Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Millenium Triology

i've hardly gone in contact with anyone for the past two days. i didn't even turn on my laptop yesterday.

that's what reading good books do to me. i do check fb and whatsapp on my phone, but it's only for a glance.

i finally started to read the Millennium triology which i bought over 1.5 years ago and never opened the package until a few days ago. it's good (: finished the first one. it's so wrong though, but i like a good mystery (: i guess it compensates for the lack of bbc's sherlock holmes. the adds for elementary don't seem that good.

i feel my reading pace has slowed down even more ):

the only recreational books i read last year were hunger games. all the other books were English related...

bro started school on fri. i had to read his school newsletter to see if he was serious since they don't publish their calendar. he started doing his homework at the beginning of this week. he is going to fail. and he still games like crazy. oh, and he's in yr11. i've kept reminding him the gap between is 10 and 11 is larger than 11 to 12 in terms of workload. then he's like "all my friends also game" == bad influence from a boys school. or maybe that's just normo.

and i watched glee today. recognised that song from twilight "a thousand more", but it's so anti-climatic in glee. i find that nowadays, glee has less songs, but it's still good considering it's in its 4th season. the song is really nice in twilight.

i don't think i have time for a job. i want to really spend these last few weeks relaxing. like after this and uni, you'll be working all your life until you retire and never will have such a long holiday unless your a boss and just tells other people what to do. and yes, experience is good, but hopefully it won't be too late to look for experience during uni. and money is important, but that is why, fellow bloggers, i will only go out to people's houses, or jamberoo (since i have yet to go there), or weddings, and will try my hardest to not waste money (unless it's delicious food then i guess i am willing like the Quay). ok, i think i contradicted myself, but it makes sense in my head (:

last week, we got this really cool invite, nice and simple but cool. there was this slit where you put the butterfly through to open/close. haven't seen that before. oh, i also collect wedding cards. it's defs been a trend since gfc for people to ask for money not prezzies.

i actually have quite a lot of stuff on my list of things to blog. i was planning to make macarons/go swimming today, but it's raining ): so time to read...and i was hoping to clear out a cupboard to put all my baking stuff, but i ceebs. i've finally tidied most of the area around my desk, but my desk is mesier than hsc, and my room still has quite a bit to go...

but seriously, i don't think i'm going to get my post-hsc list done. not even half. so i guess if i work, it will get in the way of this freedom that i will never have again until/if i become successful or retire. way too much stuff to do before o-week. i seriously don't understand how people can become bored. i'll tell you guys if i get bored. highly doubt it though.

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  1. The gaming thing is normal, just ask kael about his time spent in the weeks before the hsc

    I think getting a job is only good because you can feel productive and like you're not a waste of space. That's pretty much it.