Monday, December 5, 2011

kind of glad dancing finished last week so i wouldn't have to miss dancing this week...

so, when i was procrastinating yesterday, i decided to try the "amazing race" game on our church website.
basically you click on an icon which leads you to another web page and you have to answer to ques.
so i thought, I HAVE A CHANCE OF WINNING THIS! since last year's comp was taking a photo, and i don't like editing photos so i was like ceebs....

i was clicking around and one of the questions was: how many bookshelves does the library have?
so they want me to go counting bookshelves in the library :S

and also, what does the church library key tag look like?
how am i supposed to know? i don't even know whose in charge of the library keys ):

so my chances of winning kind of fell.....i think....

and i hope (this is kind of impossible) to have no loan when i buy my first house so i don't have to worry about loan repayments etcetc
(or i could just hire an accountant to do the maths for me)
i get it and then don't. hoping the hard questions tomorrow don't involve hard finance ques...

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