Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CBS Welcome Day/Blog Outing/Sabina's 18th Dinner

massive day.

cbs welcome day was really worth my time. they gave us free bibles (well it was included in the $10 registration, but that's still pretty cheap for a bible). don't think i'll use it cause i would have to carry it was me all day =/

talks were good, learnt more about what unsw can offer. i liked when they split us off into faculty, and then into courses. met more people doing optom. alllll girls. there was this 1st year guy who was a friend's friend who i met at connect, but he got into med at uws, so i don't even no a single guy doing optom. totes girls' course. forever alone.

apparently for optom, you have to get your eyes checked at the clinic during sem 1, and apparently that test goes for over 3 hours and you can't focus properly after. there's this other test later this year and some people go blind/can't see properly for over 2 days. gg.

they also showed us these "secret" rooms, well rooms that 1st years don't know about. we went into a computer lab only for optom students where you had to scan your id card. coool. in the dark lighting outside the room, it looked like an exclusive room, but it's really just another computer lab.

rushed to blog outing. literally. i haven't been karaoke since year 11, so even though it was expensive compared to other places i've been to, and even though i'm quite tight on my money, i could spare it this time. and i didn't put any effort into organising etc, so i really couldn't say much (and i don't even have time to say stuff). the original voice/singer voice was inaudible ): i like to sing with the original song (not that i can sing) but it was a nice 2 hours.

then rushed to parra. i really hate going on the western line. the people are different, the trains are dodgier and are even more graffitied. on the northern line, you don't see trains as graffitied as the western line. i would even say there's minimal graffiti on the northern line.

thanks sabina for dinner! it was really good (: and max brenner (: nice to have it after a loooong time. felt like i should've bought something since we shared a fondue for two between 7 people...but the staff there didn't eye us like some white cafes if you share stuff between heaps of people. and hacking at the bday cake with our forks =/ at least there was already a candle on the table so we could light our own candles.

train from parra back to pennant hills took well over an hour. and so empty.

really big day. got home well past 11. ceebs recounting all of it.

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