Thursday, December 29, 2011

i'm soo glad i don't watch trailers before the movie, because it spoils it. like mission:impossible, when the explosion happens, it's better not to know than watch the trailer and know.
2 nights, 2 movies

Puss in Boots was really good as well (: he's so ngawwwww (: and i liked their story line (: with other childhood characters. it was a tad awkward watching with little kids and their parents

looked at soo many dresses today. some weren't even nice and were expensive =/
there was this one dress that fit nicely and was ok, except it was hot pink =/

and i bought a ghd case today!!! it was cheaper in store than online, for once....
and what happened to Lisa Ho at towers? i think it closed down...
and i bought a formal dress today, which was more than 50% discounted (: i'm soo glad i didn't buy much yesterday so i could use that money to buy a dress (:
yayay, dresses, i shall keep looking out for them...

and i have done no work in the last 2 days, and also i know no work will be done in the coming 3 days. and 4 days next week.

had KFC again today, soo fat ):
i'm soo sad that the boost outside Event computer didn't work ): i didn't get my point )))))))))))))):

and just realised something bad about having 3G...fuarrr, why didn't 3 tell me it needed internet, i thought it was free...
i am 100% glad i have free internet now since if i accidentally used something, it won't cost my parents $2/mb....
first time going over in a phone cap, and it wasn't even talking on the phone adfghjkl. yes, and i am glad i didn't buy much yesterday, so i could use my shopping money to pay the phone bills :'((((((((( oh wells, i guess having a 19cap is good, because everyone else is on a 29cap and each month they pay 10 more than me, so in the three months, they pay 30 more than me, so it kind of makes up for my accidentally used data.......?

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