Wednesday, August 31, 2011

my story still doesn't have a point to it ):

i haven't started studying ): english stuff this time is prioritised over my maths D=

and free iceblocks and merit cards for soccer (:

spent so much precious time looking at random crap.

and LOL day. lol. free LOLlipops (:

these yearlies are going to be massive cramming ones.

parametric still confuzzles me. ))):

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

going on facebook for inspiration....

not working....

rawrrrrr. i don't know what to write from the Othello essay. it's too broad and hard at the same time.
this is gay.

also, i kind of realised my unfinished ext story doesn't have a hero in it, fail. since i'm doing a topic on heroes. my ext teacher was finally here today (: and he suggested we swap stories-anyone? i like to read stories (:

mines actually lame. i don't know what to do in my story. and there is kind of a hanging end/unended story line.

i want to perform in variety night but none of my group is going (well i don't think ) so there's not much point since it won't be as much fun without friends.

haven't even started studying for maths DDD=

i think i look like a tall 8year old girl with my pigtails...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Spirit Week-Orange Day

i;m quite glad there is a reflection statement for ext, so that my story would make more sense and to tie up loose ends...tonight was my english night, yet i didn't get as much done as i wanted to...

that was pretty cool, chucking oranges. i think if i chucked them, it wouldn't even break since i'm too weak. it's a waste of food though....and i managed to get a lolly from the pinata, it kinda rolled out from the crowd...the jelly in orange slice looked pretty cool.

 i couldn't hear anything in assembly so i missed out on the variety night announcement, but if there are still no more notices about where auditions are, then i ceebs to audition, even though i already handed in a form...

it's like the 3rd week our ext teacher has been away...

i wanted to go to the art show, except i had dancing....maybe next year....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

5pm Baptisms

ever since 5pm service started, today was the record day for attendance, it was packed like morning service.

it was so encouraging hearing people's testimonies, which makes me think about my own....
so many people stood up to take pics and i sat near the front and could hardly see them. and i loved how each of them picked a song to sing. and luckily the sermon was short so the service didn't fully run overtime.

congrats to everyone (:

and the food was nice (:

did no work ):

Saturday, August 27, 2011

USyd Open Day

it's sooo pretty (((: well i have been before, but inside the buildings make it soo much more like Harry Potter. like all the ancient sandstone buildings and towers. then there are random staircases which apparently leads to a locked gate and more stairs. they have a "great hall" like hp, stained glass window, quadrangle like hp, nice grass, nice oldish kind of castle-ish carpet, arches.
i would love to go usyd just for the prettiness (:

the open day i guess was alright. i'm a tad disappointed that there wasn't many free stuff, maybe i set my standards too high =/ but next year, i now know to do a quick dash to the Business stand to get one of their epically cool wristband usbs. but i still got a cool epic highlighter (:
a lot of walking today. i'm surprised how connie managed to survive in wedges since we walked back and forth throughout campus.
i guess it was good going today since all the stuff i missed out on i could go next year.
the law building is soo nice and the inside is just as good. there are soo many high tech stuff and the chairs are so comfy (((:

food was sooo expensive so we went ewood. it wasn't as great as i thought it would be so i didn't give any tips. it's bad to only have one dish out while other people wait for there's. i sometimes find it quite idk, kinda dodgy asian people running cafes. except i have been to places where they are good (:
the cabonara wasn't creamy ):

i have done no work today D= and i have an essay/short story/ speaking stuff which urgently needs attention. and then i have a make-up tutoring lesson tomorrow then people's baptisms which will probs make things go an hour overtime and then dinner possibly at church which means i can't do any work from 12.30-9pm tomorrow. all my study/work time gone ): i should have calculated all this yday to make me more motivated to work today. soo screwed ): and i haven't even started studying for maths. i shouldn't have gone to Pottermore. i hate brewing potions and doing spells. it's just as hard as it looks in the movies.

some people are so nice (:

Friday, August 26, 2011

noooooooo! yuck, i got sorted into hufflepuff and got a gay wand. i hate hufflepuff the most. that's it screw Pottermore. it's not even that exciting, just a lot of reading stuff. it's not as fun as i imagined, but that's good since (hopefully) i won't go on it during yearlies.

the reason i'm on it is cause the neighbours are having a party with 60+teenagers and the music is sooo loud i can hear it while showering, so basically i can't even hear myself think and decided to watch hp6 on tv (: and there's a police car outside their house =/
they always have massive bogan parties. i haven't done any work since the second last period today.

why are people so hard to contact??? i don't want to go usyd alone :'( (wait problem solved)

mocha ice-cream doesn't taste like mocha.

and thanks connie for the daffodil (:

Thursday, August 25, 2011


in some parts iwas sooo close to falling asleep.
the shadows were cool.
i guess there were some lame funny stuff.

i think today was the first time i went to penrith's westfield. it's really wierdly designed, like a U shape. so to get to the other food court we had to go around then trek all the way back to the buses. we were supposed to be at school by 2 but we ended up like 45min late.

first time scanning with my mac. twas more troublesome than my other laptops, but the file saving stuff is more convenient (:
so many files to download....(actually it was only 2....)

edit: i forgot to say that i'm not even doing Hamlet next year so i didn't really pay much attention to it. everyone ALWAYS dies in Shakespeare's. he must love killing people, fictionally

also, my parents (and I , i guess) got invited to a very different wedding, even the invite said it was different because it's an....OUTDOOR WEDDING ((((((((((: i've never been to an outdoor one and they gonna still haven't even if it rains, so hopefully it doesn't rain. and another excuse to wear dresses (: yay, i love weddings (i may have said this before) oh, and the couple are asian so it's very different to have an outdoor wedding, i think.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

stupid useless english excursion cutting into my double periods of chem prac tmr ):

these made my day (:

thanks connie (: good first attempt and they were yum (:

still don't know what to write.

my ipod is kind of like history now. i don't have time to charge it or add new songs.

i actually got a mark for maths tutoring exam. last time i got a "mystery" mark. ie <10. im probs going to get worse than i did last week in today's one.
i saw a nice handbag which hopefully will still remain one sale tmr.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1 mark can mean a difference of 10 places.
so i need my extra mark.

stupid english excursion on thurs which means i miss out on double chem :'( and the week after is jap excursion so more chem missed out on :( and they are going to do pracs so :((((((((((((((((((((((

no idea what to write.

do you think they will still accept ext2 applications. saw someone handing it in today, but she may have a really good excuse......ext 2 kind of contradicts my point above, since i don't know what to write for both.

i should stop saying this, but i feel screwed. busy every single day of the week ):

Monday, August 22, 2011

ahhh, english extensionnnnn

nooooooooo idea what to write, well i guess it's a bit more less broad this time since i have to do something about heroes.
but that is still fricken broad, EVERYTHING can relate to heroes )))))):
got extra 2 marks for chem, but so did everyone else since they marked it wrong, so i'm still going to drop heaps of ranks.....

school spirit week sounds fun (:

i want a new phone. actually i can get one, it's just that there are no more 3 stores around so i don't know where i can change my phone :S

oh, this morning i had a mini-heart attack cos my bag was opened and my phone wasn't there so i thought i lost my phone. so i retraced all my steps back to the bus bay but still couldn't find it. so i borrowed a phone and called my dad.
apparently i dropped my phone in like the crack between the car seats so only when i told my dad could he see that i did drop my phone-otherwise he wouldn't have noticed....
i feel soo screwed for yearlys, already ):
soo many more appointments to make....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

my weekend:
sat: woke up at 11am due to chem depression, left at 12.30pm and back at home at 11.30pm
total hours of work: 1.25
sun: woke up at 10am, practiced parking for 1.75 hours, left home at 1.15pm for short term mission trip meeting, then church and back at home at 7pm
watched an hour tv
total hours of work: 2
and fri: 0 hours of work done.
so this was a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry unproductive weekend.

at 3pm today, we shared about encouraging things we saw/challenging things. o love sharing times (: and then somenoe bought a tub of.....jelly bellys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we got to have them after we shared what we wanted. i haven't had them in AGESSSSS yum (((((: i miss the butter popcorn/tutti fruti/ toasted marshmellow flavours. i accidently picked up 2 brown ones which was peanut butter but i wanted chocolate podding/cinnamon or caramel apple... the shades are all so similar which make some deceiving. luckily i didn't have the toothpaste flavoured on/pepper/liquorice. the only liquorice i like is darrel lea's flavoured ones.

5pm service next week is going to be packed like the morning service one, or even more =/
and we might be getting a new english youth pastor (: his last name is Leader..interesting....his sermon today was quite good, and funny (:

i think i can park properly. i reversed park and reverse parallel park between 2 random cars (:
ohhh, they have ben and jerry ice cream at Appletree shops (: my dad offered to buy me some since he knows about my obsession of wanting to try their ice cream except i said that it was a waste of money since there was no "special occasion" for it, and it wasn't even hot today....

50 more min left (:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rice 2011-Know, Love, Experience

well, every year is always different. this year's talk was good except it was realllly short and there were no games ): like some years they had massiiive beach balls passed around the entertainment centre and king caracticus and other "try to not get the same position as the person in front game" and they didn't have any expos of other churches ):
know, love, experience (:
i liked the speaker's comparison's
it started half an hour to an hour later than normal and ended 30min early. and they didn't have a count down this year or a photo.
but they still had the classic "san choi bow" (:

my rice history (from my memory)
2005-town hall, free entry
2006-town hall, $5  i think that year was really good.
2007-sydney exhibition centre, $5-$10 i think they had this thing where you "journeyed" through different rooms to look at different stuff, a mini-story thing (or was this 2008/9..? )
2008-syd entertainment centre, $15. i think this year was also really good.
2009-syd entertainment centre, $20 i think they had a mini masterchef comp on stage
2010-syd entertainment centre, $20
2011-syd entertainment centre, $20 (no games or big day out, not that i have ever been to a big day out....) no cool ticketmaster tickets to keep ): it felt like this year it was not as crowded and fewer people...

and i missed out on hp6 being aired on tv for the first time....oh wells....
i still got home really late cos my rents decided to go back to family friend's house to talk more....

Friday, August 19, 2011

Games Night 2011

twas fun (: i missed out on the sock games but our team won a few (: Snow Brown and the Seven Dwarves (: and we didn't come last. came like 5/6/7 out of 14 (?) teams.
i thought people weren't gonna fit. good organisational skills house captains (i highly doubt any of them would read this...)
my throat still sounds normal....

and happy one year holding a license (:

and we got chem back today. he said monday-liiiiiiiiiiiiiiesssssss.
i promised myself after the yr8 term 2 maths test that i wouldn't cry in class. (i actually did really bad on that test that even ALL the "not so smart people" did better than me. i think the teacher chucked out my paper cos i didn't want it) so i didn't cry in class today.
but bawled myself out in the car.

that's how badly i did.
asdfghjkl. i put soooo much effort and the marks don't reflect it. it's my worst science test mark EVER, and its fricken trials and HSC and atar related and it's the one which i failed in. zomg, they don't tell you to draw a diagram and i didn't which meant i lost 2 out of 4 marks. and other stupid stuff i wrote which seems like two different people did my hy test and my trail test. what was wrong with me? and it's too late to write a doctor's certificate. you know how some people "peak" early, well i don't even peak at all. my rank is going to drop 70+ places. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):
i checked my paper, but obviously not thoroughly enough. the long and tedious 2 markers which you need to draw and write 4 points of stuff and one thing wrong and you automatically lose a mark. and now if you include wrong stuff the mark you down so you have to have a precise answer. asdfghjkl. simple questions required hard/complex answers. our class average was 58. but our average is always 10-15 below the grade average.
this is supposed to be my "good" subject.
sometimes i wonder if changing school was the best idea for my marks. i mean scaling is good, but it only works if you DON'T FRICKEN FAIL.

and why did they have to take out the 3 marker which i fully answered just because a comma was put in the wrong place and "mercury" was used instead of "fuel" which made people "unhappy" i was perfectly fine with that question.

there were soooooo many big fat red zeroes all over my paper which i wanted to rip up, but would not be beneficial for my HSC.

even though i had fun tonight, my mark was at the back of my head )))))))): worst mark ever. (going to be) worst rank ever. i'm gonna go in a hole and cry. even though there's nothing i can do about it unless i argue my way through every single question i got wrong which is close to impossible....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

oh damn, i forgot to ask the careers advisor about UAC.

someone please come Uni in a Day with me. it's at macq uni on 29th sept. it's in the hols. all the good ones are gone ): but i don't want to be lonered there...

sooo much hw ):

did anyone watch the news on channel ten around 11pm last night?
well channel 10 had a function and they hired my dad's company to package some cups like the easy way ones. so my dad did about 300 of those cups with juice/cocktails inside. and i calculated it and including machine hire/work/material/delivery of the stuff, each plastic up cost 10 DOLLARS. yeah, i was fully laughing. only rich companies like 10 can afford to pay 10dollars for plastic cups, not even including the juice inside.

an then they had to hire everything since that place was an empty function room. if plastic cost $10 a piece, imagine how much lights/food/electricity/water/alcohol/the barternders would cost....

i want to sleep.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

uac confuses me.

i need to consult my fellow accelerants. i'm not sure if we have to register this year for uac. we should be since i got a pin no, but i'm still confused....
coz one we register there's no going back.

also, chem olmpiad was hard. i left soo much blank. and there were only four multiple choice questions which were HSC related. also, they teach you about stuff in the exam which is just purely random extra chemistry knowledge and is only 5% HSC related.

yay for no sport today (:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i think marking for phys is gayer than chem.

and i was talking to my chem teacher about the trial and he said some people put some stupid answers. i hope i'm not one of them.

and chem olympiad. JUST STARTED LOOKING AT IT AND IT'S FREAKING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!! especially without a periodic table is DDDDD= periodic tables are my best friends in chem.
lol jks, i do have friends (:
but seriously, these things are harder than our chem of art topic which already has some first year chem uni stuff. i think i paid another 20bucks to get out of class....

Monday, August 15, 2011

so, physics.

i paid 20 bucks to get out of class for two hours. oh, also for a merit card (:
i had nooooooo idea what to do. i even forgot what density.
i literally times numbers together and divided it and guessed every single thing. i hope they don't show the marks because i'm gonna get 1/60.
i kind of regret paying for phys...

so this arvo i spent 1.5 hours trying to cut a song. it's because i've never used garageband, i should have familiarised myself with it in the hols so i don't waste ridiculous amounts of time. i have done no homework DDD= and i JUST remembered i have a circle geometry topic test tmr morning. i don't know anything, even though we did it in year 10....
should i try for variety night? it's a waste of practising if i don't get in.....

photos take long to upload on fb.

so tired from dancing...

my pile of school books has never been this high...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

ophelia, that is such a genius idea <3

wah, physics NQE tomorrow. i HAVE NOT TOUCHED IT SINCE THE TIME THEY GAVE OUT THE BOOKLETS which was about 4 months ago.
so i am currently trying to skim read the answers and try to take as much knowledge out of the answers

why did i pay 20 bucks to do something which i am fully going to guess. and you can't even guess the long responses so i'll need to sound technical :S i'm probably going to get a * HSC mark or the equivalent. as in i'm going to get under 50%.

btw, i suck at physics. my hy mark reflects how bad i am at physics.

good luck to eco-ers and people who have assessments this week (:

i was supposed to practise parking today. but i woke up too late ): but i can reverse out of our long-ish driveway and reverse park with our big car (: yay for parking cameras and sensors (: so doing it with the small car should be easier...right...even if it's not equipped with all the cool stuff.....

wolverine (: i think we hired it when it came out on DVD but my bro is still recording it.... :S

Saturday, August 13, 2011

17 (:

Thanks everyone for coming, and i hope you all had a "Masterchef experience"

shouldn't have gone to tutoring since everything got pushed back, so everything was rushed....

and i had a cake crisis, hopefully not many people noticed, but they gave us the chocolate plaque for free (: but the cake was smaller than i thought it would be...

and now i'm tired.

soooo much food leftover. i hope everyone is full (:

i love the presents and the cards <3

Friday, August 12, 2011

Last day of being 16 (:

i was very excited about turning 16 last year cos it meant i could drive. but after 10 hours, the excitement kind of wore off...

16 is a good age (: and i guess it was a fun time (:
no, i won't reflect on my life of being a 16year old.
i feel old ):

i'm not super excited about turning 17. i look forward to getting my P's, but that chance is not as certain as getting your L's cos there's sooo many areas which they can fail you in the driving test. i hope i don't fail my unbooked driving test.

and i am super pissed about physics. lost a mark for pressing "shift" asdfghjkl

so much to do before 6pm.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

i have an insane amount of work to do, yet i still spent more than an hour on fb. i need to re-discipline myself and think that every hw task is a trial task. my homework pile is so big :'(

i;m so tank that i declined taking a day off school to study for chem. lol jks, i just don't want a 1 on my days absent.

did i mention yesterday that i on purposely missed out on the bus to sport to catch up on maths homework. yet i'm still behind after doing 2 periods of maths. ):

the guy from rice who came to our scripture fully elaborated on what ben and jerry is. i knew it was an ice-cream and i've never had it so i really really want some now. maybe when i have my p's i can drive there and have some (:
yum, thinking about it makes me hungry.

internet is sooo slow, yet they haven't sent us an email saying we went over the limit. i think our router is acting retarded again ))):
the dog in the house behind us is driving insanely nuts that i am so close to throwing a piece of chocolate over the fence. and i do like dogs, just not the one behind us who has non-stopped barking for 6 hours straight. maybe that's why i don't feel like i can do any work....because i can't concentrate ))):

i''m praying to God it doesn't rain on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Post-HSC Chem Trial

i can kind of say post-hsc =D
i have so much stuff bubbled inside of me to say, except i don't have the time to type it all out.
some questions in chem were superrrr easy, like even my brother can do. we got to plot a graph which already had the scale and everything on the axis (:
but then some were tricky, and there were some i actually didn't know so i had to fully bs ): some questions were exactly the same as tutoring/past paper questions. i should have done more mc. the 40 questions i did, about 5 of them came from past papers.
except i forgot the answer to one of them and i did that question before ):

i don't want my result back.
and they hired HSC supervisors and they were quite useless since everyone talked straight after the test and the papers weren't even collected.

i am certainly enjoying spending my night without touching any work (:
it feels good.
except i have already made a list of things to do after trial:
-clean house/desk
-file away all my sheets/notes
-do physics hw
-do jap hw
-study for jap
-write up unwritten chem pracs
-catch up on 2 more maths exercises
-somehow copy physics notes from someone...
-try and attempt some NQE
-do tutoring hw
-somehow start on the 32741637934817263 english tasks
-learn to park properly before the 19th
-buy more stuff before sat
-arrange stuff for sat and think of more ideas....

so much stuff :'(

it doesn't feel like i'm turning 17.

Friday, August 5, 2011

200th Post (:

i'm mentally dying.

right now, i hear loud drumming and singing which is asdfghjkl.

and i feel so under prepared for everything. i'm gonna fail ))): and my teacher lost my prac )))))))))): and it's the most important prac from chem of art )))))))))))))))))))))):

why do people never RSVP on time? is it like the "cool" thing these days?

and my old roll call is so cool. 3/4 captains are from my roll call (:

i would de-activate fb, except i'm waiting for some answers so there's no point. i should stop blogging for a few days.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

nothing is sinking into my brain. i don't know what's happening. i remembered most stuff between hy and prac but forgotten everything between prac and trials.
i don't know.
i don't know anything.

maths comp: i guessed 80% of it, even the 4markers i had to guess and some 3mark "easy" ones which were not easy.
but i think i got one of the hard questions through trial and error. only tried 2 times (: well i hope i coloured in the bubbles correctly.....

how are we going to survive next year?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

im om fb and trials are in 6days D=

and i can see why bitter was also frustrated with rsvp's like 2months ago...

i've done so much walking/running. now my knee hurts ): hope i'm not getting arthritis...

going to fail maths comp. please get least

i feel epicly screwed each second i spend on my laptop. can't study with it on ):

and 41 prefects?! that is a record, most likely, in any nsw school. not only 3/4 will have a chance a chairing assembly so 1/4 will have no role but only the "title prefect"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i scared myself this morning while walking down the stairs. i have this one massive ugly bruise, and its those ones which actually hurt.

my partner forgot to say one palm card in ext, maybe cos we didn't rehearse it, but she does drama and she's suppose to make the presentation run smoothly, not me (mini rage)
other presentations are sooo good. there was this pair with 2iphones and 1 smartphone and they remotely connected their phone to the computer with their speech and powerpoint slide on their phone. soo cooo!

to other news:
i ALWAYS GET THE DODGY EQUIPMENT in physics. and he only gave us 2 extra mins ):
the test wasn't hard if you had logic, well i don't have any logic ): which means i'm gonna fail this 10% and i'm not going to do well in UMAT.....

and i forgot how to do all the easy stuff in the maths test (and it was a year9 test so superr sad)

i asked my chem teacher who wrote the trial paper. he said everyone cooperated and it was well constructed/composed. aka it's going to be harrrrrrrrrrrrd and im gonna have a heart attack during the exam (well i hope not....)

Monday, August 1, 2011

August (:

the time of the year when it starts to get warm even though it's still winter.

i have someone to do my baking for me (:

1hr to START ACTUALLY STUDYING for physics tomorrow. first time studying for something so late. and screw practicing ext eng.

i never knew they had english comps for yr11.

it feels weird neglecting chem for an hour....

actually sweated like heaps at dance today =/\

12 days (: and 18days (: