Tuesday, April 30, 2019

12 months to go

The past 3 months have definitely flew by. We're almost in May, and now in less than a year I'll be married. Still getting into the routine of full time work. Work is good since I don't have to do overtime compared to most new grads in corporate jobs (the most I've stayed overtime is 10mins, and normally I get to work at least 10mins early), but I think the ones thing which still irks me is not able to go to church on time on Sundays. I pretty much rock up at the end of the service. If only I could somehow negotiate to leave early on Sundays, but that might mean I end up moving to different stores. Also annoying how there's only 8 weekend days off in a year, probably will end up going leave without pay if I really need a weekend off for someone's wedding or some emergency...

I knew I 'signed my life weekends' away last year, but didn't want to work with the other big competitor since 20mins appts is something which I don't want. I also feel extra hopeless since the church members are decreasing and there's nothing that I can really do since I'm not there on Sundays...in a way, I'm sort of relieved to not have been going to the church I grew up in for almost half a year. The thing is when you're quiet like me, it's easy to 'slip' away without anyone noticing/caring. Not that I care if anyone cares if I'm not there, but there's already heaps of funding throughout the church since it's relatively big compared to current church. Church I grew up is also decreasing in numbers since they're planning to combine the Chinese congregations into one, English still 2 and still 1 Mando...anyways, church ramblings over.

It's also been quite an intense day yday of Avengers Endgame and GoT. I think GoT was at least 10x more intense than Avengers. I don't ever cry in movies, and Endgame was sad but not really...Although he was one of my fav Avengers.

I still have not backed up my India photos from my phone, and it's running out of storage...Still have photos from 2013 when I used my iPhone 5.

Also not sure if I should start blogging about food again. Since there was not time last yr to eat out at uni (apart from placement), slowly trying some food places on days off/catch ups. Probably a surprise to those who actually read this, but I think food doesn't bring me the joy it used to back in the days. This is a good thing since now it's Blair who gives me joy, and it doesn't matter if I have cheap eats or fancy food, because it's the company which I enjoy more. I still like taking photos of food, but now I sort of ceebs posting on Insta or doing reviews... maybe I'll do it when I get bored when I move rurally for a few weeks later in the year.

On my days off, I try to do a bit of cleaning, but I get too sentimental over stuff, so the process of throwing things away is already mentally draining. Hence, I don't actually get around to throwing things away. I think if I have kids, I need to teach them not to hoard stuff because 1. Their house will be smaller than mine (I already live in a small house) 2. It's a pain to throw things away. I still have toys from my childhood...This is what happens when you live in a place for too long and Mum also doesn't like throwing away sentimental things...and yes, sentimental things do spark joy lol