doesn't find it's signal by itself, which isn't normal for gps's. i think i'll just stick to remembering to put it in sleep and not shut down (i never knew gps's "slept, but obviously this not as good one can" i guess it's sleek which is a good thing, like the other day, i saw one which looked like an iPhone...
it makes a funny sound when you tap it, and i don't know how to turn it off without turning off the voice/warnings

Monday, April 16, 2012

you know what i just realised, i think what would be really cool is to have macbook pro which you can take of the screen (like those smart covers for ipads) and the the screen becomes an ipad, and then you have two in one to save money (: i really love touching electronical stuff (:

oh, i forgot to mention, on fri arvo i went to buy my hunger games box set! now i have two full box sets to read after HSC (: and the line at target was soooooooooo long. waiting just to pay was approx 20min. but the worst line i've been in to buy something was at ralph lauren at dfo....i also bought hp7 pt2 for 9 bucks! sahhh cheap...
bought it for the sake of adding to dvd collection (which is not very large)

that guy was right, you really have to be in the right "mood" to do section 2. i'm really...idk...frustrated/ upset-ish about something right now, which made me fully fail a practice drill =/ ):

i finally watched ice age 3 today, recorded it form ages's actually quite funny (: which meant my day was not very productive ))):

watched avatar last night, i think it's just as good the second time. oh, the first time i watched it was in hong kong, and my uncle shouted my bro and i to watch it in 3D =D the graphics were soooo good. but when the native na'vi talked in their language, their subs were in chinese so we had to ask our uncle to translate for us, which was quite awks since we made a lot of noise...o i kind of had to watch it on tv to understand what they were saying

and the tiling finished yesterday! i should have remembered from prelim phys that sounds echoes are louder against hard surfaces. now when you make sound in the bathroom, is surprisingly loud, which kind of sucks since my room is next to the bathroom. and then my dad drilled a hole in our house yesterday evening....not really sure what he is trying to do.
my face is exploding ): i think it's probs most likely due to the dust plastery things from over the past week and maybe i'm sensitive to those wall-stuff, but now hopefully there will be less....

something i finally don't like about 3, i have to admit. i used to think it's really cool how you can check your usage on "free internet", but three ROAM which means extra costs involved in making phone calls,  and when going on internet. i refrained myself form going on internet, or else the bill would be like January's. only 3 roams, other networks don't, i thought roaming was a good thing back in yr 6, but it's not. but if i change to voda, then everything will be red and no free news (not that i really use my free news)

lastest i have woken all holidays, and maybe this year today.... ):

Sunday, April 15, 2012

KYCK 2012-Here I Stand

my second and last kyck. it was good, different, but was a really worthwhile to take time off studying. for those who don't know, kyck is a Christian convention (there are also some non-Christians), about 2000 people in one massive tin shed, with a kind of concert-ish atmosphere.

the atmosphere was really great, everyone fully pumped. new band this year. it was different, a lot of things were different. i think the sound was louder this year and the place for the mosh pit was bigger, except i didn't go in it this year...

and i took heaps less photos this time, i think the huge excitement from the first year kind of wore off...

but i liked the speakers (: and sam chan who i've also heard a couple of times at RICE so i knew he was good/funny/can relate to asians. the One Direction references over the weekend were soo leader full pumped One thing for over 15mins in the car....i have the tune stuck in my car =/

i really liked the how they separated the talks into doctrines....really down to the point, and easy to understand. i really love how all their talks are suited to teens...ahh, the songs were really good (: i guess it's good to learn new songs, except i think the words on the screen were smaller this year, so it was harder to see the words....

home cooked food is good. apparently my brother's food wasn't that great, and he stayed at the "higher class" places at the convention.

that hill, i think i had my exercise for the week (:

personally, i think last year was a tad better, maybe since it was the first time... they didn't do the cool centre stage thing this year...

i think i'm getting used to not sleeping in, and waking up a bit faster these days..
oh, and i think the wristbands were more waterproof this year. they didn't check it when we walked in...there were defssss heaps less pegging this year. i had to force a friend to peg me, except a guy walked by and stole it =/ even though everyone could see, and i asked him to give it back and he still walked away, he was like a man and not high school-er.... =/ last year i actually got legitimately pegged.

saw sooo many people i knew, and also a yr 6 friend who is know a friend of a was surprising...and lots of other people as well (:

it was really nice to see soooo many people praising God! have definitely learnt heaps these three days (((:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yum Cha with Mum (:

used our first group on eating voucher today (: it was at the place in market city called The Eight. i haven't been there since they changed the manager and name. city yum cha is always expensive, but more nicer than normal places, i think.

i liked how they gave you variety for the amount you paid for. there were other people there using the voucher, cause the tables were marked with "voucher banquet" haha....
the spring rolls were more burnt than normal, so my mum asked them to change it, and the person said it was just the sauce (which was total bs since who uses sauce to deep fry stuff, you use oil, then you dip it in sauce) and after a while, they gave a new ones. after today, soo many deep fried stuff which we wouldn't normally order at yum cha, my face has exploded.... )))):
mango pudding was really gooood (: we also don't normally have that at yum cha. at first i thought i would still be hungry, but i was wrong....

sometimes, eavesdropping on public transport is actually interesting....
i love fast trains (: so fast that there is not enough time to read the signs outside to see which station you passed (:

had to wait in the car for an hour for mum shopping. i'm really petrol conscious these days, so decided not to drive two cars to the station. like yesterday, cheap discounted petrol went from 136cents, 135 then an hour later 153. and my family has a thing with not using cheap petrol so right now it costs 160+ per litre.

i haven't been to penno shops in a long time, which i saw today, it has a subway and the butcher place has been taken over by harris farms. i used to go there every week after, literally once a year...

i will start packing tomorrow..hehe..

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

another day out....

just a thought. on easter monday, we saw a ferrari, but not a normal one, it was white and seemed like a newer version of ferraris. i only seem them like once in 3/4 months. well, anyway, there were like 2 lebanese boys in them, and we were on a three lane road. normal cars can't do this, but their car literally FLEW IN BETWEEN THE CARS FROM ON SIDE OF THE LANE TO ANOTHER. it was amazing. they like slanted their car just enough to fit. like my car would definitely have bashed, since the gap between the two cars was soooo small. except it's a ferrari, so it flew. and if you measured the space, i bet the ferrari wouldn't have fit in between the cars when overtaking, but it somehow did. it had three exhaust pipes, and made sounds like the race cars and could still be heard far far away.
since it was a public holiday, we thought that they would defs get caught. like in the last five days, i've seen at least one police car. but then, the ferrari is actually a sports car unlike the holden commodores, so the police probs won't be able to chase them....haha....
 the speed cameras might catch them....if they encountered any....but would they appear a blur on the camera since they're sooooo fast...? but then again, they probs would have heaps of money to hire a super duper good lawyer....

the flooring is done! it's sooo pretty. we have a mini dad accidently bought the 197 flooring tiles, which won't line/match up with the 200 wall tiles....

also, i finally figured what to put on fb cover photo. i still don't really like the idea of timeline, but since i like taking photos of things, i will put photos og things (:

after about a week, i have had approx 26 jelly belly flavours. it's quite hard to distinguish colours, esp the greens, i think i've had three margaritas, and they weren't that nice....i shall eat the yellow in colour order from light to dark shade. they are all soooo yummy, but may top favs, it think are sizzling cinnamon and strawberry cheesecake (:

another day out tomorrow. i actually can't wait (:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


it's been like over a year since i've been inside there. forgot how massive it was...
actually, according to my dad, they differ in size.... in primary, i used to go bunnings with dad and bro on saturdays, since he would take us from our various activities then make a little detour to bunnings.

spent more money on a line of decorative tiling than floor tiling/ first class wall tiling. one metre strip of marble for the wall is $36. it's tinnyyy, but i like it (: imagine having marble flooring for a whole house, that would be sosososo expensive....actually, it does depend what type of marble you use....
i think i'm too picky about what toilet we get. i think i'll just let my parents decide on that...
renovating one room is my airplane ticket to america and europe and money to shop/eat with still some money left...

tiling starts tomorrow, i think. which is good, cause i'm out most of the day (:

coming back from friend's place, i decided to take the big roads because i like driving past. but as i turned out...asdghfjkl...massive traffic jam. it was only like 3.45, so no school zones since it's the holidays, and there shouldn't have been any work people traffic jam. turns out that like a kilometre away, a set of lights died, they closed the road, and everyone turned where i wanted to go, thus took forever for me to go into that street. there was a police officer pointing/directing traffic. i think it would be cool to direct traffic =D

not working for easter show next week, but everyday of the holidays i am out, which means no work done D= sooooo unproductive today...i should start sleeping earlier....

moreee chocolate. i'm still eating expired chocolate from two months ago, but it tastes fine....

i forgot to say yesterday, taboo is a really fun game, esp with heaps of people (: i love board games, ater HSC, i am going to make my brother play all our boardgames with me, and also try to "finish" a full game of monopoly, if possible. (it's never possible unless some trading is done....)

i had a tea craving today. i had a twining infusion, except it wasn't that great ): i really miss qvb high tea's tea. it's saaaaaaaaah goooood. need to try t2 sometime. mum suggested going high tea-ing again, but i don't have time ): most of my time is spent .....procrastinating ):

last week, i wouldn't have considered brining a massive jacket to kyck. but after today, i think i will, since it's in the mountains as well...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bathroom Shopping

we only went to one place reaaaaaalllllllly farrrrrrrrrr away, but apparently it was cheap.

way too much choice, couldn't decide which ones to buy, so i just chose simple ones. still need to get a toilet, i ceebs looking. the ones we saw weren't branded (such a first world problem) i think we're just going to go with what looks was actually quite tiring standing, looking, waiting.

i found thi massive bruise on the inside of my elbow yesterday night. it was blue, legit blue. now it's legit purple/red. no idea how i got it, but it hurts more than normal bruises =/

thanks dandelion for inviting us over! your house is sooooo nice (:

i love going to people's houses.

invite me over to your house peoples!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday Baptisms

ahh, it's sooo lovely hearing people's testimonies :')
and today really showed me that it doesn't matter what age you get baptised.

the day went by too quickly. the lightning was really fake today, like in pictures how it's zig zags, yeah i saw that today (but it wasn't yellow...) the whole sky lit up continuously for around 20mins. it was quite an amazing sight driving back home.

i have gotten a third of the things i wanted to do today done. it's quite a sad story ):

suuuuuuh excited for kyck! (:

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.'" Romans 5:8

Saturday, April 7, 2012


yeah, so it was worth it. you really can't go in the text without having to do SOME practice at least.

16 hours. soo brain draining...have not done anything since 6.30pm except eat eat and eat.

i really can't do section 1. every time i look at it i ceeeeeebs, which i have learnt is a really bad mindset so i will try not to ceebs, except there's just soo much thinking and logic, and unfortunately i don't really have any ):

i gave my bro to try some of the "hard" questions. and he go them all. he's on his way to becoming a doctor (lol jks, he doesn't even know what he wants to do, and neither do i =/) but, it's quite depressing sometimes when you don't "see" it.

ahhh, this girl is so smart. both parents lawyers, brother finishing last yr med-doctor next year, and she's captain of a million clubs at her school, and also knows polish/latin. also, about a fifth of the room had people whose parents are doctors. wow, rich kids. i personally only know of two friends who have parents as cool would that be? kids are really really really lucky who have smart parents/older siblings...

annd, i found out a few private schools have this thing called IB, where you can study like different subjects, is harder than hsc level, more uni level, but doesn't count towards hsc/atar. secretly i thought, why would you do that!? wasting time on stuff not atar related, apparently it's just something good to do :S i don't realllly see how learning Italian at uni level will help you in life/hsc/atar, unless you go and live in Italy.

wow, people treating umat as another 2 units. that's insane...seriously, how do they juggle school work, extra curricular, relax time, eating time, travel time, tutoring time, and extra time to do umat stuff?

i shall stop talking about medentry since it's "copyright" stuff.

also glad i was out of the house today, more demolishing was done.

the first night somewhere else is always the hardest. especially showering. it's like when i go on camp/overseas with family, school camp, church camp, random holidays, and know using upstairs bathroom, you have to get into a "routine" to do stuff efficiently.

i have walked sooooo much in the past 4 days, it's actually quite amazing. my legs hurt, and soo do my ankles ): went broadway shops today. i think it was my first time....don't really turn left at central, usually turn right...

oh, they do have bins at central, but outside the gate barriers only (just to clarify with yesterday's post....)

eng adv book has sooo many sex scenes. and every character goes out/sleeps with every other character. no joke. it's quite twisted.

Friday, April 6, 2012


i think this is the first major indoor renovation for our house.

i was soo glad i was out of the house for the whole day. now i understand why my mum covered the whole hall way and shelves and doors with plastic.
soooooo much dust and plaster bits around. apparently it took my bro and dad like 8 hours to fully demolish all the tiles, take out old bath tub and shower and toilet. there's still a bit to take out. i think i've only had a bath 2 or three times in my house. and that was probs over 10 years ago. so all those bubble baths/soaps/bombs/aromas for baths, i've never used always said baths are a waste of water, but they were the closest thing i had to a swimming pool.....

showers are inconvenient for a few days ): not the same level as my room so i have to walk upppp and dowwwwn and uppp and downnnn to get stuff i need....

hopefully they finish it fast. (we still haven't bought everything yet....i need to find some time to got bathroom shopping)
now it's just an ugly room, with plaster bits everywhere. mum literally plasticised everything, which i think is actually a good idea.

i can't wait until it's done. it will feel like a new-ish home... (:

oh, do you guys know why there are no bins at central? learnt this from eng ext 1. it's because after 9/11, they were scared of people, so they took away the bins so people couldn't hide/put bombs/dangerous stuff to explode central.
i think that is also why there are no bins in underground epping.

i'm such a loner :'( actually i just ceebs socialising today. medentry confirmed that white people can be smarter than asians. arghhhh, how do they get the answers so quickly in all three sections. must train brain to think correctly....

had my first ever creme egg today! i only used to have the miniature ones, but my uncle bought them from costco, and so yay! it's sooooo sweet, but really nice, maybe i should halve it with someone next time...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last Cross Country

in these two days, i have done more walking than the WHOLE of last month combined. no joke.

originally, i planned to run as much as i could. but my feet hurt from yesterday, so that plan didn't work. even when i was walking, i kind of felt faint, like once when i went all out in breakstroke pull for 1328259 laps, my vision went black. so, yeah, even walking today my vision dimmed =/ probably because i didn't eat breakfast, and i just had lunch before i went running.

thus, i only ran like...400m? and even people who attempted three legged race over took me. i don't know, my leg really hurts from walking. now i can't even walk properly :S and that is what a lack of exercise does to you....was really light-headed even when walking.

so, i think i came last in my age group (which my aim was not to) and apprx 5 age groups overtook me.

BUT I GOT INTO ZONE! hahaha, funniest thing ever, since there were only 10 people in my age group. i have long awaited 6 years for this moment where there is no year above you. in swimming they combine 17 and 18 together, so there is always a year above you, and in yr 12, a year below you. but in x country, there is no yr above or below. and since it was last day of exams...only like 30 people in the grade turned up. yay for automatic entry! i shall walk zone, like i walked most of it last year....and it's on wed arvo, so i don't have to miss out much of school (:

tiles for bathroom came! my parents got 1st grade tiles, i never knew tiles were graded....they are so nice and modern. (: i finally figured where the renovation money is coming from-america trip money ): but i still get to go hk and another country. think we're going america/europe after my bro's hsc.....hopefully i'll still fit in the kiddy rides in disneyworld/land (:
can't wait for modern, a bit more spacious bathroom. i guess it's relatively cheap, since our bathroom isn't that big, so less work to be done....

i think im starting to get sick again...from dad ):

module a, i guess it was disappointing since i put a lot of time into it, but it was kind of expected since i only memorised it the day before.....and forgot all my important sentences ):
and i have told myself never ever to memorise an essay the day before, so i memorised my ext 1 two days before, and i really do hope i can start to memorise my next essay 3 days before, so i won't be disappointed with marks.....
oh, i am 100% sure i will get a bad mark for reading task. but it's only 10% (even though every mark still counts) i think i need to de-stress a bit about english.

holidays! already have soo much to do....but i spent today reading which was nice.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Post Last Half Yearly :'(

sooo much catching up to do after not being on the comp for 48 hours.

but i am so happy today BECAUSE I HAD BEN AND JERRY'S! so sad i still had an exam today, or else i wouldn't have mind spending train ticket to get freeeeeeeeeee ice cream yesterday. i will totes go there next year on 3rd of april. i had phish food, it wasn't as solid as i would have liked it. i still think the half-baked cookie dough one is the best. i don't think i'll ever get it in a cone again (unless it's free) since it's totally not worth it, prob buy some mini tubs. that way, you can have a little but each day, and not a huge amount in one hit.

today was a good day. drove someone for the first time of my 6+ months as a p-plater. i've driven family around before, but i did that on my L's, so it doesn't count. i've only been in like 2 p-platers cars...

2.80 store wasn't that worth it. everything i picked up was made in china. only two things i saw were made in Japan ): i was kind of disappointed.

come to think of it, i don't think lunch was that worth it....

i've never fully worked around chats before. restrained myself from buying anything, because my aunt is coming over next month, and will defs bring clothes. my uncle, the other day, already brought over a luggage for her, but we can't open it, because we have to wait for her to divide the clothes between me, my cousin and my mum...the suspense of what's inside the suitcase.....):

YAY FOR FREE LIPTON GREEN TEA ICE TEA. went back for seconds, i like it, the subtleness of the green tea and it's not too sweet.

and, i went to two targets today, except they both didn't have the box sets of hunger games )))): only individually. how sad. chats' target is quite big....

i walked sooooooo much today. the third time i caught a bus to school (since i ceebs to drive to school for only 10mins speaking) the bus was frikken 20mins late. but it's ok, since it wasn't a fully scheduled exam. and that is why i don't trust public transport. walked more than i have today than in the last 2 weeks. no joke. in exam period it's exam seat, car seat, desk seat, dinner seat, desk seat, sleep. i read an article about how sitting kills you faster so ):

feet hurt from the lack of walking. and cross country tomorrow. i still cannot believe i mad it to zone last year. funniest thing to me in my high school sporting career

now exams:
worst exam was by far, english. oh, i had the awkward moment when a person in front of you decides to move to a seat after you've unpacked and filled in the attendance slip, and then it made me look like i forgot to "not leave a seat in front of me." but that was not why it was bad, it was the texts. i didn't understand them, and after the test, i glance over my answer for the fourth question, and it had like no techniques and it was worth 4 marks ): seriously, i had mental blanks every 3 minutes, and wasted soo much precious time. people around me just kept on writing and writing and writing. i wanted to cry during the exam ): so then i had a look at how much it was weighed. only 10%, so 5% towards my hsc, hopefully i can make up in my essays. BUT MODULE A ))))))))))): so sad, i forgot all my important sentences ))))))): going to fail ):

and i saw ophelia's photo about maths online. IT ACTUALLY IS REALLY SAD. i wanted to check something up in the hols. why can't they make us pay AFTER my hsc?

my jap teacher is so contradictory. it's quite unfair....

feels like a friday today.

i am exhausted. how will i survive cross country tomorrow? i am sooooo unfit.

Monday, April 2, 2012

so like, this morning i woke up earlier, and was reading a maths textbook, and that was the last question in the paper, and i was like ceeeeeeeeeeeeebs, so im hoping for...part marks (?)

the mc was asdgfhjkl. oh well.

it's quite hard refraining yourself to talk about the paper, in class teacher somehow "comes across" you talking about it.


MY MUM AND BROTHER WENT TO COSTCO TODAY! and my uncle's friend paid, and they went using my uncle's card. i think he's been to like 7 costco's in the world. quite impressive.

yay for jelly belly! had like 4 just then. also for dr pepper! my bro was going on how cooool it was and you can't describe the taste through words...then my uncle gave me some jap lollies to try. yummmm. and also chips, except they didn't get 1kg. and creme eggs! i've never had a massive one before. eating 10 lollies before dinner =/
sizzling cinnamon (:
and i had a donut just before dinner as well...sugar overload....
food makes me happy (:

just had some dr pepper. it wasn't as nice as my brother said it was, and yeah, i can't describe it cyberly.

i bet they on purposely put eng in the second week, to make us have a min seven day exam period.

and just found out, the limited edition kit-kats come from different provinces in Japan. only particular places have that particular flavour.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

i am totally going to fail 3U tomorrow. i don't even have to see the paper to know i have already failed.

this is such a bad mindset, but tis the truth.

couldn't even do the first question of a past paper.

i'm so glad i don't go to ruse.

3U ): can't inverse trig integrate/draw/derive. the FIRST question is already hard in past papers.

other schools are ok. and 2U was "easy" so 3U is "hard" and my teacher said it is "hard" compared to other years.

this sucks.

just read Happy Apple's Post (i wasn't the only one who found 2011 different)

and the last roundabout into my house, there was this car who full smashed into the roundabout sign pole. i saw something flashing far away, twas a tow truck. sucks to be them, i bet they drove full fast without breaking and turned when the roads were wet.

wasted the extra hour sleeping. i set my phone alarm to 6, and it auto adjusted itself, so i woke up at 7 (according to yday time). but that is like the earliest i have woken the whole term on a weekend day. goal is to now sleep early wake early.