Thursday, December 1, 2011

the house that's on the corner near my house, sold their house in 2.5 weeks.

that is suppppppppper fast. like our neighbours tried selling their house for like 8 months and failed. i think they will try again, since they renovated their bathroom....

well, i think it's cheap (if i had the money) since it's like 850m square for 780 000 $ while the house at the top of my hill is approx 450m square for 650 000. well, obviously i would buy the bigger house, except the bigger house is split level and has 3 bedrooms while the smaller house is single level with 4 bedrooms.

go figure.

acutally, it's coz the bigger house has quite a large front yard (which is quite pointless unless you like gardening like the house opposite who the man gardens for min an hour a day.

yes, the things i notice during pre-exam week....

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