Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ripped off from buses

literally jumped out of my bed today when i woke up 10mins before the bus came.

turns out the bus came 15mins late, and there was heaps of traffic, so ended up even more late than i anticipated.

so i got out my 1-2 sections travel ten, and i was like to the curry guy, can you cross it off two times, and he was like no, go buy a my bus 2.
so i ended up paying, but then he charged me 4.60. looked at my receipt, turns out he charged me adult, one way. FIRST TIME I DIDN'T SAY CONCESSION AND CHARGED ADULT PRICES. every other time if i forgot to say child/concession, they still would not charge adult prices. i look 5 years younger than i am, and he obviously new i can get concession, yet he still charged me full price.

went to buy a ticket from wynyard to circular key. didn't end up using the return.

then before i left, i bought another travel ten 3-5 sections. went on the bus and the white guy was like no, you need to buy a mybus 3 (6+ sections). i asked him can you mark it off twice, and he was like that's not how you use it (despite other friends who have succeeded in getting it marked off twice). seriously, does that mean i need three cards for every different length of bus journeys i go on? well to that guy i do. so i told him how this morning the bus driver told me to buy this one, and he was like, well i can't mark your card too bad, and so i just gave up arguing or else the whole bus would just death glare at me since the bus at its first stop was going to leave. i made sure i said concession.

and that bus is the bus i plan to take for uni since during peak times, it comes every few minutes (and then after peak time it doesn't even come at all)

now i have a 3-5 sections, which i won't use since i plan to buy a mymulti. i'll probs use my 1-2 or 3-5 for my odd journeys to parra.

it's ok, i have cheated the system tens are also travel 20s. except you have to do it strategically....the guy this morning actually checked the back of people's cards to make sure they weren't used...

basically i spent more on transport than everything totalled today.

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