Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Party before 2 exams

Thanks average for your party (:
Yay for purple! Really liked the table decorations (: like a darker purple suits guys better.

Food was spicy for me ): and next time I will know butter chicken is never spicy ): thanks batter for your extra piece (: ( not sure if you read this...)

It was so good seeing almost everyone! I think uni had made me become more anti social, why? Because in my head, I always think I need to save time, so talking/meeting people technically wastes time, and I'll rather study by myself ( I feel bad if I meet up to study with someone, since I will be asking a million questions, and then I can't help the other person).
And then meeting up to eat/ for a coffee wastes money, and it's still not cold enough for hot drinks for me. Don't get me wrong, if I somehow get my desired timetable next sem without slipping my lab, I would love to meet up with you!

I think I'm kind of over the whole party dancing thing. Maybe I've just gone too quite a few in a short period of time. if people ask me have you been clubbing. I say it's because most of my friends are underage, and secretly, I think it's a waste of time/money, and right now, it doesn't appeal to me.

Food appeals to me :D

So I had a massive headache from reading my bio notes everyday for the past 2 weeks, and it still hasn't sunk in ): even though exam is on thurs. so undecided I have a magnum.

The new magnum doesn't taste like champagne, not even fake champagne ( yes there is fake champagne, names of alcohol depends on how they brew/make it), so the new one tastes a bit like vanilla and something else, it's not overly sweet like magnum gold. The main thing is, it's so pretty! Like the chocolate is a metallic pink, so it feels like you're eating edible glitter :D I like edible weird stuff, like edible roses and gold foil! Have not had that stuff since high tea in Hk, like my dad had it more recently than me (and he doesn't have high expectations of food)

Don't know how to rearrange photos/ change dates/times on blogger app...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

i'm kind of kicking myself right now. why did i join troupe this year? all the eisteddfods are always the weekend before an exam, and mid year concert is during sem 1 finals, and end of year concert is beginning of sem 2 finals. too many eisteddfods throughout the year, taking out my study time. but if i didn't join this year, then i would never, even have the chance to join...

computer related maths tasks are so horrendous. so tedious, yet so, so, so easy to get wrong, even a simple bracket messes things up.

parents' costco membership ends this month. there's actually nothing to buy. so in one year, i only went once. told them not to renew it.

so screwed. i thought i knew chem stuff, but turns out i didn't. will put more effort into it.
and babs, i have been reading my notes since mid-sem break. it still doesn't sink in. usually rewriting it helps me remember it, but not for bio. thank goodness i didn't do it for hsc.

Friday, April 26, 2013

4 day week

1. we need more public holidays (even though we have quite a few)
2. public holidays should lie on a thursday, as more than 1/4 of business people take friday off to have a "long weekend", which eases up traffic immensely, and i can get to uni without any traffic jam internal stress, i'm happy, every is happy enjoying their weekend/trafficless day.

traffic is so good. not even any traffic on the harbour bridge. by traffic, i mean moving at less than 50km/h on a motorway/ in a 70+km/h zone.

uni is so sad. this basically contradicts everyone of my fellow bloggers. why? because my timetable sucks. today i snuck into an earlier lab, AND OUT OF ALL THE VISN LABS, they decided to mark the role (probs cause last week, the last lab was almost empty), so after a lot of pleading/begging (since i didn't have a valid excuse) she didn't kick me out (because recently, people get kicked out if you go to an earlier lab). she only marked half the class, but didn't go to the back half, but the back half also had heaps of people from the last lab. next time if i sneak in, i'll join the back lab/walk out if she starts marking the role. seriously, i save almost three hours. but then, in the last lab, you actually understand stuff without copying people. which is why, it is essential for me to somehow enrol at 12.30pm sharp on 8th may, but i still need to figure out how without missing my 2 hour chem lab.

i would be so, so happy and satisfied with a 4 day week. get everything done, with time to chill/hang. whenever i see people on the library lawn, i think they are arts/ commerce students with their three/four day timetables. stupid uni brochures with those oh so chill people hanging out, making uni a "work-free illusionary place".

oh, i get to do two gen ed subjects in my course! i will defs pick something with minimal hours/allow me to possibly have a 4 day week, but that's not until 3rd/4th year....sometimes i wonder, what is there to study about eyes for 5 years? i mean, people study the whole body and the eye in 5 years and become doctors. i guess i shall see as time passes...

so on my train ride from central to town hall, i was on fb, and came across $2.50 moochi. since my bus stop is close, i decided to get some. but i am so stupid! i had biscotti last time, and it tasted bland, but i forgot i had it, so i got it again, and i also had mango. in the end, i could hardly differentiate between the flavours since they were both bland, they just tasted like frozen yogurt without the flavour. it's a regular size, but they cup size has definitely gone smaller since feb. like the size of a regular is now a noggi cup size. everything has down sized. but it was my first time to get toppings (since it was included in the price). i finally got some of those juice pearls. i would have gotten blueberries since they are expensive (but they didn't have many toppings), so got some strawberries. the other fruits you can tell were canned. i don't understand why people put chocolate/typical junk food with their froyo. it takes away the texture/flavour of the froyo.

any while i was eating at an fast enjoyable pace, three buses passed. i'm pretty sure they wouldn't let me on to have froyo on the bus because a) it's a "messy/liquidy" food b) it's hard to hide without them noticing. not satisfied. melted quicker than normal, happened last time with on special yogurberry, since their machines don't have enough time to make it perfect to serve heaps of people at once.

and at the station, i saw a 5 year old accidently roll/push his skateboard between the platform and gap. luckily the train already came, because i think there was a large chance that he would run after it, onto the tracks. don't want to watch someone getting hit by a train...

bro gets to watch iron man 3 today, going korean bbq, and then another movie right now. what? he has exams next week, and he has not studied. no fair.

oh, on tv today, there was a white person called Elisa, spelt and pronounced EXACTLY my way. surprised. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

): 2nd time round

i was all )))))))))))))))))))))))))))): this morning/day. why?
I HAD THE PERFECT TIMETABLE, well as perfect as an optom student can get, ending at 2pm on 3 days (which theoretically meant i got back home same time as high school). but damnnnnnnn. freaking enrolment TIME AND IS DURING MY CHEMISTRY LAB. I AM FREE EVERY SINGLE OTHER TIME. WHY YOU PUT ENROLMENT DATES DURING MY LAB? AND YOU CAN'T SKIP CHEM LABS. i don't care if it was a lecture or tute. i guess i picked a bad time for my chem lab. next week is going to be horrible. the only good thing today was ending chem lecture about 20mins earlier. and you obviously can't take your laptop out during a lab.

so for the whole day, instead of studying for next week's exams, i devised a few options:

a) pretend i'm sick at 12.30, and use the bathroom excuse, but actually run to my locker, get my laptop, and enrol for sem 2 in hopefully less than 15mins without being suspicious. BUT, that lab that week is a "submit report" lab, and flipping through, it's super lengthy and every minute in the lab counts.

b) skip the lab, in a risk a failing the course.

c) trust a friend, who is willing to enrol for me, give them my password, and ask/beg them to help me enrol at 12.30 on wednesday. it's times like these i wished my mum was super capable of using the internet.

d) ask and trust a friend who doesn't have uni to enrol for me, but they might get confused...

e) finish the lab as quick as i can and bolt to my laptop- almost impossible, since i've only finished the 2 hour chem lab early once, and it was only early by 15min.

for those of you who don't know, people who did less units in the first sem, they get to enrol a day earlier. damnnnnnn, so by the 8th, all the good classes will be taken. and once enrolments open at 12.30, definitely all the good ones are gone. everyone wants earlier labs/tutes. and for most labs/tutes, they are only once per week, so good you basically have a good timetable if you get the earlier ones.
last time, one night after main rounds, all the good classes were gone. this time, after one hour, all the good classes will be gone.

f) hope that all the bad times left will clash with all my lectures, so then they can add another spot for me (they did that for sem 1 since they over enrolled people/accepted more people than expected, but all the classes enrolled were already full, so bascially those people couldn't enrol even if they made it into the course, and the coordinator manually added them into earlier labs.


i was looking forward to sem 2, but now i can't even physically enrol when enrolments open. gg. looks like it's going to be 9-6 almost everyday. gg.

had a topical on aliens today at plus, and then it related back to physics and all that relativity stuff. physics memories =/

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mars One

the voice is good this year (well i'm following it more this year). ahh, i love delta! i've always loved her as an artist, and her physique and clothes are (: and she's so pretty (: she's skinny and tall, but a healthy skinny (seriously, stick people are sometimes quite weird looking....)
who was that judge who always picked bad songs on a singing comp? oh yeah, natalie form x-factor. she had good people, horrible song choices.

song choices have all been good so far, and yay harrison! still need to do an optus rockcorps post...

lol, 2023, people can go to mars, only catch, it's a one way trip. the artist' impresions in the news look alright, they have plants and stuff in the houses which are like those sci-fi books you'll read. they only pick 24 people out of the entire world (anyone can go, just be fit and between 18-40 yrs), already 10000 people have applied, and there's a $40 application fee to fund the 6 billion cost. if you go, your family gets paid money. oh, it takes just about 7 months to get there, and 7 years of training beforehand. no thanks, i would rather study. (imagine all your life's wasted!) but they are going to film a reality television, and i have a big feeling that it's going to be much more interesting than big brother. if i went, i would be all "yolo" and doing all those "yolo" things before i left earth. those Dutch people are some enthusiastic peeps.

freaking out about next week. so much info. even though with babs they practically told you what half the test is going to contain, there's still so much to remember ): and it's only half the semester. i don't think i'll be competent to study med. too much bio stuff to learn.

and thus, i spent my night watching voice, and hopefully make up that time tomorrow during my 3 hour break since there's no chem lab this week, and also no 3hour babs lab (: and yay thursday. oh damn, just checked weightings. hand in lab reports are worth more than the mid sem. i made up some answers to questions for the one i handed in yesterday :/ ergh, need to make it up in the next ones.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunrise Meet and Greet

yes! finally i got a photo. could have taken one with nat and mel, but ceebs. mark didn't come out today, but he came out a few weeks ago.

i'm pretty sure they don't some out everyday. and just luckily today, i missed an earlier bus, then realised all three were outside, so perfect opportunity for photo and getting their autographs (: they had a whole stack of cards with their photos on it. obviously grant denyer wasn't there (his job is so cool, going to random places and having fun). the amount of foundation kochie has is pretty funny.

another thing ticked off my random things to do mental list (which was quicker than i thought it would be). maybe it's because of school holidays? idk, there were only 20ish people. now to go on tv again. except it's quite hard, since there is a narrow window between my bus arriving then waiting outside the studio then another bus to uni. and then even when i wait outside, they usually have news/sports update, or show a story, and only if they are at the desk, they hardly put the angle to the window. they only do that if they have guest speakers, which is usually when i'm already on my way to uni, but today was my late start (i still go uni an hour before since there are faster buses) so all is good.

the only "famous" person i have "met" and by met i mean photo, autograph and saying hi, how are you, is probably jennifer hawkins. even at aus open, when you see someone famous, they most likely won't ask you how are you (well i don't think they did since there were so many people) 

so scared about next wednesday. titration before chem exam, and last time my titration went over by 15mins, so i was 20+mins late to lecture. I CAN'T BE LATE FOR MY EXAM and i still have to trek 106+steps. ahh, what to do? fudge results? not really, since last time people around you got different solutions to titrate with, so you actually have to do it, and they checked your calc in lab....i'll just have to titrate madly (which is technically not possible)

also, three exams in one week for finals. the thing i'm most worried about are those 8:45am starts, which means i have to leave the house at 6.30 at the latest. vision is my most important subject, but i seem to have put the least amount of effort into it, probs cause i don't get it and wait till tutes for answers/try to understand things more.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

make your own cake party

i could have gone to a wedding today, but i went to one last week, and i'm still behind in work.

but my mum bought back home this cupcake! usually wedding cupcakes are just nicely piped, or have a layer of royal icing, but this has en edible rose, with fancy lace paper. it was not too overly sweet (:

i love weddings, and as i said, this one started before lunch, and said there would be food after the ceremony. mum said they had heapppppps of food. and so many names listed on the program of people helping out. she said they had a side hall with live streaming of the wedding for those mothers with young bubs. wow, everyone has children now. like i remember back in primary/high school, looking up to those uni peeps, now they're all married, have children, and helping out at their friends' wedding, or those who have still yet to be married. it was pouring today, but down at lidcombe it was nice only sprinkling which i guess is (: better than pouring rain and a fully drenched train. 

sometimes i think, will i ever even be super duper duper close to someone to have a bridesmaid? or will i marry without a bridesmaid (is that even possible..haha) but since i'll never be a flower girl, i'll love to be a bridesmaid. also, invite me to your wedding! like if you don't have enough people on your invite list and you need more people to make the hall fill up/look nicely packed, you can send me an invite and i'll be there :D seriously, i've been to a wedding where the hall was only 3/4 full, and it's just not that nice...

and my niece is so lucky! she had a make your own cake party. you get to have fun and eat! well, i did have quite a few parties when i was a child, but not something like this. then again, most hk people don't have a full oven, they only buy those convection ovens, so i guess baking a cake party was a good idea. oh wait, i had a decorate your own cupcake for my 17th, meh close enough, experience unlocked.

Friday, April 19, 2013


whew, i don't remember my week. i kept thinking yesterday was friday.

first of all, i would like to give a shout out to Dandelion. thanks so much for helping me at weird times, greatly appreciated <3 (sorry in advance if i ask you weird questions)

i think i got the easier algebra test today. i was like "please not green again" since i got a green one for calculus and it was harder. i got a blue one today and more than half was in the past papers. the green one was slightly harder, but the people on wed had even harder ones with sketching and dividing polynomials, well stuff that wasn't in past papers.
OHH, and my algebra tute guy is so good. he supplies people with paper and stationary and staples. i brought my own paper today and was excited how i could use the paper i accumulated from those practice maths exams after trials and before hsc, but then disappointed how i had to "waste two pages" and i could have used uni paper, and he gave people who needed paper quite a lot of paper, so i could have used their paper and accumulated more paper from paper not used.

so much work. i'm not sure if i prefer the chem test to be on a wed or thurs. i have my bio mid sem on thurs, so if it is on thurs, then i would have 2 exams on one day, and then run out of chem to go to bio exam. if it is on a wed, i have to run from chem lab which so far has run late except for one lab, and allll the way up 106+ steps, then run to chem test. not sure which one is less stressful, but both are week 8 and very close together. i forgot how to write ionic equations and the like, going to fail chem =/

i'm so angry. (temporarily). i should of snuck into the 3-4pm lab, instead of waiting two hours for the 5-6 lab, then getting stuck in afl traffic. i guess with the 5-6 lab it's more close and personal, but argh, waste of my time. we just write our names down on a piece of paper, i wonder if they ever check whose in which lab. half of my original lab group moved to earlier ones, so i shall do that as well. going to have to wake up early next week and hopefully enrolment site doesn't die... everyone has the same "good" timetable next week, it's only a matter of fact who's computer can do it the quickest after 9am.

also, better is so lucky! if you haven't read bitter's post, i would like to reiterate she got a legit marc jacobs bag rrp1500 for 99% off=$15. cheaper than america. since when did reebonz open? i pass that store everyday and only realised it was there when the people sitting in front of me pointed it out, and then i realised it was right near my bus stop with its white lights.

i wore a short sleeve and a super thin jacket today. it was ok in the morning even though super windy, but at night, not even my fat could protect me. shall start to wear long sleeves/proper jackets.

my to do list is the same every weekend, but it also increases every weekend as well.

was originally going to a wedding tomorrow, but too much work. also, i found the website where you can get free tickets to x-factor/aus got talent etc audition shows, but x-factor is on next wed, and i am not going to miss out on uni to have a chance going on tv. like today, i didn't bother walking to main entrance to get a free sausage since i was at the library, so i would be walking for 25min total, and probs had to wait 10min+, so it would've been a 30+min waste of useful algebra study time.

time>free stuff.

but i finally managed to get a free soft serve cone from hungry jacks, and then the day after as well. that's different, i had time a few minutes spare before my bus came. all i'm saying is that even though there's heaps of free food, i don't have time for it. like next tues night, free pizza for optom, then the following tues night, another optom free pizza thing. tbh, i feel really unhealthy eating pizza so often, and also i have to wait over an hour for those events to start, so i would rather study then wait to have pizza. i don't crave pizza hut pizza, so it's all good. (but food at wedding ceremonies are delicious finger foods, and yes, i will be sad missing out tomorrow).

also, (ahh, long post), my dad went to perth last week and he went to Rockpool. AND NOW I WANT TO GO. it's a two hat restaurant and a quick google search told me neil perry owns it. he had a $60 steak, and it was a 1kg steak, it was just a few hundred grams, and the cow was 1 year old (aww, poor young cow), but he said it tasted good (i can imagine). i want to go again to a restaurant with small portions and pricey but good food (again, i don't think i'll go to one unless i actually pay for it, or a relo shouts me since it's kind of a waste of money when you're "still young" and have the rest your life to have delicious food) i still want to go chef's gallery. EVERY SINGLE DAY PEOPLE LINING UP BEFORE DOORS OPEN. and you see the waiters getting a pep talk, like you see on masterchef before service. i still think it's cool how you can watch the chef's cook for free. like for aria, from memory, if you want a room with a glass panel to see how their chef;s cook, it's like an extra 200bucks. not worth it.

oh, i probably hypocrited myself, but it makes sense in my head.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Eisteddfod

i am going to slowly back track my week, if i have time. i still feel screwed for algebra. and also vectors. i don't get them! and now i'm getting less questions in calculus....
and dandelion, teach me chem sometime! i still don't get those pi and sigma bonds even after reading through slides/other stuff/writing notes. i seem i be guessing my way with hybridisation, don't know what the full working out is supposed to be...

anyways, first eisteddfod of the year, haven't done them since primary school. urgh, someone bumped/i bumped into them centre stage, how embarrassing, luckily it was a small eisted, so no one filmed it on camera.

our dance was very short, and i didn't like our costumes, usually dance costumes are =D but this one was =/ the other dance from our dance school got highly commended, so i guess better than nothing.

i feel like i'm going to fail 1st year. so confused. it's actually my brain doesn't think quickly/my brain can't "turn".

Saturday, April 13, 2013

hecticest week so far. so busy. when i say busy, i mean it does not involve any uni work/study. this week i can't do any of the visn tute questions. gg. first week i could do all, then a bit less each week, and now in week 5 i can't do any. gg. how will i survive? you have to pass everything to go onto the next level. ie sem 2.

so much as happened. so screwed for algebra. i'll post about stuff if i feel prepared/have things under control. another busy day tomorrow.

Wedding No.(?)

i have forgotten how many weddings i've been to, but i do keep their invites/programs for future reference/inspiration, lol.

this one was different. and i made it just in time before the bride walked in =/ she was super on time. once we waited for over an hour...this one was very...money conservative, i don't know the proper term. like they had normal white toyota/ford cars as their wedding cars with some ribbons. the church was a very casual church (like not the ones with mosaics and hard seats) and there was minimal decorations. even the chairs the bride/groom sat on were normal plastic chairs. the hall was very wide not long, and i sat on the far edge so i couldn't take a proper photo, and then after arvo tea, there were way too many people to take an individual pic. i guess having a wide hall meant it could fit more people compared to having it in a small/traditional church hall setting.

it was very nice, and there was a deck with a nice view.
their children are going to be very cute/pretty when they grow up. halfies are always soooo pretty (think of a not pretty halfie-i can't think of one).

the order of things was different as well. like they said all the vows first before the talk from a pastor/songs/signing. oh, and they used an ordinary pen. idk, i think fancy feather pens are cool from weddings. but the bride did the whole "wear something borrowed/new/old/blue" thing. her heels were super trendy.

more to say but i need to study.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Optom Cruise

first of all, if you didn't know, last week they started real time for trains. now only hillsbus don't have it, but they're pretty reliable, so are metrobuses. anyways, whenever i check up on a train for the lols (i don't catch trains) all are late, except usually 1. cityrail is always late. state transit buses are late because of traffic in city, which is understandable and unavoidable, but trains don't have traffic!

anyways, so night before i got home at 12am, and then got 6.5 hours of sleep to wake up before 7. waited over an hour until the boat came, which was the same boat as baulko semi and they didn't open the second level.

i regret going, waste of 8+hours and 40$ of my life. a lot of waiting. disappointed. it's not that great. food was pizza hut which tasted nothing compared to the look. like even if it looks like a different flavour, they just taste the same. the unlimited alcohol was obviously cheap stuff, so wasn't good. WHICH IS WHY I MISS HK BECAUSE MY RELATIVES LOVE EXPENSIVE/GOOD ALCOHOL. they fulled explained to me what's the difference between sparkling wine and champagne, and some of them have been to wine tasting places all over the globe, including 3 places in aus...which i haven't been to...

going on a cruise on the harbour doesn't excite me anymore. probs go to another optom cruise in my last year. heaps of people dressed to the theme/full dressed up but i was obviously ceebs since i had to lug around all my books. and the people, i'll just leave you to your imagination...i put my bag under a chair and it still smelt like alcohol at the end, and glass bottles shattered on the floor, so wearing heels/wedges is way better/safer than wearing flats.

got home at 1am.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Optus Rockcorps Concert

my first ever concert! and it was free!

left uni and started to line up 5ish, talked to some randoms and attempted to study, but it got dark pretty quickly. once doors, opened, it was like, literally run in.

we could have been in the second row of the mosh pit, but no thanks, i already stood for over 2 hours, can't stand another 4+ hours, so we got side seats. there were hardly any seats, so they could fit more standing.

ended up starting at like 8.30. sooo much waiting.
but i don't feel content, and it wasn't a great as i was expecting. maybe because i didn't stay for the script (no buses back to central at 11, and i had a 9am start the next day, and it's vision, so once you miss out on something, you become lost). so sad ))): but if i really wanted to see them, i could have paid 90 bucks to see them the weekend before. if i ever buy a concert ticket, i think i would be a massive fan/know most of their songs.

but guy sebastian was pretty good live. i used to not like him when he first won idol, but now he's not bad. and battle scars is a really good song imo. potbelleez, like i've heard them before, but can't place names to them, except for don't hold back which was quite big in our junior years (i did a contemporary dance to it before), and tinie tempah, i only knew one/two songs, since usually i think he's featured in other people's songs.

oh, and also got free headphones which seems pretty decent since they were packaged with a box. another thing to add to my optus rockcorps free list.

if i was ever to go into a mosh pit, i would advise: don't bring anything. legit. except for your tickets. they checked bags for bottles with liquid (i had a full bottle beforehand, but luckily i lugged my uni stuff with me, so it was at the bottom of my bag), just bring your phone, and nothing else. like, those people packed there, i felt sorry for them. even sitting down was stuffy, i think i would die in there. the first/second row of the moshpit is the best, since they have security guards squirting water from bottles into people's mouths/on the people to slightly hydrate them. i think i'm way too short for moshpits. i can imagine people's elbows bashing my head while they jump to the beat. when i have time, i shall try to source the video of the concert on channel v (but i don't have foxtel, so hopefully someone put it on the net..)

lights make things cooler.

slept at 12.30am, but surprisingly was not late to 9am lecture, since the lecture was late by 15mins. so by the time i got there, she kind of just started.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ben and Jerry's Day!

last year we went to ben and jerry's THE DAY AFTER free cone day since we had exams.

this year was a must, even if i had to take over an hour of my time.

so glad bitter started to line up before i got there (she was getting her 4th!). the lines weren't super long. like by the time i finished my first one, i just waited a minute or so to get my next one. ended up getting three (: it took about 10mins, so it was alright.

i got: new york super fudge chunk, coconut seven layer bar and sweet cream and cookies.

i had a bit of bitter's chunky monkey, and it tasted familiar, then i realised i had it in hk (it's actually not cheap in hk, about the same price as aus) i think i ate over $15 today (:

the new york one was very nutty, i think the coconut one was too overpowered by the coconut shred things, and the cookies and cream had good bits of cookies(:

other flavours i've had before were choc chip cookie dough, phish food and strawberry cheesecake. i think the cookie dough still remains my favourite-first flavour i ever had and my mum bought a tub of it for my bro and i. however, i was reading stuff about ben and jerry's and people say they have started/used genetically modified foods in their products, so respect has gone down ):

but it was still soooo good (: soooo full. like i wasn't even hungry today, since i had a pretty big breakfast, then lunch, and i was walking past a bbq, and they were like, "you want free food" and i'm like "sure" so free sausage (: hardly ate any dinner. if i didn't have the sausage, i would have totes lined up for a 4th one.

i used to like ice blocks better. but now, i think i like ice cream more, you can do so much with ice cream. my fav ice cream so far, is still aria's apple ice cream. professionally made stuff taste so good in terms of flavour and texture, and the pretty quenelle just makes it (:
i think haagen dazs is pretty nice, it's quite big in hk, but i think there are none in aus. also, now i really want to try movenpick's creme brulee.

and i'm a big fan of chasing flavours at supermarkets, especially if they're on sale.  my mum got the new magnum champagne ice blocks (they're actually ice cream..), and since better told me sara lee had cookies and cream, my mum also got that for me, as well as rum and raisin, and some butterscotch flavour which i haven't tried before. the normal cookies and cream was also on special, so she also got a tub of that. we legit have more ice cream now than in summer. i hardly had any ice cream in aus in summer (probs cause i was away for most of it). having an ice cream maker would be cool, make your own unique flavours. home made stuff is much more smoother than commercial stuff (it also melts faster as well...)

it was full sunny this morning. then on the bus on the m2, it started pouring, then walking down the main walkway it was sprinkling a bit, then pouring in the middle of the day, then sunny in the arvo. so i brought my umbrella back home for nothing, should have left it in the locker, but i was busy running down to catch the bus to central for free ice cream!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

today is definitely the calm before the storm.

first written maths test tomorrow.
then an exam/something due every week after that except week 13, which is the study period, and some other week, but i bet something else is going to pop up.

is i had just one day free, then i would love uni, just one day free means i could do so much work and not fall behind. like i finished all my notes before easter sunday last week, so the one free day of good friday last week was massive in helping me keep up to date on my work. even a half day would be perfect.

but i will never ever experience free days in my uni life. sob. which is why i will treasure those rare public holidays (although we do get more public holidays than places like hk)

how will i wake up at 6.45 tomorrow? it's going to be all dark and cold and i've been waking up past 9 this whole week...i've also fully stuffed myself with food this week, since when uni comes, i won't have time to eat food, well not a satisfying meal. seriously, during uni, even after i had a decent meal, i always feel constantly hungry and looking forward to my next meal...i figured it must be due to the CONSTANT moving before, during and after uni.

see you (everyone) guys on the other side! (as in end of semester break, and unless i somehow bump into you/you crash my lectures)

Dandelion's Dinner

Thanks so much (:

It was so good seeing and talking to people! I feel deprived of meeting up with people, if that's makes sense, like if I do want to meet with someone, then also at the back of my head I'm like "I should be studying" but at birthday's (and events where there are free stuff) I don't have that feeling so it's all good (: so nice having Italian food, since I haven't had it in ages...

So I somehow managed to have wowcow beforehand, and it's probs the first time I've gone out to have dessert before going out for dinner.

I had pistachio, lychee and watermelon, and they allowed me to get a kids size ( I dislike those places which don't allow you to have kids sizes because you're not a kid...) and they allowed me to have three flavours without getting a bigger size (also dislike those places where you have to buy a large size to get 3 flavours, which is why I love self serve places. Don't really like wowcow, texture is very thick and yogurty, even more than moochi. The pistachio wasn't very nutty, it tasted a bit like chocolate, and watermelon was subtle, lychee wasn't that sweet (I was expecting more flavour) and the spoon, it was a wooden spoon so when you eat it, the wood kind of scratches against your lip, so not a pleasant experience. If I go to wowcow next time, it will be the next time someone had a dinner there and if there is apple pie flavour. I go to parra less than 10 times a year...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Optus Rockcorps

It was so worth it.
freeeeee concert! last of my list. other "shows" on my list completed: 2 musicals, live circus, orchestra. maybe when i'm older, i'll go watch a ballet and Broadway, but not in australia, we don't have that talent america has.

so free items:
- free ticket! now with 4 acts. how will i wake up for my 9am lecture the next morning..? if only they had a green room like uts, so i can sleep at uni...seriously...next thurs/fri, i'll spend more hours at uni than at home including sleeping time.
-food! i thought they said they didn't provide lunch, but it was a nice selection of turkish bread sandwich/normal sandwich/wraps. also had 2 muesli bars, 3 bottles of water: 1 to drink, 1 to wash hands, 1 to take home, and i had my first ever V. it's not that great, i would rather proper alcohol or just soft drink. it was free, so i just decided to take one.
-t-shirt (:
-ponchos! they cast like 5 bucks at theme worlds, even in hk it was expensive. i kinda ripped mine, but they were massive, so i guess it was hard not to pull on it...
-this cool wristband thing where they scan it, and somehow links to your photos or something they also provided decent gardening clothes and safety goggle, kind of the ones for chem (but these kept sliding off my face), but we had to return those. but i got more free stuff than i thought i would get which is (:

i think i got more than i gave. in the end, we just did about 2.5 hours of hacking plants, moving trees, mulching and planting. i'm a fail garderner. i don't have the skills or strength, so if/when i'm rich and buy a big house, i'll probs hire a gardener. oh, i also like hedges, and those sculpted trees, but that effort=ceebs for me to do...

those jelly water crystal things were good. yay for long sleeve to protect my arms. i have no strength/pain tolerance. so lucky i wasn't scratched/hit/whacked/stung/bitten/bruised etc, but i think i'm going to have a sore back/arms tomorrow...

i didn't know who they were until someone said their name. w/ fitzy and wippa from nova. most of the time i listen to 104.1, and i know bascially all the hosts there from morning to arvo/night to weekends. if nothing good is on, then i go to 106.5, 96.9 is my 3rd choice, but it's usually rare that the 1st two don't have anything i like.

yay (:

they should have more of these. i would defs give up 4 hours for a free ticket. a ticket probs cost about 100bucks, but they won't just give 100bucks to kids. also, more people turned up than expected. i finish at five that day, i bet there would already be a line ): 

went to get my 2nd ever xray, again for my teeth. so my mum was just talking to someone, and she said it cost $2000 after claims for her son to get his wisdom teeth removed-apparently that wisdom teeth was horizontally flat and a professor doctor (well the level high than a surgeon doctor, whatever that is) removed it, and he actually felt no pain after, even though wisdom teeth is like 99% after pain...fingers cross i don't have horizontal growing teeth at the back. I WOULD MUCH RATHER SUFFER THE PAIN OF GROWING WISDOM TEETH, AND USE THE MONEY TO GO TO AMERICA AND DISNEYWORLD AND SHOP!

then i went to the doctor, waited for about 30min, and turns out that the vaccine wasn't compulsory but i had to buy it. but my bro went yday with my mum to get it and it was free for them! ): i think the doctor shouted them a vaccine (lol, this sounds so weird). so my mum didn't tell me i needed money for the vaccine, since it was free for her yday, waited all that time, and turns out i didn't have enough money to buy it. i had enough money for a decent meal, but not enough for the vaccine which my mum really wants me to get, but i don't see the point if it's not compulsory govt related. and i don't have time, since next week is hectic, and i need my arms on the weekend for dance eisteddfod.

rahh. i'm feeling a sense of anger/fustration. pretty sure that even though someone responds to your message, they probs won't do any work on the project. feeling screwed since i have not touched anything vision related for a week. i'm going to get mind blown in vision lectures...like how do average people from high school become smart at uni? quite a lot of people form comprehensive high schools seem to just get what's happening almost straightaway. it must be this "selective school bubbled and shielded from the real world" feeling. sometimes i wonder what it will be like to have photographic memory...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1st boost of the year

as the title suggests, i had my first boost this year, since they had a $3 medium special on the "grape escape" which is a new drink starting today. MY FIRST PAID BOOST IN OVER A YEAR! last year i had about 6 consecutive free boosts, i have a tally somewhere...
but the new drink is the healthiest boost one i've had so far. normal juices/smoothies, they had some of their premade juices, which you can buy at stores like costco, and they're normally apple juice so it's naturally sweet, but this one i had today included: grapes, pineapple, banana, spinach, coconut water. YOU COULD ACTUALLY TASTE ALL THE COMPONENTS, and when together was weirdly nice. normal vegetable/fruit juices i don't like except for that veg2go something brand, and boost. and some relatives in hk are really into coconut water, and trying to buy in bulk crates of coconut water and import/buy from america directly to hk. send me some! stupid aus customs, actually i take that back. if we didn't have customs, aus won't be the same...

ALSO BOUGHT A PAIR OF SHOES TODAY. so i said i wouldn't buy clothes until my clothing, unless it was cheaper than hk/unless is was mandatory like my lab coat, but i don't think i said shoes. my mum was at myer yday and said there were some nice discounted shoes, so i went with her and i got these super comfy wedges which were reduced and the further 50%, which didn't feel like "cheap" (well for obvious reasons since this one was branded compared to the wedges my aunt gave me which are fashionable, but not always the comfiest/last long. OH, another side not, i'm so devo, my aunt gave my around 20 denim jackets of all sorts of colours/shapes/designs, so obviously i couldn't bring them all back since denim weighs a ton...i picked about ten and separated them, but i cannot find that bag ever since i came back from hk! where did it go!? i hope it didn't get mixed with the "i do not want/fit clothes" i sorted out, which might mean they're at my grandmas place...stashed with other bags of clothes that my grandma has collated, which means i will never find again since it took 10 people 7 hours to clean and clear half her room of clothes....i wanted to wear a denim jacket today, but realised the ones i wanted i couldn't find..=/

ALSO, i realised i don't have enough "uni" clothes. i actually didn't buy a lot into my suitcase. like my definition of uni clothes is that it has to be comfy, not too nice so you won't mind if someone else wrecks it-like seriously, people always around you, someone will bump/wreck your nice pastel/white clothes. so yeah, a lot of my tops are white and i'm scared people will get it dirty/i'll accidently get it dirty, and if i wear a nicer top and it gets destroyed at uni, then i'll be ): so i figured if i have money, i need "nice but i am willing/accepting that if the clothes get destroyed, i'll be ok" clothes). the dresses there didn't have a further half price, so not worth buying.

wow, long rant. anyways, so apparently 20 000more people turned up to the easter show this year. doesn't feel like it since it wasn't school holidays, and whenever they show the easter show on tv, it look pretty empty. and almost 97 000 fairy floss sold. that sugar...wow just realised, if they sold it for 4 bucks each, they made $388000 JUST on fairy floss :O

Monday, April 1, 2013

lololololol google nose and buying videos off youtube. have they always had april fools jokes? or have i just not noticed every other year before?

reading other people's works legally. babs feels like scif, well the way Dandelion describes it. giving a judgement on other people's works/mentally comparing them to your's.

my brother screws up my sleeping pattern. making noise/using the bathroom when i want to sleep, so i end up sleeping past 12 during this easter, and waking up past 9.30. i shall try to go back to 7 hours sleep starting from today! also, i feel like i have done nothing, well i have crossed out a third of my to-do list, but all the important stuff has not entered my head-and that's what needs to be done! (mini panic attack)
finally finished putting all the dates of exams/assessments/quizzes etc. literally have one each week...how will i survive....