Friday, November 30, 2012

Sentimental Pens

Third full day at home since hsc ended.
well i should have done an errand today, but was ceebs-do later...

what have i become since the holidays started? a taxi driver and a secretary. lol, not work, it's part of my "house chores."

apparently now i'm going on the 14th. still not fully decided, better than 18th i guess.
nts: don't book tickets so early next time. things happen, things change, and thus had to pay extra iphone 4s to change from my original date.

this sucks:

it's like how i went in '07 that they were almost finishing smallworld, so i had to wait 2 years to go in '09. and in '09 they were almost finished another addition and have to wait till this year to go. now,  have to wait x years for mystic point.

to go to disneyland between 24 dec to 1 jan w/ the whole family and wait in ridiculously long lines? or go after 1 jan and miss out on the xmas themed disneyland, but have shorter lines...and i'm pretty sure i just miss out on their chinese new year celebration themed disneyland. and i want to go to their halloween themed one, but who has holidays in october in uni?

everytime i go hk disneyland, i always go when they have the xmas stuff, but my dad still hasn't been to hk one before, since we go there before he arrives in hk..

not sure if this makes sense.

spent quite a lot of time sorting through my pens. approx 60+, never ended up counting them though..i have a lot of "sentimental" pens.
took up 1/4 of my drawer. don't have the will to go through the rest of the drawer...

yay for our group spending minimal money on schoolies! random thought...

bro gone for youth camp=quiteness for the weekend, but i was actually looking forward to playing boardgames with him. feel kind of monopoly deal deprived...

yes! made it through spring by wearing long pants at home. new record! i'm very heat intolerant, so to wear long pants on a day like this is a pb.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Last Minute Travel Changes/N2 Ice Cream

thanks Happy Apple for the food (:

mad dash to city after lunch which i did not expect.

my brother is so lucky! he doesn't want to go hk by himself, but he has to since we've already changed my date and my mum's, so that iphone 4s to change his date as well is not worth it since he has nothing except school which i guess he can skip. instead, last minute plans to get him a visa and he's going to a china 8 day tour. I WANT TO GO! except i can't, since i'm spending fewer than a month in hk so no time. 

yay for travel agency connections! so my mum and i had to change our original dates, but it's hard since it's peak time, and even if you had money, there are no seats. so my mum's friend knew the boss, so he managed to swap another clients' seat so mum can go with dad on a flight before xmas. 

and also, family friend knew the bosses for this travel agency since their son is in the same rowing club as family friend's son.. so super last minute, they managed to to get my brother on the same flight with family friends and on the same tour, which if you didn't have connections, then you wouldn't get on, since the flight was already full or something. 

my bro and i always have these trivial competitions, like for me "i-want-to-go-to-more-places-than him" i guess he's going to beijing and great wall etcetc, so he's "winning" in terms of international places, but i guess i'm ahead domestically. kind of jelly, but at least i get to fly business class on one of my domestic flights (: still don't understand why business class used up less points than the "any seat" economy's going to be a bit awks, sitting next to "business men", who probs will think what is this girl doing?

anyways, some random sydney boys info. apparently their school contribution each year is $1500. girra was around 20, baulko 300 and normo 450, so sydney boys is soo expensive. i sometimes wonder why my parents pay for everything... like the building fund for the shelter for the bball courts which i will never use.. for sydney boys, THEY HAVE ROWING AS A SPORT! you just have to pay another 1500. apparently parents routinely cook the boys dinner and brekkie. their routine for rowing is after school row, eat, study, sleep, wake up and row at 5.30am, then go to school. wouldn't you be exhausted? rowing is so intense, like on olympics, and apparently people still continue their sports in yr12. that's why syd boys are so talented, good at sports and school. the parents have to stay with them overnight to cook them food. i guess there are "richer" public schools. people who go to school in the city usually lives in the city since it would be convenient=rich people. rowing makes people buff. like family friend's son, he used to be the same height as my bro, but not i think he's almost 6 feet. back in yr 5, i was faster than him in swimming. now he's given up swimming after going to state, and taken up bball, rugby, soccer and rowing. oh, they have a legit gym in their school, esp to train people for rowing.

I TOOK A TRAM TODAY. FIRST TIME EVER IN SYDNEY. the only other ones i've been in were in melb. maybe i've been in one in syd when i was younger...are they private run? because once you get on, you pay, then once you pay and sit, the tickets people come after you to double check that your receipt is legit. they go after everyone once they find a sit, trying to find people who might have not bought a ticktet. trams are quite expensive, since they don't go a long way.

really need a new phone. my internet is so slow on my phone...but i finally found my way to N2 EXTREME GELATO. 6 bucks for quite a large scoop, i guess the costs is in the nitrogen. it's not super super good than what people say. i tried the salted butter thing, but we bought walrus delight (rose flavoured w/ dark choc choc chips) and pandan w/ rambutan. the good thing was that they weren't too sweet and super duper smooth. it doesn't feel like you're eating cream, which is nice (: photos on fb. took a while to find this place though =/ but it wasn't hidden or anything...

need to actually figure out the settings on the gps in my mum's car. like our tom tom asks if you want to avoid toll roads, but not this one, so it directed me to lane cove tunnel/m2 which costs like $10 in total, but managed to avoid them and improvise (: sometimes gps aren't that good...
and apparently there's a yogurberry in epping..? drove past and my mum noticed...but i need to go to the city one sometime, and go to noggi...all when i come back from hk/have money.

beauty and the geek spends a ridiculous amount of money on dresses and make-up etcetc.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Airplane Tickets Dilemma

if you asked me last week, i would still be flying on the 8th.
but ever since coming from schoolies, things have changed...

i cried myself to a headache when the airline people said that there were no other airplane tickets until 31st dec, and even then, had to add $155. which meant i would only be in hk for 12 days, LESS THAN TWO FRICKEN WEEKS. then chucked a mini-tantrum, and wanted to not go hk, and then rather i wanted to refund/credit my ticket.

my ticket is already approx the price of 64gb iphone 5. but i had to change my date, so i think my mum and i decided to spend price of iphone 4s each to change the date, and spend 10 less days than what we planned. my bro is so lucky, he get to spend 4+ weeks unlike me )))): and he hates to go hk, since most of his friends are in aus. but too bad, not changing his ticket, or else thats another 4s. my dad's tickets is four iphone 4's, since he's going right before christmas. and i wanted to extend my trip since i would be going there later, since i did research, and almost all uni's except for usyd do enrolments online. but all the flights back in january are full, and only available in feb, but i'm going to melbourne! so that won't be possible. sucks, spending less than a month there. basically, i can almost buy 10 iphone 5's for this short hk trip. so, less than a month in hk ): my mum promised me i can choose who to visit, and don't have to visit some aunty's sister' uncle 2nd cousin etcetcetc person. last time we visited at least 5 randoms (from my perspective..) that 5 half day's gone. i'll just have to visit my grandparents, and one great uncle who's given me so much. and this time i'm choosing which aunts and uncles to visit. last two times we went, i still haven't been to all my aunt's and uncle's homes ))):

apparently, they are saving me some legit spanish turkey. at least my rels remembered i love my food.

I HAVE DECIDED I DON'T EVEN WANT TO GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY OR VISIT MAINLAND CHINA. it's usually prerequisite for me to go mainland china to visit one of my great uncle's. no offence, mainland china is worse than hk. in terms of everything. oh wait, my great-uncle's house is big. from memory, 6 levels which 3 or 4 bedrooms on each level and proper bathrooms (you know what i mean...) last time i slept on the 4th level=so much exercise. that's the only thing i like there. i'm not even allowed to go on china's roller coaster, because they are super dodgy and apparently you can see bolts coming off it, even relative who lived there all their lives don't allow their children on it. going to another country is a waste of time. think we're going to america after my bro's hsc. even then, i want to spend a week in disneyworld...

i've decided that i'm going to go on virgin or qantas for all the plane flights by myself. you've seen on tv, and i've heard from my dad. whenever he walks past the jet star line, its at least 45min wait since they have minimum staff and bad service. and from iced tree's comment a while ago, i do not want to be sent through to the international line, which would mean i would have to go back home to get my passport to get checked in through the whole customs, ie miss my flight. going with someone else on jet star would be ok, since we can share the horrible-ness of that airline.

also, yay for dad's various reward points for domestic flights (: BUT VIRGIN IS SO CUNNING. with their cheaper flights, they say "sold out" when you try to use your points, but you can still buy it through cash. lame. they do have seat available, but it's in business. I STILL DON'T GET IT. their "saver" any seat economy is cheaper than business "reward" seat, but both use points. would choosing seats really be more expensive compared to a business can't-select-seat ticket? that's why qantas is good. they aren't cheap and block you from using your points for "cheaper" flights.

headache. wow, this is more stressful than hsc. thinking about all these tickets. i need to ask my dad for advice on changing flights. strange how jet star has direct flights, but virgin/qantas don't. SO MUCH INVOLVED

going to reply on public transport for the whole of next month for so much.

really need to put in some effort, or all this money is going to waste...

didn't realise how big my living room is until i vacuumed today. it's been a while that i almost forgot how to use our vacuum (it was a fancy one, around the price of an iphone..).
and i decided to count how many dresses i have, as one does...i actually lost count, but at least 30...

this afternoon has been depressing. maybe my head hurting just makes it more depressing than this whole thing sounds. binge eating. oh, and i'm, starting to skip brekkie again. it's just simply because i wake up in time for lunch.

BLOKUS IS $30 AT TARGET!!! do i really want to spend 30 for a board game (it's been at least 6 years since i've wanted a board game for xmas), or should i save it for 3.75% of an iphone 5 aussie dollars? mini dilemma. going to get my bro to play board games w/ me. just realised that my board game section at home only has 4cm left, and the blokus box from memory is even if i bought it, it wouldn't fit...probs had to move the buckaroo box..

good job if you got through all this (Y). also, it seems the whole blogosphere kind of died already ): please blog guys! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


finally had t2 today. it's quite nice, and they all smell really good. i see what my brother means by having free tea there. they had 5 flavours to try today.

i think t2 is the only tea my brother likes.

it's obviously not as good as qvb high tea's tea.

my mum and i are not "typical asians". if we do try something for free which is nice, we buy it, even if it's a bit expensive. we got creme brulee and organic chai tea. i love chai. creme brulee smells like it sounds, but is actually kind of tasteless =/

had a look at the high tea. it's actually quite expensive since the petit fours, sandwiches etc didn't look very pro.

i think it has been over 2 years since i visited hornsby westfield.

Monday, November 26, 2012

just watched breaking dawn part 2 trailer. it's literally the whole movie in 2minutes. so glad i don't watch trailers until after the movie.
i actually quite like the music they use for twilight.

is it really sad if i don't watch youtube, but go on apple's website to look at their videos? they're actually quite interesting.

so many plane flights by myself in the next 2 months. more than ever in my life.

my hk shopping list is actually about 1/10 of my list back in '07 and '09. going to do most of my shopping at my aunty's house. she is a hoard, like my grandma. a bedroom filled with a million plastic bags of clothes. not even a proper walk in wardrobe can fit their amount of clothes. only stuff i really need that are expensive here i will buy there. and i just want to go H&M because people say it's good and cheap-ish in hk

i'm trying to spend minimal amounts of money. so not going to go out. until i have money. i'll go to parties and people's houses since they don't involve large amounts of money.
yeah, i've decided to only go parties and people's houses.
hate me all you like, but i'm not going out.
apart from seeing skyfall, probs see that in hk since it's cheaper...

am i willing to spend $300+ for the 1/4 chance rather than the $10+ for the 1/15 chance.
decisions. decisions.

why is fb uploading photos so slow today?

other thoughts:
so no-one wore that teal, one shoulder w/ jewel/ diamondy stuff to our formal. although i could recognise where some people got their dresses from.
and i really like the feel of my mum's car. at first even at a red p-plater, i was always scared i would scratch it, but now i'm more "confident" with it, even if it's longer parking feels the same with my small car.

my sleeping pattern...i actually have no sleeping pattern. last week i woke up at 11am for half the week, then the 2nd half before 6.30am. now i just sleep at ridiculous hours =/

Breaking Dawn Pt2 and Argo

(if you don't want me to spoil it for you, then read my other previous posts...)

so, it has finally ended! well, the twilight saga. i guess i was a twilight fan-ish since i bought all the books. i guess they were good, well simple to read. (and i read really slowly...)

pt2: SOO MANY OPENING CREDITS. IS IT NECESSARY? they have credits at the end as well, i guess is appropriate to show you who else starred in the movies before, but it was kind of a waste of time.

the graphics were much better, compared with twilight. and renesmee is really pretty! i like her (: just googled her, apparently she's a model, and model's have to look good. and bella is skinnier in this one and is actually looks so much more better than the other ones, i guess they had to use more make-up and she had to loose more weight since she had to be a vampire...

but they dragged it out way too long. i liked how they used extracts from the book. i forgot that they actually didn't fight but was all a vision, thought was a bit lame.

and we had a private screening! well 8 people in total in a big-ish cinema (: finally had curly fries and bagel at the great bagel company. it was nice but not super nice. nice talking to bitter, who intoduced me to swarovski's aura perfume-IT IS SO SO SO GOOD. not that i will buy it since i don't wear perfume, but it doesn't smell "mature" or "young", so it feels just right for my age. and got more marc jacobs, they are always nice.

kind of regretting not buying that quilted bag. yes, everyone has one, but i really like them bags.


saw argo last tues at avoca. pretty cheap, 12. even event cinema's child is 13.5 and at avoca, student and child are the same prices.

pretty intense movie. i swear i've seen a movie with the same story line before. it's nice to see an action movie, since i haven't seen one in a while. need to see skyfall. apparently it's super suspenseful and better than the other daniel craig's bond films.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


that week went by very fast.

really cool. just chilling and stuff.

another 400+ photos taken.

i ceebs recounting, and i'm sure if you really want a recount of our week, you can go on my fellow blogger's pages. i'll put photos on fb later. you can stalk me there/ to see what i did.

some highlights:
- glad wrap dinner
- being the first to try the standing up paddling board thing. even the guys were "afraid" to try it, but they could see me doing it. it was actually pretty easy to balance and use, but a guy on purposely pushed me, and i fell in seaweed. i tried everything there: kayak, double kayak, paddle boat and standing up board thing. too bad we didn't have the under water cameras until that night...
- joyeeta's christmas dinner picnic. A WHOLE LEG OF HAM. and prezzies for everyone! (30ish people) even if it's a few dollars here and there, it's the thought that counts. and my prezzie was just what i needed. i've always wanted something from typo, now i can use it as a diary/journal thing for post-hsc and holidays (:
-almost all-nighter. stayed up till 5am on tuesday morning/mon night. i think my sleeping pattern is still damaged. slept for 12 hours last night.

managed to survive a week without cooking (cutting stuff up doesn't count). really need to learn how to cook if i am to live in the future...
the house was really nice. renovated bathrooms and kitchen. that bathroom with three doorways was a bit =/ and yay for dish washer!
i can't believe they finished a 1000 piece puzzle when i left and came back from my interview. (just saw Happy Apple's link to photo, yeah, totes will be impossible...)

meeting up with other groups was really nice. so convenient that everyone was in a 10min radius. oh, i want blokus for christmas (2nd on the list under iphone)

i bet my whole group can say we left the house cleaner than when we entered the house. (:

so blessed with this one week with friends and fun (:


following the post the day before formal:

1 didn't happen
2 definitely happened. I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO A PHOTO WITH THE LIMO. and it was just gay that it rained.
3 didn't happen

it was nice dressing up. only had to pay for my dress, earrings, formal itself, photographer, hair and make-up, limo

shoes, clutch, bracelet, ring all from home.

it was nice apart from the rain. actually, the venue wasn't that great. at least the dj was better than camp, but i didn't "dance" much since i didn't want to ruin my hair, and get my dress ripped by fist pumping guys.

took 2gb worth of photos, 400+ photos.

food wasn't that great. didn't get to see everyone's dresses since we were all just packed into a verandah, and couldn't move around much.

was so surprised that tess's dad came after formal to give us all a cd. still have yet to look at it...but thanks!

went on a bus, taxi, limo, car that day.

go on fb for photos. ceebs uploading here.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wedding and Dad's Work Dinner

my first wedding where the bride had FIVE bridesmaid. usually asian people have less than white people, since one bridesmaid cost a lot in terms of dress, hair, make-up etc.
on average, people have 2. she has three sisters, plus 2 friends = 5 bridesmaid.
her dress is by far the most sparkly dress i've seen for a wedding. it was just so glittery. not bling/jewelled, but just glitter, meshy, puffy wedding dress material. and they kissed for so long it was just lol. but they did their vows in canto =/ 1st time i've seen a young couple saying their vows in canto.

and it was an after lunch wedding (to obviously save money on food). but they had a "candy bar" to represent how their love is super sweet. it was super cute, first time seeing a "candy bar" where they had bags, and you could "take away". i remember in 2010, i went to an arvo wedding, and all they had was one cupcake and one drink each. at least today you had free reign of the snacks.

i wear a different dress to each wedding. and i still haven't repeated! yay! still have heaps of other unworn dresses to go to weddings in my wardrobe (: and i collect wedding invites + programs. the talk was pretty good. apparently he was my first ever maths tutor which i went to in primary for a month then stopped =/ don't remember

the work dinner was about three weeks earlier than normal since everyone is going overseas.
i finally satisfied my shark fin soup craving, but it had crab in it, so it was a bit different. and yes, i know what happens to the shark. my rich uncle explained to me once for half an hour, but he didn't convert me into stop eating it.

14 course meal.
received 1/7 of an hk iphone 5. go figure.
I SAW FIREWORKS ON THE HARBOUR BRDIGE IN THE CAR COMING BACK HOME. it was really cool, cause they were literally next to you, and the loud sounds it makes, esp when you open the window (:

i still haven't told my mum why i secretly don't want to go hk.

don't have time to even blog about formal/schoolies, yet even put photos up.

it seems the mail didn't fail me.
too scared to ask other people. because people will always secretly judge you/hate you/love you

Friday, November 23, 2012

apple once a year sale

i have to double post, no idea how i will get this all out.

thanks ophelia for the party and food! it was really nice.
good seeing girra peeps.

so i managed to fit in some time to go to the apple store beforehand for their once a year sale. mind you, apple stores itself never has sales. I WAS FULL HOPING IPHONE 5 WOULD GO ON SALE. but ofc it wouldn't be since it was new. guess i'll have to wait for hk, if i ever get there...

I FINALLY TOUCHED AN IPAD MINI. i actually quite like it since my hands are small, so it fits better than normal ipad, and it's lighter. the ipad w/retina display is wow, it is really ever so clear. and the new macbook pro is sooooo thin. and i thought my mac was already thin. then you have retina display and it's amazing. EVERYONE GET A MAC! they are so user friendly, and really good. like, my laptop still can shut off in 2-3 secs, and load in 10secs. and it's almost 2 years old. not going to get another laptop until after uni, don't want to waste my money.

but my "heart melted" when i touched the new ipod touch. that was the most surprising. it is sooooooooo light, like paper, and so thin. the photos of it make it seem fatter than it actually is. maybe because in photos it's a close up so it seems bigger. and i finally tried the beats by dr dre headphones today. hey they are pretty good, except isn't is really bulky to carry around? and the new nano is also thinner than my nano (which i haven't touched for almost 2 years...)
i actually like this new set of colours, my pastelly, compared to the bright "chromatic" ipods.

retina display is truly amazing. lol, my dad wants to buy an ipad, but i', not sure if he even knows how to use one. there was so many old people buying ipads and touches. some for their wives and they were persuading their wives to let them buy one, other bought 2/3 touches, probs for their gran kids.

yay apple!

Life Changing Decisions

ok, first of all before my formal and schoolies post.

i only told 6 people, but then somehow 20+ other people found out as well.

i still can't help thinking about it. at the briefing on wed, i already knew i had no chance. even if i spoke well, there will ALWAYS be someone better. i guess i'm just disappointed that i didn't try harder. my interview was actually really bad and awkward.

it was supposed to be 20mins, but mine was 15. i just didn't know what to say. THEY ARE NEVER SUPPOSED TO GO UNDER TIME. ALWAYS OVERTIME IS BETTER. you could see from their faces they were bored of me and wanted to sleep.

i wanted to sleep as well ever since monday night/tuesday morning almost all nighter.

so result? not going to even bother checking on 13th december since i am 100% sure i'm unsuccessful. my first ever interview, i guess i was nervous, but that's natural right? will learn from this experience. nts: don't sleep at 12 before an interview, and don't have an almost all nighter 2 nights before. i was really, really sleepy whilst waiting.

and then this arvo i had my first afternoon nap ever since 2010 trip from hk where i had jet lag.

more life changing decisions which actually doesn't really affect me, but everyone else...just going to pray.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


i have no chance of getting in. like that girl who kept on talking and asking, i bet she can ramble for 20mins, and thus get in. at least i'm not doing elec, which so far has 0/10 since they have no sponsors.

why gfc!? there used to bet] 5/15, and now there's 1/15, and possibly 2/15. apparently arnotts was so close to signing up, but backed out. it's not like the business side like actuarial which has 10/~45 and they have countless supply of money/sponsors.

it really isn't about the money. it's about the work opportunities, connections and jobs at the end. and the i think i finally found a course i would really like, except if i just do it normally, then after i finish, it would be hard to find jobs etc.

i don't get why they advertise the whole thing so much when hardly anyone gets in.

still kind of surprised i passed through. i hardly put in any effort into it, and was finishing it the night before =/

approx 8 baulko kids for both eng and business. apparently that's quite a lot.

just doing it for the experience.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sign Out Day

finished signing everything quite quickly.

made 1 dollar today. wasn't planning on selling anything. the things i didn't sell, i just chucked them in the recycling since i don't have room. i've touched the recycling bin in the past 2 days more than i have for the past 2 years.

and i'm so stupid. why did i not pretend i didn't have my bus pass? it's dejavu, like this year when we had to return our yr11 id cards, i should have learnt to pretend. now i have to pay for my bus tomorrow.

yr 11's are so different this year. last year i had to search everywhere for fitspatrick. this year no one wants anything, and our year has heaps more resources than last year. oh well, not really my problem since i had no textbooks to sell.

it's sooooo awkward seeing/talking to my teachers. it just is. luckily none of them asked my how i went, or else i would've said i just failed. they just said "hi, how are you" still awkward.

i have seen this short black lace and white bottom skirt at least three times. so at curzon hall this week so far was, tues-tangara, wed-cheltenham, thurs-girra.
whenever i say my formal is at homebush, it feels like we're going on a picnic. but one of my ex-mlc friends had her val dinner there, and said it was nice.

my face is so bad. even worse then during trials/hsc. must be the weather. hence, i hate summer hot weather.

corsages are really pretty, but i'll never get the chance to have one unless i'm really sad and rich, and just randomly buy one when i'm 50+

three things i'm praying won't happen:
1. this would ruin my whole formal mood, and potentially schoolies, but more formal
2. no rain. that would ruin everyone's effort.
3. ruin's my formal mood, and possibly other people.

dilemma: to buy qantas w/ food, or jet star w/ bad service, no food but cheaper. and then there's different carry on weights. 2 of 7kg for qantas, or 1of 10kg. if i bring more there than i can't bring anything back since return flight is jet star. i'll figure this out after schoolies.

this is totally me (bottom pic):

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

HSC Clean Up

ever since i finished last week, i did not touch anything, so all my sheets were just stuffed into a folder, which looked deceivingly neat, but inside was full messed up.

photo time:
after paper 1 and after paper 2. it was a full pen before paper 1. my poor $2.50 inkjoy.

end of trials and end of hsc. there was actually time to be "neat" during hsc.

middle of hsc. felt slightly happy.

end of trials and end of hsc. received even more resources after trials.

pile 1: over 100 sheets of hand-written essays/some phys/some jap


butterfly confetti!

 this morning. yes, didn't touch it and floor got messier after hsc.

starting to file.

sorting out English.

english done. sorting out the sciences and maths. 

almost done! well it's stacked in piles, and now i just need to find a place in the house to store it.

pile 2: taking forever in deciding what to chuck. it's actually bigger than it looks, as it contains other thick uni info booklets.

i felt like i formed my own fortress with my own books. and my piles felt like "stepping stones" so i was just stepping on everything for fun (: and also to flatten things...I ACTUALLY CANNOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY. i have kept all my books since year 7. so those above english sheets took me a long time to sort out. and that pink book above will be the first book i will ever chuck. 

also, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE CAN HAVE OVER 7 TEXTBOOKS FOR ONE SUBJECT. like reading what people have, they have over 60 textbooks for both yr 11 and 12. first thoughts: how do you even finish them all and all that money!? i didn't buy any textbooks for yr 11, and only bought 7 textbooks for all my subjects in total for yr12. and i didn't even finish my fitzpatrick 2/3U. people literally have 10 times more textbooks than me, then there's also the school textbooks. i hardly touched school ones. then people have tutoring resources and online stuff. SO HOW DO PEOPLE FINISH THEIR STUFF? i didn't even have time to finish my minimal 7 textbooks for all my subjects. (which is probs why i failed my hsc)

oh, just to show how much food we have. this is a shell in our hallway with food. yes our hallway. because our four fridges, 2 massive cupboards in the garage, pantry, other cupboards in the kitchen, and  living room. in the above, i counted there are 8 packets of tim tams, 5 of arnotts assorted biscuits, 8 cans  of tuna, 15x cup of soups, 3 packets of other biscuits, 9 blocks of lindt chocolate (i found out there was strawberry flavour), other muesli bars and biscuits. that's only 2 shelves in this shelf.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blog Outing

thanks Harvard for your house!

i love going to people's houses (:
i'm looking at my set of boardgames right now. oh, how i have abandoned them all for over 2 years. shall play them sometime (ie after hk)
but it was a fun day.

also, stalking at people's formal photos are quite cool. there's this one dress, kind of teal, one shoulder w/ some jewel things-i have seen this dress at least 6 times already! if i see it on friday, i'll point it out.
oh, and my dress still fits (secretly jumping w/ joy) so far this year (according to my fb), i have seen one person wear my dress, but in a different colour.

i think i ceebs w/ jewellery and nails. like, no one in photos/irl is going to look at your hand.

and, i think i can relate to bitter's post a while ago, and littlemisssunshine a while ago, about digging through their mum's closet. i finally found blouses/tops with the really nice/cool breezy material which, i think my aunt gave my mum who never wore it. they sell for 10 bucks these days, so yes, 50+ saved!

i can't believe my uncle came all the way from hk to go to cairns. and i found out the reason today: apparently there's a solar eclipse. i guess, he's rich so he can go wherever he wants whenever he feels like. he could at least shout me to go china like he did with my cousin and her boyfriend who she broke up with a year later (which is totes a waste of money) oh well, he promised me high tea in hk at a really top place w/ champagne (:
still haven't had a drink yet. there's plenty of time later on in life. i don't get why other people want to kill their livers aka themselves whilst so young...

yes, bella finally left! i've been waiting ever so long for her to go away.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Birkenhead Point


apparently, i've been there about 10 years ago.

there were long dresses, but not my type. couldn't find any maxi/cool/cut out dresses. but i found my dress again! last time it was at a white persons formal shop in rouse hill, this time also in a white person shop. this shop said it was a "new arrival" but when i bought it in the city this year, it was "old stuff"
these marketing strategies...
so today's shop didn't have a sale for it, so the place i bought it from in the city was the cheapest as they had a sale back then. i don't know where my dress receipt went, but i'm pretty sure i got 100 off the marked price. my dress's style, so far, will hardly ever go on sale. apparently it's branded. i didn't even know until the person said it was made in australia. i tried googling the company, but there wasn't a website.

didn't end up buying any clothing, will save that for hk. but i got a new wallet! yay (: my cuurent wallet kind of broke a few months ago, but never had the time to buy a new one back then.

awkward moment when my desk and surrounding is messier than during trials and hsc. no joke. i'm going out on wed as well, so it's defs 26th november will be my first stay at home day (since the 25th is sunday-> church) since hsc has finished. going out every. single. day. i do not understand how people can just stay at home. don't they have stuff to do and places to go?

samantha on x-factor keeps on getting better. i finally voted! (though fb)

Sunday, November 11, 2012


so some points expired tomorrow, so i had to use it by today, and i think it's not worth using a free ticket for a child price, thus i got my mum to come with me so she could use the free ticket.

well, it's a Tim Burton movie, so the actual graphics were different/weird and halloweeny.

it was overally pretty nice. simple story line, that i think my mum could understand (she has really bad English, so shows like yday's ovo is good since it had hardly any english, and only a few english words)
they used physics in it! you know, the whole connecting the frog to electricity to make a complete circuit which conducted, in the movie it was just exaggerated.

first time ever having chatime! only reason was because i had a buy one get one free voucher. apparently they opened 1.5 months ago. tried mango green tea and had pearl milk tea. their milk tea is defs not as sweet as easyway since they had real tea, i don't remember if easyway used real tea. last time i had easyway was 3 years ago, and back then, i think for the tea they used flavouring. the mango green tea was really sweet, but at least they used real green tea.

towers has changed so much. only walked half of one level, and saw at least 10 different shops.

english will follow everywhere. belonging/symbolism/tone were all involved in today's bible study.

also yesterday:
so our neighbours moved out over 2 months ago to this suburb. and we were driving around that suburb and by pure coincidence, saw their car coming out of their driveway, and they saw us. yes, now we know where they live! this world is really small at times.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cirque Du Soleil-Ovo

AMAZING. my first ever proper circus. i've been to one in primary, but ofc wasn't as cool.

so worth paying the extra 40 bucks for better seats. i was like literally 3 metres away from them, so you could actually see their faces properly. a lot of them were asian, but i guess chinese people are good at these stuff, and there's better pay here.

there were people there, from all ages.

everything was so seemless, from the transitions to the acts. so many things were happening, it was hard looking at everything at once. whenever they changed scenes, even with massive rope/net props, it too less than 30s, i think

anyways, my favourite thing was the man and woman with a rope. just one hand around a rope, and they can swing around it, then throw the other person around. and when they swung, they were above my head, and was real cool.
2nd best was the tightrope walking w/ ladder and also uni cycle. i've ALWAYS wanted to see it irl, and the claps at that point was defs the loudest.
3rd fav was the trapoline. i remember the documentary they had last year, and it said something about the trampoline part, which the reporter tried, but couldn't even bounce back up.

as weird as this sounds, i love people swinging each other, throwing, twisting at great heights. oh, how i wish i could climb that net, or jump on the trampoline.

the setting for everything was really well done, the costumes-soooo cool, and live music as well is (: their make-up was amazing.

at the end, there was butterfly confetti! first time ever seeing that.

also, glad i didn't sit on the edge because: you get hit on the head with random nets/pats on the head by the performers/ they choose you to "flirt", oh and also, one of the performers took someone's half-eaten popcorn and started to chuck it at people, twas quite funny. the only bad thing about my seat was when they high up on the trapeze-just had to tilt my head, and also at the end when the musicians were coming out, couldn't really see who they were from my angle.

you could see where your money went: the performers, the $1000+ costumes which have to be durable/stretchy/comfy/non sweaty, the ushers who guided you to your seat with torches-they didin't even have that in wicked, the actual tent, the site hire, the toilets-they had branded/toilet paper you use at home-not the crap paper you have at home, the other people selling stuff, the security who spend half their time taking photos of people, then there's the behind the scenes people.

literally just got home. was going to drive, but then there's a lot of toll fees. there was trackwork today, so it was just get to the station and see what trains there were. almost missed the train going there, was still buying a ticket when the train arrived, but they saw us running and opened to half-closed door. that was the first time ever i've experienced a train door re-opening. everytime i miss it, it was either still on the stairs, or closed in my face.

ate out today =/ it was relatively cheap for city food, except there were soooo many people.

i've been out since 8am. so exhausted.

now i've been to 2 musicals, and 1 circus. need to go to a music concert (my dance concerts don't really count as concerts to me...)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Homebush Traffic

nts: never get a job in homebush, unless it's super duper high paying.

that traffic.

going there only took 30mins, but coming back, the traffic was 30mins. seriously, the traffic light going out from homebush into silverwater road. i tried to go onto different roads, but traffic everywhere. yay for dad installing gps system into mum's car (: i remember when i was younger, my dad tried to be cool and navigate his way inside olympic park, but he got lost, and just kept on going/following other cars, that was at least 10 years ago. i can get inside olympic park fine without a gps, but inside it's a life saviour.

i don't get how my dad can survive that traffic, but apparently it's worse on friday's =/

soooo much food left over today. couldn't help myself but it eat. it seems that i eat outside food on fridays, last week viet, this week party food, next week formal food. i have finally seen a costco pizza in real life!

it seems that whenever i go to a picnic, it rains.

excited for tmr on so many different levels (:

Thursday, November 8, 2012

yes! lost weight by walking around 4 hours today. and a million stairs. i think it was the 2nd i've been to cabra...

arh, haven't even figured out how to get there tomorrow, and need to buy tickets.

sometimes i just want to tell people: GO FIND YOUR OWN PERSON!!! but then they would hate me for life, because that's how girls are, once you do something against their own wishes/personal world, then they hate on you, for life.

14th is my only free day until the 25th. i still haven't filed my stuff. i have been THAT busy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post-HSC Events

plan around me guys :P

- 7.11.12-plan for schoolies

- 8.11.12 trek down south to look at more formal stuff, i'm actually set, except if i find nice cheap shoes, then i'll buy them, or i'll just wear something that i have since no one can see your shoes anyway, or if i find a "cool" cheap dress, then i'll get it.

- 9.11.12 friend's party/go over to house/park

- 10.11.12 Cirque de Soleil- OVO-yay!

-11.11.12 movies (need to use cinebuzz points before they expire)

- *.11.12 blog outing, someone please tell me the date/location, can't find it on fb =/

- 15.11.12 sign out day

- 16.11.12 formal!

- 17-23.11.12 schoolies! 23-friend's lunch

- 24.11.12 wedding and dad's work dinner

- 8.12.12-12.1.13 HONG KONG!

- 25-28.1.13 australian open

- then maybe more road trips w/ church people later in feb.

i feel like i've forgotten something important. and also, random places to go/visit/eat between the set dates above. oh, and i have still yet to file/chuck my stuff. well, i'll give myself until the day before signout day. i should really use the textbooks as weights while watching stuff-i have yet to watch a movie at home, i have been so unbelievably busy...

it's seems like i won't have time to get a job=/

i knew it! my brother is still slightly sick after my hsc. i can't believe it! he came home today and just played LOL, even though he has a since test tomorrow and was full like "you can't study for science!" yep-he's totes going to fail his hsc. and i don't even want him to!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


that looks really weird ^
over 7 hours of calling, i finally have internet. PLEASE DON'T DIE ON ME. I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. like looking at houses (:

angry/fustratedness over. that chilling in the library air-con, then swimming, then eating ice moon cake and watching tv, while talking, is really therapeutical.

i don't think i have ever been so happy w/ internet.

actually copped over 2 hours of mobile phone radiation today, record for me. there goes my month plan even before my events start...

posts i will do NOW THAT I HAVE INTERNET.
- post-hsc event dates (so that you can plan around me, lol jks.)
- kids post-i really need to rant about kids.
- reading list
- clothes post
- all the drafts that never got posted.

wow, i have so much planning/making things done for tomorrow.

and my mum is really really bad at parking. had to park for her even though she has over 10 years experience. and also, angle parked for the first time ever. hey, it's pretty easy. i made sure i did rear to kerb like the sign said, i remember exactly, it was in yr 3, beecroft, outside the pedotric (the foot doctor thing) and we were in a rush, didn't read sign, and my mum did front to kerb, came out after an hour, there was a fine ticket. it was pretty expensive back then as well.

600. Worst Post-HSC Ever

(i actually have a few drafts which weren't posted due to blogger screwing up/internet screwing up, post them later, and i've only had one post-hsc, but read on to understand)

ghDJFKLAHFHJEALBKLnflkjskf. rahhhh i'm so angry. time to vent my frustration here.

typing this at the library where the internet actually works. oh the irony, since i only went to the library ONCE for the past 2 months.

so i come home yday, and was full like "yes! i can go on fb again after a month, and check things up"

but then, my brother (haha, he has exams this week) said the internet didn't work. and i sat there, turning it on and off, and in one hour, it worked for 5 minutes. then the rest of the night, it worked for 20 seconds.

i'm experiencing the symptoms of a hsc student-and i didn't experience all these at all during the last 2 months:
- couldn't sleep the whole night yesterday since i could not access the internet.
- super duper teen angsty, and i thought i was past that stage...
- angry at the world (internet world)
- headaches
- eating lunch at 3pm.

i actually had important forms/emails/document things to do on the internet.

and i went the the guys today, and that asian guy was ever so hopeless. tell us to contact there technical support why can't you contact it for us? then i contacted telstra and they were full like "you gave use the wrong date for your dad's birthday, can't verify your account" after 10 mins, they finally verified it, and ofc i know my dad's bday, it's just there computer system screwed up, and then i was at my cousin's house and their phone died, so i had to call again after charging it (it's so weird, their home phones aren't linked) then the guys was like, yeah, i'll test the phone line and stuff.

idk, the phone line works now, but the internet still keeps disconnecting after only reconnecting for 20secs. then i called tpg 3 times, and they were like we can't do anything since your phone lines are dead, but they were fine!!! said something about how our house is too far away to use adsl2+, so you tell us now? after we've used it for 5 years? excuses, excuses. then they said something about getting their engineers to try to find the problem.

i've copped so much phone radiation, my phone bill as going to be sky high. using mobile to call landline for half an hour since home phone didn't work.

feeling more stressed after the hsc. there's actually more to this internet story, but i'm at the library and finally have internet, so i should stop ranting even more.

legit headache. oh, i give up-but i can't, or else i will have no internet for the rest of my life!

oh, and i don't understand the melbourne cup. did you know, i used to love horses? i still do, just i don't get the whole racing thing. like it said race 7, and then something else about winning, and the top three didn't win...i have no idea how it works. IF MY INTERNET AT HOME WORKED, i would totes google it, but i have urgent issues which need to be done with the internet i have right now.

Japanese Continuers

yeah, i screwed it. it felt like my hsc was already over after physics. spent the weekend looking at houses =/

i've always been bad at jap, even since yr 11, esp at listening. i damn, i'm going to pull the whole class down.

so why did i choose it? because i thought/think it would actually be useful for the future, even if it's only simple jap compared to native speakers, it's better than nothing. like, when would i ever need to intergrate something in my life? like if i come across a japanese person/go to japan again, at least i can use japanese again.

i'm content if i don't end up with band 3 or lower.

not even happy about post hsc (will come in next post)


Friday, November 2, 2012


my encouragement note to stop me from going on my laptop for the whole day yesterday/night:

deep down i know i'm not going to band 6 phys. around 50% band 6 phys, and i'm in the bottom half...and even if i "aced" it, my school rank would pull me down. just no band 4. (don't laugh at me when i don't band 6 anything)

i didn't ace it. mc was hard/tricky/different. this year's paper was defs harder than last years (since last years was really easy). refraining myself from going on boredofstudies so i won't be disheartened that i got 10/20 for mc. i glanced at other people's answer sheets after the test, and it was a different pattern to mine, like completely.
and the questions were...different...idk if i'm answering right, so just wrote down various laws and stuff. maybe they would give me marks for attempting the question. i thought this test was a "need to use knowledge and less rote learning" kind of test, which i guess is the whole point of an exam. dear other people: maybe pull me up by getting state ranks?

and idk, i like my option, so i put in more time into that. didn't get projectile, similar to how i didn't get the citric acid chemical equation last year, the more i think about it, the more it feels like chem. both of my sciences were on 2nd november....

i'm going to miss the people running around, pointing madly whenever we put our hands up to give us paper. on monday, there's only 7 of us so they won't need to run, and for jap, you don't need extra writing booklets...i guess the bos people at our school are really nice. like they take into consideration for people doing phys and legal. and, they actually have a sense of humour. i heard in other schools, they have fat, slow supervisors, who take their time giving you paper, and who make you fill in your bos number etc during your exam. so baulko kids: be grateful of our bos supervisors!

rahh kids...explain in my kids post post-hsc... 

went out to eat today at a new place in cbrook shops. it was quite nice, and yay for "20% off grand opening" except i think it was a bit pricy compared to its "competitors" out there...

my current mindset: i still have 3 days to change my atar (for the better, i hope)! if i just put all my effort into studying and not think about random stuff...