Sunday, November 23, 2014

did not realise that i last posted in october. i've still been reading your blogs during exams, just no time to actually post stuff.

please. no. supps. i guess i've accepted the fate that i'll pay $2.5-$3k for a ticket back if i get a supp. well, at least my parents understand all the factors that come into play. you'll probably think why did i book my holiday during supps, well there's just as many reasons as why there i shouldn't push my holiday to after supps. but i guess after a lot of thinking, if it came down to me having a supp whilst i'm overseas, then i guess i'll have to cut my holiday short and fly back to take a supp, if i'm lucky to get a supp in the first place...

argh, so annoyed at myself. that feeling of getting the easy questions wrong, and not working through the test fast enough. then in prac exam, i didn't get a stable view, and other measurements i found were incorrect. during prac exam, they use a multiple choice answer sheet to fill in either a,c,e's, but each "question" have different ratings. apparently the last circle of each section tells you if the examiner thinks you generally passed or not, but nooo, i didn't check my last bubble for each section, i did get a few e's, but i'm hoping that it's not that vital pass/fail bubbles. you can get a lot of a's, but if you don't pass that last circle, than you're doomed. nts: check last bubble for future prac tests. also got a lot of c's, so not sure if that's more towards the pass or fail side. then there's the 65% pass mark for finals. really don't know if i passed that 65% mark )))): goodbye $3k, tickets return from america cost

so much if you buy it at short notice and it's the week after thanksgiving and still before Christmas. tried to stay calm during the prac exam this time, which i guess i managed to do so. apparently one person broke down during one session of the prac exams, and the examiner/our lecturer gave her a chocolate. it really would affect your whole mood throughout the exam, since we move to different stations and each one is timed, and you're forced to drop everything and move. and if you didn't finish/couldn't get a view or measurement, well bad luck. and if you break down in the first station, well you'll have the feeling of screwing up in the rest of the stations. have to pass every technique/ least the guy i had for history and symptoms had some sense of humour. when i asked him what he was allergic to, he was like "monday mornings," then my partner (who you perform other tests on) started laughing, and the examiner was trying not to laugh as well when i was like "so how do you treat it" but other than that, the other stations in the prac exam all had quite a few big flaws.

when i got a supp last sem, i knew i completely blanked out on the test. blank out as in the examiner is staring at you waiting for an answer but time is up. that feeling was quite horrible and actually depressing, but this time it's just a constant worrying since they're marking criteria and weightings are never predictable...

i can't believe i'm saying this but i kind of ceebs planning, even though i know i need to or else when i get there, it'll wast time, esp with the theme parks.... what's quite annoying is that i have 2 itinerariesL one incl supps and one without. everyday i am praying it's the latter....i'll find out this friday, or thursday in america time...

paying a flight back means half as much shopping money...then i think about it again and it's just a reminder of the things in this world are temporary.

Friday, October 31, 2014

HSC Finished Take 2

so my bro finished his HSC today. it's actually kind of bad since he's going to be noisy. his desk and his 2nd desk in his room is so messy. i had organised mess, but he has mess, mess. it's kind of gross. he didn't ask for my help at all during his hsc year, well i offered, but then again i don't really have time even if he wanted my help.

we are complete opposites in studying. he needs to go out with friends, library, have music, no tutoring apart from maths. i need to stay at home by myself, complete silence, and get tutored, plus eat heaps of junk food. he wastes money going out everyday and spending it on food, but i spend it on tutoring in one big hit...

onto another note. tbh, i get kind of annoyed when i have to go out for someone's birthday during stuvac. well yes 21st, but then have to buy expensive presents, plus buy a cake, plus pay for our own food. and then half the people are willing to pay, but half the people like me are more reluctantly to go over budget...i mean, at least bring a cake...nah, i don't have enough friends to go out with me to eat and willing to pay for their own food, plus buy a cake and present. i miss parties enjoying everyone's company, where you didn't have to buy something too expensive, yet the hosts/parents still pays for a nice lunch/dinner/cake/party food and deco.

i have $5 on a movie gift card which expires today, too bad my bro and i haven't been to the movies since july, and we both didn't have time to use up that last bit. oh wait, if my brother didn't use the free movie ticket last time and used the remaining $5, we didn't have to waste it...

missed Happy Apple yday ):

two 8am starts on the last 2 days of uni. doesn't feel like the end of semester. still have to go uni during stuvac to dead. become so tired by the arvo, can't get much study done =/

no time to do stats hw properly. i'll just do half of it. what's worse that it's not even in the finals, but due before stuvac and not worth much (as i've probs said before). not worth my time. i'll actually catch up on stats after finals...won't even properly use those stats stuff until our 5th yr research projects.

i think i've passed 1 of my courses already, since it was basically 40% assignments, and they marked really leniently, and it doesn't say we have to get over 50% in finals to pass the course...

but my optm subject, ever so always and will continue to be tricky, on top of that 65% finals pass mark to pass the course.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

yay for packages

argh i hate stats. all these tute hw tasks plus lecture hw tasks plus task which we can only do on uni computers all due at end of stuvac. plus the assignment which was supposed to be due end of this week was pushed back to end of next week. all my study time gone! D= why do people ask for an extension when it just cuts into their study?

blueberry ice cream oreo

finally opened the packet yday. overseas has so many interesting flavours. this is the limited edition "prime berry", it's not as good as the purple blueberry ice cream oreo. this one tastes more berry but less ice creamy.

receipe to riches from last night-$8

took a photo because it's not cheap

i've had a fair share of gourmet sausages in the past, from kangaroo to linseed, to super, duper lean beef $20+kg. this one was on tv last night, and it's pork, apple and cinnamon made with pork intestine as the skin. first time buying something from it, didn't get anything from last series. this is around $18 a kg. on tv, there servings looked really big, but irl, each individual one is quite small. the texture is a bit different, not as chewy and firm as others, idk it's hard to describe. you could definitely smell the cinnamon, but the taste was quite subtle. it was a bit above average, but probs wouldn't spend money on it if it did know that Chocorn from last series? last year it was selling for around $8 a pack, now they're $4ish.

oh, neil perry's burger project is opening on friday at world square. something that i can kind of afford from neil perry...rockpool and rock pool bar and grill has been on my list for quite a while now

the whole pantry book!

yay it came today! had an awkward moment of "how do i open this package." quick background knowledge, belle was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at the age of 20 (which is quite scary since that's out age), but she survived that and is now 25 and has a son. she's still not cancer free and has many other cancers, but it's very inspirational seeing the way she lives through it. like she gives organic toothpaste to her son, which is kind of like grub and nothing like the typical white toothpaste...TWP app was app of the year last year in the food and fitness section. quite a lot of recipes are quite simple, and it's amazing at how you can make healthy sticky date pudding, pannacotta, pasta, the list goes on. it's so smart! mainly using a lot of coconut oil/cream/water, which i'm not supposed to have....there's so much knowledge about things as well, and what staples are best, and what suits different people. also heaps of other unusual recipes like natural washing powder and air fragrance. i don't normally buy books let alone recipe books, but this was $21 well spent. couldn't put it down this arvo, even though i should be studying...can't wait to try it out next feb. yes, that's when i'll actually be at home for the majority of the break for about 2 weeks...

the stress has hit me after a not super productive day today. stats stuff taking way too long to complete, and it's not even worth much...

last practice with anaesthetics tomorrow before a 3 week period without practice D= how do they expect us to ace it, when we've only practiced it only two times before it? don't have access to those stuff at my work place, unlike some other friends =/

Monday, October 27, 2014

Green Peppercorn

this was one of the places that i've been wanting to go to in the latter half of this semester, to the point where you can't stop thinking about their food (well desserts to be precise), and have to eat it before finals, or else i can't concentrate on study...

after messina last week, we walked to green peppercorn. it's on level 1, but it's quite nice inside, since it's still relatively new.
pad see ew and pad thai with chicken 12.90

didn't try the pad se www, but we had 4 people between 1 pad thai since we were mainly here for a dessert run and just needed a bite to eat. tha pad thai here was pretty average, and noticeably smaller than it's competitors. it's also not as flavourful, and wasn't as steaming hot (temperature wise). would have preferred more flavour, but then again, it means more msg or whatever unhealthy sodium thing they use to flavour it...the bean sprouts were raw, not that i mind, it just made the dish look bigger than it really was...not a lot of chicken or tofu either ):

service was pretty good. and additional spoons were provided for desserts. some places are cheap, and they make you use the same spoon for your savoury dishes and dessert...
dessert (:

Sweet warm coconut sticky rice served with fresh mango, vanilla ice-cream, coconut museli and coconut sauce $14

quite good, again, the whole "where did the fresh mango come from?" question popped up, and their menu also says "fresh" so 99% sure it's imported. there was enough coconut sauce with the rice, and not very sweet. muesli have it a nice texture.

pandan creme brûlée $14

one of their most popular dishes, and yes indeed, it was so yum. it's not deep, but quite a large ramekin. it had the "crack" and was a very thin sugar layer on top, which is suitable since the dish is quite thin. it wasn't too sweet and the pandan flavour came through. possibly may attempt it myself once i have time to bake/buy some pandan extract. the tuile on top was crazily hard to break. we all tried hammering it, but in the end you have to use to teeth to bite it, so not really sharable. it's super duper thick, which explains why it landed in someone's hair when we tried to smash it with our spoons...

Pandan & coconut flavoured waffles served with pandan sauce, coconut museli and coconut gelato $13

so green! don't know if they used real pandan, since i don't think you can get that green flavour that you get from the extract

felt like more dessert (even though i was pretty full at this stage). the waffles were nice, but not amazing. i think i still prefer belgium waffles. probably a bit too much muesli, and would have preferred a larger hit of pandan flavour. gelato was more on the ice cream side. the coconut flavour came through, but it may have been from coconut extract...

and i managed to catch the last express bus back home. i guess early dinners are good since the food comes out fast. will have to try the pandan sticky rice next time. didn't get it this time since we though 3 pandan desserts would be too much. i think the original store at Fairfield would probs be better, but who has the time to drive/trek it there?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Night Noodle Markets 2014

went on the 4th day, and 3rd last day. massive difference in crowd level. on the friday, people were already queuing at the popular stores even before it officially starts at 5pm.

first time i went, just wanted to see what there was. i knew wonderbao from melbourne would be there so it was on my "to-eat' store, but when i saw the prices, my heart dropped.

i was willing to pay $15 for 3, but not $20 for 3. they weren't that big either, and apparently it's almost double the price of their actual store in melb. also the buns etc, i'm pretty sure you can almost buy a whole back of 6 buns for the price of the normal buns they have here.

twice cooked pork belly w/ pickled carrots, damon, cucumber and hoisin sauce-$7

in the end, i decided to get one. i made sure that a few people got it before me, so it wasn't like the first few are more dodgy since they just opened for the night, if that makes sense. this was over hyped. bread wasn't soft, and rolled out unevenly. also was on the thin side. the pork was soft, but wasn't on the steaming hot side. only one piece of cucumber and the carrots that i had wasn't really pickled...i have to say, ippudo pork buns are probs 10x better. i guess this is ok, just didn't feel that it was worth $7. then again, everything at the markets are a lot more pricy.  

ramen burger lines were so long at 5pm...tried it last yr, and decided to not try the rice burger, to save that $13.50. i guess with the rice burger, it's probs just fried rice a bit overcooked so it's hard and you can compact it...

wanted the pad thai hot dog, but decided to save that $9...

got to sample the korean chips on a stick. it's actually run by curries...anyway, it was so nice and crunchy, but too unhealthy to buy...also tried the mini pancakes, which are alright, but not exciting...

after seeing numerous photos of messina at the noodle markets, i decided to go again.

 Happy Taste Bud Time- lychee sponge, mango purée, rambutan and coconut gelato, whipped salted coconut cream topped with a macaroon-$9

this and the "phuc king tasty" flavour which is a cinnamon, coffee something else flavour were probably the post popular. this one isn't as pretty as the other ones, and wasn't piled as high, but i guess it depends on who made it...once we saw the menu, my friend and i knew we had to try this one. i guess the price is ok, since messina is about $6 for 2 scoops, and here at the night markets things are more expensive, so i can justify spending $9 (well $4.50 halving it). the macaroon gave it a nice chewy texture, and the lychee sponge wasn't too sweet, and helped you scoop up the gelato near the bottom, couldn't really taste the rambutan since the coconut dominated the gelato. the whipped salted coconut cream was very interesting, wish we got more to help balance the very sweet mango puree. actually, i think other people just accidentally took a massive scoop of the cream in one go, so maybe that's why i felt we didn't have i can study without thinking about gelato all day!

so many parents taking their kids out for food. it isn't cheap here, and i don't think my parents would splurge on this for me as a kid. maybe elsewhere/holidays, but not something like this where you can have it at a restaurant with bigger portions...i guess it's the atmosphere and novelty of it which makes it an enjoyable experience (:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Let's Do Dessert: Ananas Bar and Brasserie

nice to still meet up with Shirley and Tracy for dessert one year later (:

i think this one was pretty good, quite a selection on one plate. lighting was pretty dim, and i only bought my phone camera. iPhone is pretty good in dim light, but there's a fine line between phone photo and camera quality. i'm sure Shirley will post up her photos.

at the bar side of the restaurant. they had pineapple lights!

L'Agneau | Harissa Braised Lamb Shank | Charred Eggplant Puree, Couscous, Yogurt, Capsciums-$38, pommel frites-$12

different angles, not sure which one to delete...

yes, the lamb shank was on the small side, a lot smaller than the one at Eyeball, but it's expected for places at the rocks/this type of restaurant. it was very soft and definitely fell off the bone, and not just sauce flavoured with salt. chips were alright, some were a bit burnt...

wasn't planning to eat a lot, since i get full easily these days as well...i like this restaurant since they allow sharing. when you go to hatted restaurants/tourist places like the rocks, some say you have to order a meal each/no sharing...also, i saw someone take away eclairs, so i assume take away is allowed.

Triple Choc Fantasy Tart, Earl Grey & Rose Eclair, Mango Passion & Coconut Entremet, Exploding Black Forest with glass of Yalumba Dessert Wine-$20

artificial light

love edible glitter on food!

the "crack" on the chocolate wasn't as distinct, but it was no too sweet. reminded me of last year's chocolate part of the dessert. good balance of acidity inside with some lemony thing i believe.

inside-ish of eclair
couldn't really taste the rose, but the earl grey flavour was definitely there. haven't had a proper eclair in so long. possibly my favourite out of them. yum (:

not sure how they got mangoes, since they're not in season yet and they didn't taste sweet like if they came out of a can. the coconut was part of the cream, making this cake/entremet really easy to cut through.

cherry (:
ended the dessert with this. not too sweet liquid inside which did taste like black forest flavour, and dark chocolate aftertaste.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

finals haven't even begun, and i'm already facing another big possibility of repeating :'(

theory MC yday was alright, a lot more time compared to no time last time. but this prac was horrible! everything that could go wrong went wrong. it's not about achieving a good mark, for me it's just passing! it's worth very little, but i just need that over 50%....

what went wrong? so we are all paired up, and there's a sheet of who we are with for each week in the semester. so my partner and i agreed we would kill each other's dominant eye, so that during the test, we can use it and use our better hand for our preferred testing eye. apparently a person didn't turn up to the prac exam in the pair before us (what, who doesn't turn up to a prac exam, they're all hurdles!), so we ended up as a trio, and i had no prior knowledge of her whatsoever. actually, what's worse is that her left eye was dilated, and i wanted right eye, so then i had to use her left eye with my right hand, and my right hand is actually not as stable as my left, it's better at controlling the joystick thing...anyways, couldn't get a stable view, even though that's a major marking criteria D=

then for the other prac, she didn't ask my any theory so i couldn't even redeem myself. got a not-so-stable, and not big view, but i still said it was stable...and they could check since it's all hooked up to the cameras D=

well marks out next week. the really sad thing is, if i do get under 50, then there's no point for me to study for finals for my optm subj, since i won't be here for the supp.

argh, it's times like these when it's hard not to be so marks  "passing" mark focused, but to remember that in the end, none of it will matter, and that God's plan for me is set. so if i do have to repeat 2nd year, well i'm sure there's a reason, and if i do pass this semester, well there's a reason for that as well. but i just can't stop worrying and stressing.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

18 on the 18th

my brother new straight away when he started high school, that his 18th birthday would be during HSC. well, at least he didn't have a test on his birthday. no time to go buy a nicer cake to try, so, so stressed for Monday. it's not worth much, but your performance kind of indicates how you will go in the finals, since the finals are harder. so if i do bad, then finals are just going to be unthinkable, if that makes sense...

all my brother wants on his 18th is to drink. that logic, drinking during his hsc. i'm worried that he'll become an addict, even though we have minimal alcohol at home, there's nothing to stop him from buying it outside...

when i think about it, i do waste a lot more money on birthdays compared to my brother. he hasn't even had a party w/ his high school friends...which really gets me thinking, is a 21st worth the time/effort/money...yes, it is about the memories, but still....i guess nowadays, if you don't mention the word "party" it's expected people pay for themselves....well so far all the birthday dinners i've been to is like that....
homemade tiramisu from the neighbours (:

it came with the whole ribbon in cake box with cake cardboard, so when we both opened the box, my mum and i were like "wow". homemade, was not expecting any presentation etc. well, apparently the person owns a cafe, and likes to make stuff on weekends...please give us more cake, haha. oh, uel and shanelle from MKR last season are opening up a cafe in macquarie! finally some contestant from a cooking show opening a cafe in Sydney, and within price range (hopefully). have been waiting for someone to do this. other people have, it's just their restaurants/cafes are in other states. like, those twin sisters from before, sam and bella do have a burger stand thing at Bondi markets, or some markets, but those are too far away to trek to, even if bondi junction is 15min away from uni...but markets are only on weekends..

blackforest cake-$38.50

pretty sure their prices have rose. got the same cake for my 18th as well. it doesn't taste as nice this times, since there's more canned cherries on the bottom layer in stead of sponge. and the top mousse layer has decreased in thickness slightly, so it's not balanced as well. oh well, cake is cake, and food makes me happy (and possibly study a bit harder). 

Friday, October 17, 2014

if you didn't know by now, H&M and Uniqlo opened yday at mac centre. my bus went past it, but no time to actually stop and go in. on there other hand, my bro and his friends study at mac uni, so during their "study break" they decided to visit the shops. how does my brother study, i don't know...

hk stuff was cheap, but earlier when my mum went last month, it's not as cheap, esp w/ the dollar dropping, so i'm interested to see the prices in aus. when i went to the uniqlo pop up shop a few months ago, it was definitely over priced compared to overseas.

The new iPad Air 2 is so beautiful! at 6.1mm! such a beauty. too bad they upped the price as well. the previous iPad air at 32gb was $699rrp. now they got rid of the 32gb D= so you have to get the 64gb, just like on iPhones, which is $739rrp. 16bg is way to small for an iPad, it's already a bit on the small side for phones. just so amazing. everyone i've asked who has both an iPad and a mac says they still bring their laptop to uni. but their macs are a bit newer than mine, and i don't want to bring my laptop around too much, so i have been thinking of getting one, it's just a lot more pricer than i expected. now the previous iPad air 32gb is $549. checked the prices during a lec today... and right now they're currently updating their store, so can't promise that last figure is exact, since it's just so cheap (cheap compared to the other iPads, but still moneys going...) i guess it shows how popular apple stuff

yay for Yosemite and iOS combining! sounds so time saving. will probably end up updating after finals...since i don't have time to sit and wait for the downloads to complete. but if i brought an iPad to type up notes, the thought of it being on my computer right where i left off is pretty amazing.

that new iMac 5k retina is top notch. so thin but jam-packed with pixels.

also, my dad got a new gps from work (yes, they still do exist). it's sooo slim and for a gps it's a beauty.

yay, finally got enrolled into my preferred group. now the next step is passing my pracs next week, and then all the other exams...

did another technique today, and full studied up for it. some people just master it straightaway, no problems, but when i do it, i can't do it properly or without corneal staining. i guess it's times like these where you just have to think positively and boost yourself by saying you will be able to do it (before the prac exam)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

its amazing how the other day i woke up at 11am, but today i got up at 6am. 8am starts D= but it's worth waking up early to practice.

optom is so fail. one of the pre-requisites for enrolling was "PHSL" but someone put in "PHPH" and that course doesn't exist, so now no one can enrol, apart from the people who repeated, and the people who actually realised th typo and told the enrolling person, before all 100 of us spammed her email. my email probs got pushed to the button, so my desired group is probs all taken. also another subject had pre-requites which we is actually not required, so that person is going to have so much fun manually enrolling all of us.

tbh, i don't really care what group i get next year since they're almost equal, (unlike this sem where i can sometimes have a 4day week). i just need to pass! all these pracs are so tricky. another prac exam next week, and we only had 1 prac each to learn/master it. not enough time! i guess everyone's in the same boat (well people who didn't repeat). it's just that all the optm lectures have at least 90 slides per hour, with each slide jam packed with words/pictures/diagrams. going through one lec takes so long =/ so worried. i know i need to study harder. 

i am actually saying this, but please time go slower. wk 11 already almost over, not enough time to study D=

large, rose flavoured ice choc-$8

finally used my free coco cubano free drink voucher. figured i actually won't have time until next year lol. the person gave me a hot one, but i actually ordered an iced one, i guess that person ordering didn't hear, so the guy who first gave it to me was pretty pissed off. then another nicer guy came to give me the's not too sweet and not to heavy on the rose flavour, quite nice

nyc apartments

nyc buildings are already giants compared to sydney's, but with this new apartment block being the highest in nyc, our buildings will be midgets! people think america is cheap, but nyc is one of the most expensive places to live, even if you live on the outskirts of nyc, or the other boroughs. apartments are super small, majority smaller than hong kong's, hence why almost no one does their laundry in the apartments since there's no space for one (unlike hk, where they can at least fit in a washing machine). so those new apartments are crazily expensive. i bet the $8mil apartment itself is super small, but i guess it's the prestige of living in a famous building and on a rich street. 

it's also amazing how fast you can spend money. if i didn't go to the US, i can go to at least 5 other countries incl expenses. like back when i went to Japan it was still a bit expensive, but now i can say it's in the category of "cheap" places overseas since the yen has dropped. UK is still in the expensive category since the aussie dollar is also slowly dropping. but place such as spain are probably on the "medium" side. 

it took over 2 weeks for the "occupy central" protest in central HK to reside. apparently the protest were actually quite peaceful at times, with people collecting rubbish, handing out water etc. well, politics is politics, and it has unfortunately made a massive split in the family. too bad one of my cousins is getting married soon. i won't be surprised if the two outspoken people in the family end up strangling each other due to politics... they are so stubborn. just let the other person talk and stop retaliating. gave up reading their messages after the 2nd day. they actually right essays to each other.

feels like winter again (: just don't like the storms. it's crazy how blue mountains had bush fires last year, but snowing this year

some people are just so brave and words can't really say much. you know who you are <3

Monday, October 13, 2014

TWP Flourless Chocolate Cake

so yesterday, it was TWP's founder Belle's birthday, so they finally uploaded their version of a balck forest cake. i really wanted this recipe, but it was part of a holiday pack download for $2, and i didn't want the whole package apart from this receipe, but they uploaded it now!

it's a flour less chocolate cake. i only made half the quantity since i couldn't be bothered to whip some coconut cream to stack it etc. my almond meal expires after finals and before i go on holidays, hence no time to make macarons, and i have been trying to find a decent cake receipe with almond meal. so spontaneous baking it is, even though i slept in....also wanted to bake after seeing all of Happy Apple's baking adventures!

super simple cake: almond meal, cacao, maple syrup (didn't have rice malt syrup, so in the end it wasn't that sweet and it didn't make the cake "stick" as well), organic eggs, olive oil, vanilla extract. so electric mixer involved because i don't have time to wash that.

was too eager and didn't let the cake cool down properly, so it kinda cracked when i opened the spring...also, i think i have kinda lost some of my baking skills...

bro started his HSC today! hope he does well. he actually hasn't asked me a single thing since he started his HSC year....

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oliver Brown ft. Salted Caramel

last monday, public holiday was spent working, but it was pretty quite so no hard work. another manager from a star far away randomly popped in to use our computers, and he saw me with my laptop...awks...and from next week onwards until the end of the year, if we sell at least 7 prada's, then we go into the running to win a prada handbag! too bad i'm not here in december, and i only work once a week, so it's pretty impossible to for someone willing to buy a pair of Prada's every single week...well anyways, if anyone out there is looking for a new pair of Prada sunnies, i can get you 40% off.

sometimes i feel the need to shout my parents something, so after work i met up with them. bro is always at a library somewhere...can't believe his HSC starts next week already! i walk past OB every time i go to work, and i saw the new salted caramel drinks which i wanted to try. the PB in my suburb is always busy, and esp on a public holiday, had to wait a bit to get a table

salted caramel iced latte-$6.50, regular cap, large green tea latte

waffles for one w/ ice cream-$8

was disappointed by the drink. the person came up to the table with a regular iced latte, but i said i ordered salted caramel, so she went back to put 1 pump in. i had it, then still couldn't taste any caramel, so i went up to them to ask to have more. i saw the other girl put in an extra 2 pumps then stirred the drink. it was slightly sweeter, but a very subtle salted taste. so it you want an actual hit of salted caramel, don't get this drink. also tried a bit of the green tea latte, and it was nice, but since it's a large, i think it would become a bit too sweet towards the end.

felt a bit indulgent, so shared a waffle between the 3 of us. ice cream is technically $2 here, it was alright, but melted too quickly (well it was a very hot day). yay for waffles.

and everything i had today i'm not supposed to it...

oh, the other day my manager shouted froyo! haven't had yogurburry froyo in so long, was really refreshing. a medium size with 3 flavours and toppings is $7.50. it's yogurberry branded machines/cups etc, but it's not an actual self serve store. 

and your not so typical macca's burger right at castle hill...

Friday, October 10, 2014

can't believe wk 10 already passed.

mid sem break was non-existent as expected. worked half the time, since i really need that money. it

before the break began, optm made us sign a sheet which says they will have a prac exam on a day outside the official unsw end date. prac exam times came out and i finish on the normal unsw last day of exams! better than having an exam when exams are technically supposed to be over according to the unsw exam period.

finally got around to getting a new camera, and i did gets my cash back (: something small, not too overly fancy in features. i originally thought about getting an ilc, but the sony a5000 screen resolution is so grainy, it really makes you doubt that it can take high resolution pictures (even though the mp are pretty high), and the a6000 takes 11 photos a sec, and i don't need to spend $1000 for those extra features which i'll never use.

after a whole week of assignmenting, need to catch up on stuff. never finished catching up during the break ): and finally my group responded! with 12 people for group work, it's pretty tricky. i guess they decided to actually say something since the group debate is on monday. what's really stupid is half are marks are from ranking each other, but when you're partnered up with someone in the group (i.e. 6 pairs working on one point, which a lot of the other groups are doing), you end up with everyone contributing equally. initially the first person emailed the lecturer and said it's not fair to rank people and he replied that we have to learn to "evaluate". how do you do that by ranking people? then i think after half the grade emailing him about the unfair system of ranking people for half the allocated marks, he said he gave up and we don't need to mark each other in our group. which probably means another 10% extra weighting for point is that lecturers do crumble when quite a few people angrily voice their opinions.

my final finals timetable (they altered it 2 times after the draft #optomlyf) is ok, 1/2 days between each exam...but i actually don't know nothing D= that mostly online course, like have i even learnt anything...?

Night Noodle Markets start today! but i know everything will be overpriced...

craving so much food atm, but need to save money...

been overeating these past few weeks, even though i haven't been out a lot D=

Eye Ball 2014-A Black Tie Affair

eye ball (our optom ball) was on last friday night, i originally wasn't going to go, but since my friends were going, and i managed to get a ticket which was sponsored (only 40 per grade, and if you're on the waiting list, then you have to pay full price, and even getting a ticket at that price i hard), but i'm glad i went this year. i also have heaps of dresses i have yet to wear, so yay for these occasions. really fun night of dancing, photo taking (yay for photo booths), and mingling (:

just a few snapshots of the night



food was alright, i got all the dishes i wanted (:

haven't had raw salmon in so long!

ended up having 3 soft drinks and 2 sips of red/white wine

cheap wine. you can actually taste good quality stuff from cheap stuff like these. well it was unlimited alcohol and soft drinks, so for the price we paid i guess it's ok.

lamb shank fell off the bone, but could still be more tender

cheesecake was more on the cake side

first time going to Dockside. the dance floor looked small, but it actually enough space. optom balls always have a limited number of people allowed to attend. i also saw the same dress on different people in 3 colours. these halted neck but not really tie up dresses were quite popular. i actually got this quite simple dress from Zara almost 2 years ago in HK. really do wonder if australian fashion is that slow...oh, H&M is opening soon, 16 oct, but too bad i need to study ):

darling harbour lights

selfies at 2am, because i can hehe