Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 4s!!!

just had a talk to relatives over the phone, and they said they heard about....

IPHONE 4S!!!!!!!!!

so i went on my laptop to check it out (:
asdfghjkl. its soooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing.
you have to check out the video about it.
or not, i'll tell you about it (:

first of all, iphone 3s in hk are still selling about $400 AU and iphone 4 is around 800 which means 4s is probs going to be about $1200 which will cost the price of my Macbook minus a iPad, go figure...

but the camera! it is finally as good as the other smartphones. 8megapixels!!!!! and the camera is (not as good) but still pretty close to my $500 sony camera.
it has 1080p video, face detection, stabiliser and you can take photos when from the volume button unlike other smartphones which you have to touch the screen to take a pic, which is inconvenient.

well i have a camera with all those features, except you don't normally see those features in a phone, so it makes iphone 4s amazing (:

and there's this new thing called Siri. it's basically you tell the phone to do something and it does it for you. like say you tell the phone a message, and it will send the text, and it can find you other info, and it can arrange your calendar by voice. basically, you tell the phone to do something and it does it, which is the first smartphone which can do that.

graphics in 4s is 7times faster than 4, i thought iphone 4 was already heaps good....

the video is sooo cool (:

like iphone 3s isn't that amazing since it only has a 3.2 mp camera, iphone 4 has 5mp, but there is a bigger jump for iphone 4s.

the outside looks exactly the same. it's like how they upgraded the Macbooks, only the inside is faster but outside looks the same.

when i go hk, i wonder what iphone 5 will be like. usually every second iphone they change the design. like 3 and 3s were the same design, now 4 and 4s are the same.

but wowowowow, inside is soo cool. now androids are going to copy Siri. it's funny how androids always copy Apple.
it's also funny how i don't own any of those phones.
i love apple (: with there unique products/apps.

for those rich guys, you can pre-order on the 7th, and comes out in stores at 8am on 14th.
just checked prices. it starts from 800bucks, which is probs like 8gb, so it would defs cost $1000+

the thing is, if people in Aus buy a smartphone, the caps which come with heaps of internet are soooo expensive. like 100mb is not enough data for smartphones these days, i think, actually i would have no idea since i don't have data on my phone, apart from the free news and planet 3 (:

seriously, watch the video!!! YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!!! ((((((((:

ps, i have been, well you can kind of say "obsessed" (but not really) with iPhones since yr 7. but wow, iPhone 4s. i am intrigued.
i think i'm over iPhone4 already (which was really quick, i think less than a year)

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  1. consumer mass culture ensares yet again.