Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HK Shopping

i've wanted to do this post ever since i got back. i've just been soo busy with stuff (and i don't have a job so kind of weird)

i love the high aussie dollar (: stuff in hk isn't as cheap as they used to be, esp street stuff. like in department stores, you can sometimes get cheaper, branded stuff with sales for less than non-branded fobby clothes. i actually didn't buy any street clothing since they were too fobby for my liking.

favourite shops are definitely zara, h&m, forever 21 and cotton on. there's just so much more styles there. i love zara!!! bought so much since they had sales. it's sooo good! and they're stuff is new, unlike aus which gets stuff a season later for double the price. and even cotton on in hk is better cause of the conversion rates, more selection of stuff, and sales. got most of my work clothes from g2000. so cheap when there are sales, but sometimes only some stores have sales for some stuff. shopping sprees (:

the only "cheap" stuff i bought were bags, since you change them every so often and they wear out more. didn't buy any cheap shoes since last time i went mainland and got two pairs of horrible heels and flats. bought some cheap jewellery, so i need to fully anti-septic wipe them...if that makes sense...

my room has been like this for a week. it's ONLY clothes and bags in the pic. there are shoes and accessories and random stuff etc put somewhere else for now. there's around 20 bags there with approx at least 5 pieces of clothing in each one

i have a massive problem! i can't fit the stuff into my wardrobe ))): like my aunt gave me over 30kg of clothes in hk, which i couldn't take them all back, so i already left 2 big bags behind (btw, she gave me 20kg ish worth of clothes when she came over last year). then there's the stuff i bought. i organise my clothes into sections very particularly so i know where every piece of clothing is. but at the moment, i'm just chucking stuff into where they fit. it feels soooo bad. i can't even walk in my own room. my room isn't that big since i have a double bed, a wardrobe which i upgraded in size only 2 years ago. i still have a chest of drawers which is full, and drawers under my bed which were full ages ago. then there's my other table which is almost full as well.

and if i buy another wardrobe/drawer, i can't really get into my room. i have a massive window, which reduces the wall space, if that makes sense...i also have the smallest room in the house, but it has the best lighting and most convenient. i've been spending the past week trying to figure out how to put stuff into my wardrobe. i don't want to chuck some old clothes out since they have memories (:

i defs spent the equivalent of my iphone 5 on food and clothes. 

this was the first time i didn't ask my parents for any money. rather i gave them some from my wad of cash from my great-uncle (:

i hate how aus gets all the old season stuff for heaps more expensive prices. like went to zara in melb (still have yet to go to the syd one) and cheapest thing there was 25. cheapest thing hk was 79, so less than 10 aussie dollars. 

now i kind of feel bad. not going to be buying any clothes soon. but in uni, i'll probs be ceems by the first few weeks to continually wear something different. even on weekends, sometimes it's quite hard to decide what to wear...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tennis! Australian Open 2013

amazing weekend! ceebs to blog about everything (i'm sure bitter would do that)

so sad that federer couldn't make it to the finals. i know i wasn't expecting much since he's so old compared to everyone and i know he doesn't go running after every single ball.

but i still saw him in person! even if it was only glimpses since he was practicing on the other end of the court from where i was standing. mission accomplished. i doubt he would play next year, or maybe even make it to the semis since quarters were so intense. if i was him, i would rather retire at the top, compared to trying to keep playing and slip in ranks.

so much free stuff! well more than what i thought there would be, since i went in the last few days. that grounds pass was worth it as you can see stuff, play stuff and get stuff. the mount franklin cooling room thing was so pretty, and i want one of their chairs! fav freebie is defs anz fans. the fans themselves have three batteries and they have electronic words on the plastic blades when they're on.

i like doubles, since the only autographs i got were from doubles people: the aussie pair (who are from south african) and the guy runner from cze. the key is to stick with kids. after the mixed doubles finals, the kids next to me were full calling to ebden "can i have your towel" about a million times and they got it. almost got he's sweatband, but i'm short so the guy next to me reached to it first.

three different sized AO tennis balls (: didn't get the medium sized one though...

I GOT A FREE TENNIS BALL as much as i hate murray, after he practiced for a bit before the finals, some kids called out, and his coach/trainer/person on his team hit some australian open/wilson branded balls that i tried to get by asking other people, but didn't manage...

atmosphere is really good and i guess it's worth it. the pre-entertainment is so cool! by the end of the night, bitter and i had super fast reactions from the two people siting next to us who were screaming for murray. i saw a replay of the match the next day, and i could hear the guy on tv, and we were sitting quite back...he was sososososo loud. so glad he went out a few times to buy drinks and smoke, since once you go out, you have to wait for three games until they let people back into the arena.

so glad djokovic won. if murray won, idk, the people next to us would be super crazy, and i really hate how murray beated fed in semis and olympics. he has improved though. like before the olympics, he was always runner up/semi, just always 2nd, never tried 1st. i also hate his mum. you can see that attitude. his gf is really pretty, but i swear she has gone fatter-you can see it in her face. oh, i don't like azarenka esp cause of the controversy, but she looks quite nice in the newspaper. secretly, i was hoping for a 5 setter to get the most out of my money, but that would mean another chance for murray =/ setting out in the arena is different. and you get to see so much more. but i missed out seeing how the umpire got into his chair! ))):

rod laver arena is cooler in person. the main walkways are carpeted. most of the lower ground seating is corporate. like when they chuck free stuff, that's corporate with super duper weird companies. only the sunny and other side facing the full padded chairs are public. hard to explain, but yeah, get connections, get a good seat.

i also went to Fenix! gary from masterchef restaurant since they had 50% off all food. sooo good, like the flavours, such as the pork belly and jap scallops with cabbage and nashi pear salad. and the bomb alaska had a good balance of the rum sauce with the meringue and the inside stuff.

and this sesame ice dessert was sooo good. the texture was kind of like an ice crush from boost, but a bit harder, but not like those chunks of ice from meet fresh. would totes go back again next time. didn't have any ice-dessert type of stuff in hk.

i love melbourne transport (: i find that melb cbd is smaller than sydney. but it's heaps more convenient with their blocks. managed to go to most of the tourist places during the long weekend, but obviously didn't go to the places i went to in my last melb trip. the weather is way too unpredictable, at night, it's colder than winter in hk.

going to sydney international airport last year was $11. this year going to domestic is $12.90 (and international is a stop further away). i read in the news that sydney have the most expensive trains from cbd to airport. totes true at $2 per km, it's kind of like getting a taxi.

awesome long weekend! (: so satisfying (:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

yay seeing everyone after so long (:
thank you shirley for the bag of goodies! so thoughtful ((:

dad coming back from melbourne tonight. if only he moved his business trip 3 days back, then i would be able to have free accommodation and free food!

aww sharapova ): no chance of seeing you irl. at least she'll keep on playing for now, i think. women matches are less predictable. they are heaps less consistent compared to men. like sharapova went out 1st round last year.

no 5 setters tonight for djokovic ): really wanted him tired for finals.

i hate how i cant use mobile data for stuff without whatsapp automatically downloading all the messages you haven't read once you turn on mobile data.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quater Finals


yayayayayayay federer won! now i have a chance to see him in real life! before he retires!

you can see his step is so much slower compared to last year. like he won't run for points, unlike nole who would run and go for every single point.

almost heart attack. so intense.

crowd was going for tsonga..

murray next. i hate murray. esp his attitude.

going out to eat so much when i'm not in hk is not a really good idea.

i've become a taxi driver these hols...


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vegetarian Yum Cha

first time ever. fake chicken and prawn are actually ok.

i guess it was a bit pricey, since there was no meat, but there were mostly the usual asian yum cha stuff. nice chatting and catching up with people (:

I WENT ON A TRAM RESTAURANT IN MELBOURNE BEFORE! like they had one on masterchef. it was sooo expensive but the food was super duper good and free unlimited drniks (: the tram i went on was way more classier. now i think the only time i'm going to watch masterchef is online. you have to watch the tennis live, otherwise you just don't watch it at all. tennis is so good! i want nole to keep playing more 5 setters so he will make it to the finals, but kind of wear out so fed can win and retire happily! (:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Connect #7

so i finally went to my first connect. talks were good, people were really nice (:

like you know more people there than you think. friends of friends, and people who you didn't think would go. i met a guy who does combined med and music at usyd. so music is like "what do you feel/think" and med is just "do this and that". quite an interesting combo. i like socialising. what i learnt?

- everyone fails phys, no matter how hard you try.
- maths 1131 and 1141 are the same thing except for the exams. you learn differentiation in an hour unlike high school which you learn over a few weeks.
- don't buy the maths textbook, just buy the coursebook
- attend math lectures. others are "ok" to skip
- chem is ok.
- getting distinctions and hds are heaps harder than you think.
- join stuff
- optom is just a hectic life with over 20 hours and it gets worse from there. gg social life.

that match yesterday especially the last game was intense! i hope finals are between federer and nole. yayay federer!!! stayed up to watch it yesterday (: i would understand why wawrinka would cry. i would also cry if i was sooooo close to beating world no.1. i think the crowd was quite wild. they cheered just as loud for both sides towards the end, actually they just full cheered whenever a point was made. lol-fango question during the fifth set: "have you changed your mind yet? do you think nole can win?" before it was 80ish percent and during 5th set, it dropped to 50ish percent.
raonic's serve is really quite amazing. 238km/h (even though it didn't go into play), and apparently only 0.5s to react :O

Sunday, January 20, 2013

tennis over masterchef

i am so engrossed in the tennis, i forgot masterchef professionals premiered today.

tbh, i want djokovic to win, despite how much i don't like him, since i want federer in the finals, and i might as well see nole in real life as he is no.1 i want his autograph as i might not see him again and i want to see fed irl before he retires. he seriously has aged a lot. \

also, its strange how nole is wearing uni qlo since it's japanese. obviously he's getting more money from it. the only other guy i've seen wearing uni qlo is the jap guy who lost to ferrer. uni qlo is like th Japanese Zara. except i went through the stores over ten times and didn't find anything i like. their down jackets are super light, except i don't wear down jackets.

whatsapp is really good.

i still have not unloaded my suitcase.

a month later i realised that my neighbours have a small dog. so far i haven't heard it bark.

oh, and my stuff is everywhere right now, even more messier than trials, which were neater than hsc.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

aww yeah!!! straight sets! not so confident are you tomic? but i guess when fed retires, i'll probs be rooting for him since he's the best aus person (which is really bad compared to other countries)

it's matches like monfils vs simon right now which are more exciting/you get more worth for your money. like their 71 shots. wowowow. commentators were like "don't think sharapova even got 71 shots in her first two matches" so true since she won 6-0 twice. the only funny thing they have said. i get why they get the same commentators for the big matches, cause they actually commentate. the commentators right now, esp the french guy are really bad, like bad. don't know what they're talking about.

started a puzzle which i started and stopped doing 10 years ago. it's 1000 pieces but there are only four shapes =/ my piece of cardboard is too small ):

moving furniture to puzzle and watch tennis at the same time.
chilling in style.

Friday, January 18, 2013

sharapova played so lovely tonight (: i really like pretty much everything about her (except for her grunts), but her physique is amazing! so rich off the court as well.

djokovic is pretty good, but i still think federer is better, considering his age and he's still in top 4 and played through his injuries which were luckily not major.

and i started to like tomic, except not anymore after his press talk about how he's soo confident he'll beat federer. no way. he won't. yay fed!

last day of kids fun days today. it's not as "emotional" the 3rd time compared to the 1st.

i have the worst timetable. ever. just read icedtree's tips from his sister. BUT I CAN'T AVOID HAVING A BAD TIME. like there's these lab stuff and they're alll at 4 or later. so some days i have to leave at 6. and if i try to move stuff, they just don't fit. and all the lectures for my course have times that they specify in a group and you have three choices, but none fit in. like with my course, times to choose stuff are very, very restrictive.

i think i'll go and buy a ground pass if i won't watch the match.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


lol- they stopped showed federer for a while since we all know he will win. and showed the intense last set between monfils and lu. it was actually quite funny towards the end since monfils kept on double faulting and acing when he got the advantage.

never thought i would be a unsw person. i just want to go to usyd for the buildings/location.

there's more than i thought number of people going to unsw.

uni is going to be worse than high school in terms of study. i am only 24 hours late in enrolling and all the good classes were gone (but you'd expect one to go, since for my course, a lot of the classes only have two times). and things with only two times are always after 3.

it suckssssss. early mornings and late nights. no going out. no party/social life. no time for a job. i don't even have many breaks. fingers crossed only 1st year is jam-packed. i wonder what med people's timetables are like....

oh, and i met this person from my church's morning service. so she did one year of med, then 2 years of physio, and this year she got in JCU (so she was secretly a competition). she really wanted to do med, so tried every single year. so by the time she graduates, she'll be around 30.

no offer from JCU. i knew i screwed up my interview since it went undertime. even if i did get in, i don't think i can survive by myself, since apparently, all on campus w/ catering accommodation were already full in early december. and it's way too hot, even when i went in spring last year.

i actually forgot what preferences i put down for uac until the letter reminded me. i actually didn't really put much thought into my choices and kept forgetting what i put down/what order. i guess i can try really, really hard to transfer, but if i like my course, then i can continue.

2013 Kids Fun Days

2011 was Vast Voyage, 2012 Pandamania, 2013 Roman themed.

ceebs explaining what this is. post almost this time last year

what's different?
well we have a different children ministry worker. things are way more chill this year. heaps less kids/leaders. the leaders retreat isn't as cool, and food isn't as nice there, but lunch is still good.

the morning tea doesn't represent stuff like last 2 year's did. singing people are different. songs aren't as good.

but it's still fun playing with kids (:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

offers thoughts

i have yet to check main round offers, but just saying, i forgot to tell you guys i edited one of my previous posts, and my atar increased 0.05 not 0.5, so 0.05 is basically pointless since there's all these bonus points, and i can basically do anything. 0.05 increase would only be useful if i got 99.6 and needed 99.65 for law, or if i got 99.7 and the 2013 atar cut off for usyd law increased to 99.75 for 2013. kind of laughing in my head, but i know 0.05 will be defs useful for other people.

i think atars become redundant unless you're doing med/law since you can get 5 bonus points. if i did get an atar in the low 90s, you can still do almost anything.

hmm, why don't other states show offers the same say as nsw?
it's quite annoying.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

and the chores begin. have not done chores for a month.

ceebs unpacking.

why did i volunteer to help out at church right after i got back from hk..? now it feels like i have no responsbility since i skipped helping out for two days since i'm sick.

and following bitter's post, i used to full love australians, that was back like almost ten years ago when hewitt was good. now the only hope for guys is Tomic. and then they also showed other random aussies whom i have never heard of. this year seems to be more focused on australians even though we suck. like they have a flag next to their names-they have never done that before, from memory.

got an email on my other email the school doesn't know about. principal is stalking me asking for my atar D= same with another friend who hasn't given out her hotmail email and still got an email from the principal. seriously, how did she get it?

oh, and anne hathaway for best supporting actress. i wonder if she won that award because she cut her hair for les mis...

so much to blog about. might actually do drafts so i won't forget what to write about.

early morning tomorrow. first one in a long time.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Apple's Survey

my first ever survey. i think i'll only do surveys if another blogger makes them, otherwise i ceebs. i've been wanting to do it for a while.

1)  Do you have a middle name? If not, what would you make your middle name?
nup. i wish i did since my whole name is only 7 letters.

2) Name a pet peeve of one of your parents.
     my mum always nagging me about my posture

3) Which European country would you most like to visit?
       England, since it's historic and so many sights and it's posh. if we're talking about fun, then France since there's a disneyland!! then italy cause of more sights and food, then a country with really picturesque snow, then spain. i was talking to my aunt before, and they said spain's food is cheap, for a hk person, so it will be super duper cheap for the aussie dollar. but i would like to go to america before i go to an european country.

4) What was the happiest day of your life? If you can’t remember, what makes you the happiest?
many things make me happy. i like eating with family and friends (:

5) Name three things on your desk.
t    hmm, my desk is so messy atm, more messy than during hsc. i have this really cool pen from disneyland which is from tim burton's nightmare before christmas. it has this button thing and the skull lights up and spins/vibrates and makes a noise. also a stash of red packets, and earphones from my business class trip back in nov.

6) In your opinion, what is the most useless gift you can give?
a bath bomb/block of soaps. also stationary since i never use them, i only use practical stationary.

7) A language you wish you had complete mastery over?
Mandarin, since everyone says it's useful (but i still hate chinese school).

8) What do you wish you had learnt as a child and developed so you were good at it now?
     Heaps of stuff like singing, ice skating and horse riding, figure diving

9) Your favourite feature physically? (Don’t say you don’t like anything!)
e   hmm, i don't know. maybe teeth, after all the pain i endured from getting braces.

10)  Your favourite thing personality-wise?
u  understanding people

11) Do you want to change yourself this year?
i      i want to talk to more people, be more patient, no whine a lot, be more quick-if that makes sense

12) What are you planning to study?
most likely pharmacy even though it would be a "waste of atar points". still hoping for this other thing somewhere else.

13) Are you an Apple person?
Yes! i'm sure you bloggers would know by now. apple stuff are really genius (: i actually have more than i need. i have a red ipod nano gen 3 which i stopped using in yr 11 since i stopped taking a bus (i still think the wheel thing is really cool), an old iphone 3 which is super laggy-i think my bro may inherit this since the spare htc phone is locked so he can't use his sim card with it, iphone 5 and a macbook pro. oh, the only apple product my parents have bought is the laptop, everything else was given. also, only after the ipad was invented that more companies tried to copy by making their own tablets. i'm still not sure what i would do if i have an ipad since iphones are even more portable...i also love the fruit (:

14) What is your favourite word?
don't have one.

15) Do you like the date of your birth?
yep, and so far when it's a "black friday" something good always happens (:

 16) What is the coolest thing you have made?
umm...this cross stitch book mark with the letter E and other details, and also a simple crystal like bracelet. 

17) Introvert or extrovert?

18) Do you prefer lemons or limes?

19) What do you find the most annoying “first world problem”?
    when the internet dies when i need it most (like when i finished my hsc..). also when there's no air con and it's super duper hot. 

20) Do you behave differently at home?
      yep, also wear different clothes. i have outside clothes and inside clothes. they never cross each other.

21) What is your favourite kind of shopping? Or do you dislike all forms of shopping?
clothes shopping, but after hk, i'm going to try to not buy a single piece of clothing/shoes/accessories until my birthday, unless it's cheaper here than in hk (which is almost impossible) or i simple adore it too much, or i have to buy it for purpose because i got told to.

22) What are your views on feminism? (Sorry.)
gender equality.

23) On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being hermit and 10 being aware of things practically before they happen how aware of world events are you?
      maybe a six. i do read and watch the news, even when i was overseas.

24) What will you do when you retire?
t    travel!!!!!!! go sightseeing at famous places (since i think i'll be too old to go on roller coasters by then..), eat high class food when i'm overseas and also try cheap food of that country, and spend time with family.

25) If you were designing your future house, what style would you have?
     i love modern and big houses. i would love to like in a mansion, or a house with a lift, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and an underground garage. ok, this will never happen, but my future/dream house would be big and include all the "cool" stuff you see in movies/hear in books. oh and i like big windows.
     realistically, i would like a big modern house with a pool, but parts of the house should have a different touch.

26) What is an appliance you would love to own?
mix master or a coffee machine (don't really drink coffee, but i got a barista cert in yr10 and haven't really been able to practice my skills)

27) Will you drive a Toyota when you grow up?
already driving a toyota, but when i "grow up", as in get a proper job, i would like a bmw (: not a mercedes cause they're too posh for my liking and aren't as "cool". i like audi's headlights. i really do love my cars. need to do another blog post about this. i love my sportscars (:

28) What is a common expression of the 21st century you cannot stand?
don't really like roflmao of lmfao. rofl itself is ok.

29) Describe something that has happened to you that you were so sure would not happen or vice versa.
     didn't think i would make it to baulko. oh, didn't think i would band 6 chem two years ago, but they happened.

30) What are your plans for your blog’s future?
 keep blogging, i like blogging and reading people's blogs (:

yay, tennis started today!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


i love planes, but not when i'm sick. and this time i'm sick, sick. my bro's been coughing for the past few weeks, so i guess it was lucky that i got sick on the last day rather than during the trip.

FIRST TIME SPENDING A MONTH IN HK! goal achieved. other times we go mainland china plus another country, which leaves less than2 weeks for my own personal time. this time i could finally choose where to go (: and choose which relatives to meet.

took 8gb of photos, towards the end, i had to limit myself from taking too many photos.

there are more crying babies on the way back. this happened last time as well.

ended up purchasing an extra luggage. all the big stuff were 22 point something, so no overweight items (: now that i think about it, i did buy a lot. since i have bought something every single day.

so tired, will talk about other stuff when i have the energy. it feels good to be back on my mac (: and lucky today isn't that hot.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2nd last day in hk

not looking forward to the heat. going to melt.

i guess living in hk for a month, you get to know what's considered expensive/cheap in hk dollars, but everything (except for a few things on my list) are cheaper in hk.

tomorrow's going to be the worst plane flight ever. sick ): which means i won't have the energy for an all nighter to watch movies on the plane. i guess i could say i've been pretty good since i've been next to my coughing brother/sick aunt and in close contact for a month. and i've survived hk's winter (which just feels like aus spring) with just t-shirts and thin jackets.

i think i also got sick from yday's wet ride and then running around and kept my jacket on. sometimes i get sick from extreme heat.

totally going over weight. will need to purchase an extra baggage for communal stuff. it's actually cheaper than sending a box over by ship/plane when you purchase extra buggage online.

decided not to buy a new camera. used the money to contribute to get mum a new iphone. haha, getting everyone in my fam to use iphones...

had high tea today at The Peninsula, which is number one in hk. so good and there was live music (: i have a feeling i'm going to throw up but don't want to, since that high tea cost at least 80 aussie bucks...damn..sick already in the beginning of the year ):

and i didn't tell the person properly since i couldn't speak up, so he didn't layer my hair, but whatever, i actually don't really care about my hair compared to most other girls. and sometimes change is good.

managed to buy everything on my to buy list (except for a work dress since i figured if i bought one, i would never wear it)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Ocean Park

last time i went was in 07/08, and last time my dad went was when he was young-ish.

yay, no lines! except for the ferris wheel. i could've finished everything, but my bro was like "don't waste time by going on all the children rides" so we just did each rollercoaster/ride 2 to three times. not scary at all, just fun. i like to sit at the front and put my hands up for the whole ride. except sometimes when you don't brace yourself,  your head fully rocks everywhere since the ride is very shaky. but they're such good wind coolers. like we went on a wet ride, and after two rides, we were completely dry.

also managed to fit some shows in. didn't go to the big aqaurium, but went to all the other ones. last time we did everything. last time the dragon was coloured blue and under maintanence, but we could go on it this time (:

the show with water was pretty cool. they also had fire and it was pretty hot. fire on water is a pretty interseting combo.

experienced what people meant my mainland chinese. so we were waiting to board the train back since they had an announcement that the cable car line was super long. while i was standing, a couple of asian 50/60 years olds just push behind me even though there wasn't any space to move forward. SO FREAKIN RUDE. THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LINE UP LEGIT. then they just start shouting so i got my bro and dad to kind of block them with oour arms. then i full shouted in their face LINE UP. EVERYONE ELSE IS LINING UP. then i could understand some of their mando about how they don't understand, so i spoke canto, then kind of made it into mando. then the guy in front of me was telling his daughter and me: you can clearly see the difference between hong kong people and china people. when were were going to board the train, someone behind full shouted OI QUEUE. probs a white person telling mainlanders to queue up, i could see staff trying to stop those chinese. also when we were lining up for the ocena park tower, the mainlanders were so sneaky that they tried to open the staff gates to jump the queue until the staff people saw it and told them off. most people who do that are surprisingly in their 50/60/70s who like to push, shove and jump queue. oh, and they do push you hard, not just a nudge.

so here is one of the many many reasons why i hate going to mainland china and i think china and hong kong are different. yes! didn't have to go mainland china this hk trip even though the rest of my family did.

the abyss/tower which drops thing was i guess the most "scariest" ride but not fun. it's only "scary" for 0.5 seconds on your first go, and just becomes a nice time to look at views the next few goes. "the flash" was the funnest in my opinion since you hang upside down while enjoying the scenic hk mountains and beaches (:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

atar increase

didn't think that was even possible, but reading my emails at 1am and one of them said something about how the school got remarked for english extension 1 and everyone got more marks, except they said it wasn't a whole mark. so no one actually got one mark more on the results page.

anyways, i was like "not sure if serious" since the email was just a plain email with no headers etc.

checked the uac website, and yay for 0.05 increase!

it actually does nothing since i could do basically anything before my atar went up, except for med/law.

but it's cool to say my atar increased after the atar release date (:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


third time going to hk disneyland. i haven't met an australian who has gone to the hk one for three times.

first time going with dad. first time going with no relatives. first time going after christmas. first time being the 11th person on space mountain and 23rd on the new rollercoaster.

it's not bad going after christmas. hardly have to line up. even entering and the shows always have space. i like it (: the shows are only half filled and the rides with fastpasses are useless since waiting time is only 5mins. only taking photos w/ pooh bear and mickey took 15mins and this ride thing took 20-30mins which i already went on before. mainly foreigners and mainland china people came. hardly any hk people there. didn't see anyone my age apart from foreigners. yay, went on a good day (: and the weather wasn't too hot/cold.

toy story land is so cool! real life toy story toys in giant size. you could recognise stuff from the movies, and it's so colourful and happy (:

didn't go on all the children rides and i still haven't been on the train. it's cause they close earlier than normal during non-peak times, and my bro didn't want to go with me on the children rides so we just did all the rollercoasters again 2/3 times. the new ones are pretty good. not scary, just fun, since we didn't hear anyone talk about it moving backwards (unlike the scoobydoo one in movieworld where it moves backwards and i already heard that like back in yr it kind of spolit the surprise). the toy story land still isn't complete ): and mystic point, the only one in the world, opens later this year, so i have to wait until my 4th hk disneyland trip for that.

and yay for my cousin working there for super cheap tickets and half price merchandise (: my parents spent an hour buying stuff...

but we managed to fit in all the shows (: the 4d one isn't as good since the smell of the blueberry pie isn't as strong. the parade was pretty good and so were the fireworks, even though they weren't xmas themed. i love how each burst of fireworks matched the music.

it was fun, but not as fun as the first time (for obvious reasons).

is it wierd to crave to go on a scary rollercoaster? last scary one was back in yr7 when we went Japan, and went on the highest rollercoaster back then. only 13, but i'm pretty sure it won't be scary for me anymore. one of my dad's were like: "if you really love scary rollercoasters, go to china and look to see if it's going to break/a screw is coming off, then you know it's scary". last time i went mainland, my mum didn't let me go on china's rollercoasters since most of them aren't build properly/insurance stuff probs won't cover and it's actually dangerous. i guess ocean park is still not scary, but the rollercoasters are bigger there.

i still love disney (:

Monday, January 7, 2013

when the mtr dies

i've always wondered what would happen when hk's metro system, the mtr, which everyone depends on, dies.

well i experienced it today (:

it wasn't a major station, just an interchange station on the west part of hk. i got off the train and there were sooo many people on the platform. people couldn't get on to change trains. after about four train loads of people got off and waited, there was an announcement. first in canto, after it was announced everyone was angry, and i mean angry. since it was super formal canto, had to wait for the English translation. apparently signal interuptions something something. you could feel everyone panicking and calling people not to catch the mtr to that station.

the thing is, since i'm living in a new-ish part of hk, there are no buses, and it's a waste of money catching a taxi with only two people (and i doubt there would be enough taxi's to accomodate the loads of people), so most people waited.

there were angry mobs against one staff member, then there were police who were trying to calm/reason with them. most angry people were old men.

ended up waiting for 30mins, which is how often trains come in syd, compared to mtr's almost every minute. at least the ride was free! i don't see cityrail giving out free train rides for every train they delay.

basically in short, once part of the mtr dies, everyone gets stuck under the ground on the platform.

to other news, i got "played" today whilst buying shoes. it's really funny since my brother has a bromance with a guy in the other shoe shop next door who said to my bro: "oh, i remember you" and had a nice friendly convo (since my mum and my bro spent over 2 hours in that shop last time just to buy 3 pairs of shoes). i asked the guy what was good about this shoe, and he fully explained everything, then he heard my talking to my bro in English and asked me where i was from. then tried to make more convo with me and asked me about my life story, and saying how my canto was good. then he asked me to teach him some English so he could use it to sell other stuff. he was cute, but not as cute as the flight attendents in business class from my townsville flight. btw, i think there is a difference between cute and hot.


went to my first orchestra today (: people are so talented.

it was the hk southern district something something 2013 orchestra. had free tickets (: first two performances were like high school and primary school kids, but after that, people were pro.

finally saw some pro cello acts and now i understand. you can't even catch up with their hand and bow movements. i love how all the strings move uniformly. there was also an 11 year old conductor. SHE HAD SO MUCH ATTITUDE, and she liked so pro. kind of funny though cause she was like conducting people triple/double her age.

can't really understand formal canto, it's just they use words which are just used in formal situations. and apparently there were people there equivalent to the prime minister, but not sure who..

nice experienc (:

and before that i went to an island of hk and saw another beach! it was nicer but obviously not as nice as aus beaches. had so much chinese pudding stuff of various flavours there. oh, i quite like ferries.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

i think i can drink

i had four drinks today.

two glasses of red wine which was quite nice even though super cheap-98 dollars a bottle and it was from south australia. approx 14% alcohol.
a glass of red rose sparkling wine.
and one glass of belgium beer which was different to normal beers. except i still have the taste in my mouth. went to a "ned Kelly" pub in tsim sha tsui, which is an australian pub in hk. they also had live jazz music which was a really cool experience. to a hk person, that place is expensive, but to the high aussie dollar, it was alright. more than half the place was white people. apparently that place has been there for over 40 years. nice.

and i don't feel dizzy/sleepy/drunk/red-faced even after four drinks. feel perfectly normal.

soo much good food these days (:

Saturday, January 5, 2013

my camera

so i went to the beach today despite it being winter etc. it wasn't much of a beach. i think the sand was imported since they have trees in the sand.


it was kind of both his and mine's fault.

but still. it was let off from his hands.

THREE YEARS! I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING BAD TO MY CAMERA. and i used my own moneyh to buy it, and back then, it was the top model touch camera-500 aussie dollars. it had panorama before people even knew what panorama was (three years ago...)

so i went to look at cameras in the arvo. i still have enough money from my 10K, but i was not planning to buy a camera since i bought a new phone. and the new sony cameras aren't as sleek. i was hoping for thiner, but they were more rounded and no wifi unlike samsung. they cost about 400 aussie dollars-and i was also hoping for less than 300 but better quality. and even though it's hk, i don't think many people fix scratches. i really, really like my camera since it's as thin as my iphone 3.

i secretly know i would waste more money by buying a new camera since my phone camera is pretty good. and i guess it still works (thank goodness that it was made in Japan). i think psychologically that my brain is telling me it lags and doesn't work, but in reality in works fun. just scratched ))))): i cannot stand any of my electronics being scatched ):

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

iPhone 5 and nano sim

yay! finally i can use my iPhone. it's soooo good (: not going to describe it since apple's website does a pretty good job. it's so much more clearer and no lag =D doing stuff on it is even betterthan what i thought. oh and i admit, whatsapp iss pretty good.

soo many cases to choose from that i ceebs and decided to go with the simplest. i quite like iphone without cases, but i'm scared they will scratch.

$20hk to get your sim cut. i thought they would get their whole knife set, but my dad and i were surprised they used a stapler with a nano-sim template, and bam, you have your nano sim. the sims cost about 200 in hk, but free in aus-except i would have to change to i love sim cutters-helps to solve all my problems (:

so thin (: i want my phone to last until i finish uni.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year everyone!

i don't make new year resolutions.

woke up at 11:30am.
what did i do today? go the Kowloon Cricket Club like i did three years ago. they have a sports day for 4-13 yrs old and you just go in with a member. it's so multicultural there. like curry people who can speak english/canto/mando and their own language. and there were more white people than asians. atmosphere was nice.

i think the raffle was rigged. this person won 8/36 prizes, even though my uncle and his friend sponsered/bought over $1000 worth of raffles.

first time coming home before 9pm today for over a week. going to try to sleep before 12 today.

eleven days in hk left. still so many places to go/eat/play and shop.

this year will be another big year (: