Sunday, February 10, 2013

MacMasters Beach

everyone seems to be saying it, so happy chinese new year. tbh, i don't really care. i already got a bag full of red packets last month to compensate for my lack of getting them this month.

had plus retreat at macmasters beach, central coast. plus is like youth group for uni people. apparently quite a lot of people are leaving since they've become a "worker" so then you move onto cell group, which is like working people's/adults bible study.

between us, we had 4 houses. our house was the most inconvenient, but the kitchen was aesthetically pleasing, BUT it had a leaking kitchen pipe, so we had to have a mop on stand by when washing dishes...

this guy is an amazing cook. yesterday, including people who only came up on sat, he cooked for over 40 people by himself. well there were like 2 other people helping him prep, but he basically cooked a feast in a normal kitchen.

i really liked the house we stayed most of the day for the talks. it was "tarzan's" treehouse. legit. it's made of beams and heaps of wood. like it's only one floor, but elevated with wooden beams and inside there is a wooden ceiling, and wooden floorboards, and wooden outdoor furniture. gg if termites appear. and that house was directly opposite the beach.

beach still had blue bottles, but not as many as last time during schoolies.

lots of leftover bread and milk.

talks were interesting. the topic was work, but a some parts were based on actual work as in a job, but there were other stuff and theological stuff which made it interesting and got us thinking.

5th trip away from home.

a good few days spent (:

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