Thursday, October 6, 2011

Regretful-ish Day


-regret going to the doctor early when the problem arises. next time i am going the day something happens. i can't tolerate pain inside my house, but i can tolerate pain outside my right now i'm oww-ing. for once, i didn't have to wait for anyone at the doctors, last time i waited 45min =="
-regret going to Joanna's house earlier to see Happy Apple
-regret not making an effort in the one-ish game of hide and seek
-regret eating so much junk food
-regret not going swimming (even though i am in pain...)
-regret going on facebook in the morning. it lead to me watching another Apple video which was actually quite informative. Australia is getting the new iPhone the same day as the US, so for once we're not behind (: also found out there's going to be a white iTouch, with iOS 5. and other random how the iPhone 4s is going to be in over 70 countries but December, and it's their "fastest roll-out" except it didn't say when HK/China are going to get the new iPhone....
-regret waking up so late
-regret sleeping so late
-regret not studying chemistry in the first week.
-regret not staying at Joanna's house to finish watching Saw1. i loveee scary movies, except i hardly watch them cause my bro can't watch them, so we never rent them ): i can't believe the guys today were's so fake....the story kept on dragging....i just wanted the movie to get to the main point....
-regret typing a long post yesterday
-regret copying answers instead of properly doing past papers. but i was copying answers and it still took me OVER THREE HOURS which means i am not going to finish the HSC exam DDDD= maybe its just the independent answers which are supppppppper long.
-regret watching so much tv
-regret browsing at phones over the internet

i usually don't do this but, RIP Steve Jobs.
i can't think of anyone who doesn't own at least one thing Apple
wait, i can think of two. but i can't think of ANYONE  who hasn't touched/used something of Apple's.
it's kind of ironic how he can't fully use iPhone 4s when it is almost coming to the public.

yes, and i do love Apple (:
everything is just sooo cool.
i challenge you to name one thing not cool.
even the very old Mac the school has, has a chemistry program which allows you to see the spin effect/different orbitals of elements.

(ps, price does not count. all good things come at a price)
but also from the video, iTouch's are going to be $199 US and before they were 229US. so stuff are going cheaper (: and cooler (:

so challenge on!

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  1. At my old school, in this area for year sixes to compute, there were two imacs g3's and the rest were pc-s and the macs were ALWAYS ANNOYING and never did what we needed them to do, and from that day on I hated macs. with burning vengeance and passion! Now I'm still skeptical, and I still feel that they're the same as when I used them in year 6 but because it's so aethestically innovative and lovely, everyone forgives them.

    But I also think that's its about when Steve Jobs became a household name that everyone started loving apple.

    So yes, kudos to you, Steve Jobs.