Sunday, February 17, 2013

i have at least 5 events on the 20th. too bad i can only physically go to max 3.

wahhh, so busy with stuff, even though i don't work.

finally watched a full ep of masterchef professionals. haven't seen one full one in so long.

also took out 20 more pieces of clothing which either i don't like or they didn't fit and had no sentimental purposes.

i've decided i love straight hair with a tiny wave, hard to explain.

and looking at photos of rel in hk who have awesome food adventures. next time i go hk, i will stock up on snacks, more than clothes. i'm going to start writing down places to eat in hk, unfortunately, the list might be filled with a lot of 5 star hotels, which i don't have the money for...i'm poor and need a job but i have no time for a job. first world problems =/

i really need to stop taking so many phots. even if i have a super duper 43728479378932tb hardrive, i can probs fill it up before i finish uni. before uni starts/when i have time, i shall go through my phots and delete stuff, so i have a more succinct hardrive with less photos of the same thing. seriously, what was i thinking, taking 30 photos of one cake? or taking 50 photos of parents cutting down a tree....the only exception where i will fully spam my camera in the future is when i go to disneyworld/america.

i have less than 100gb on my laptop. gg. need to clean/move stuff before uni starts...

time really truly does fly when you're having fun. does not seem like i've been "playing" for over 3 months.

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