Monday, February 11, 2013

Average's Housewarming Party

thank you average for hosting it! your house is soooo cool. first time i've seen a 2nd sink in the food pantry. and thanks for the food. the only time i get to have curry food is when i actually go to a curry person's house. it was spicy, but just tolerable for me.

poker is fun. was starting to win, then started to die. i would never ever gamble with real money.

nice to see people.

met more people doing optom at connect (:

feet hurt.

i hope i will survive when uni starts. i don't have a job, and neither have i wrote a resume yet. oops. i just have no time since i'm out every single day. i keep track of every single day since post-hsc in my post-hsc notebook, and in the three months so far, i probs have spent less than two weeks at home, and when i'm at home, i read/watch stuff/chores/think of where to put clothes etc, so even at home i am so busy. my desk is really messy, despite not doing any study.

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