Monday, February 25, 2013


i think unsw has the best o-week. so much free stuff that some things i did not bother to take. legit.

walking up the main walkway feels like hk. it's crowded, and people coming up to you asking if you want to join their club, and a million flyers are headed your way. then there are the lines for the cooler stuff. i feel like i'm going to get spammed. gave my email so many times for free stuff and food...

i got good freebies, not random pens like on open days. i only got one uni pen today, the other was a really nice fabric type of pen. got this really nice notebook and dry shampoo. heaps of other stuff which is actually useful.

even the talks are more useful compared to the generic open day stuff. really liked the talk i went to today and the person who gave it. IT WAS USEFUL!

didn't bother with free fairy floss and only got one snow cone but had half of it only. soooo many free bbqs everywhere i didn't really know which one to go to. i'll go to a different one tomorrow to see if i can meet new people. hung out with actuarial people today, not sure why. and i'm pretty sure i saw more girra kids than baulko. also saw some people from primary, i kinda remember them, but doubt they know me so i don't bother saying hi, because would i talk to them if i see them around? no, it's too awkward, i would make new friends rather than making a new friend who i knew 10 years ago. lol, i might hypocrite myself, but for now, that's what i think.

gg, going to uni during peak times takes 2 hours. luckily i saw a family friend on the bus, and she told me that last monday, they changed the bus route during peak hours and instead of stopping at town hall and wynyard only, it now goes along the back streets of the city for a number of stops. really wouldn't have known where to get off if i didn't know about the change in bus routes when uni started.SO GLAD I WENT ON THE BUS DURING PEAK HOUR. prbs explains why my tripview is missing my bus route times before 9am.

i need to know where some rooms are, so probs going to have a personalised tour. like on my timetable, i have an "old main 25" what's that supposed to mean? old main building 250? because old main 25 doesn't exist on lostoncampus.

i really want to join the secret society, but it's freaking hard. riddles to solve/boxes/dressed up people to find. it just seems exclusive. didn't join anything today, but now i have a good idea of what i want to join. the food society is not a good idea despite my love of food. i don't want to eat out every week. it's unhealthy and a waste of money. i would rather save my money and go to the no.1 restaraunt in syd, even though it's 300+pp, but it high quality food. also didn't do everything today.

yay jumping castle! except i didn't have any socks, so my feet kind of burned on the plastic =/ i think o-week extreme kinda failed, but i want a yellow bag! i think i left before they started handing them out...

learnt stuff today (: i think i miss learning things, so in a way, i'm pumped/

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