Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Holiday Dilemmas

noooooooooooooooooooooo. that realisation that you haven't even completed 1/4 of your mental list of post-hsc things to do. noooooooooo

seriously, i haven't even baked a cake yet. nor have i cleaned my desk. parts of it is really gross and dusty.

and noooo, phone didn't charge when i went out to dancing, so i have to charge it overnight ): it's probs because i rolled my chair over the cable. luckily i used an old cable. i can kind of feel a snap inside the cable. i don't want to use my proper cable...

and nooooo, six things on tomorrow, which ones to go to? like i just got this email saying:

As this is the first week back, it would be really helpful if everyone especially the first years can make it so that we can work out bible study groups for the sem.
and the guy from connect is the guest speaker as well. gg. i really wanted to go, but then i really want to go to a friend's dinner, and then also to her house. but then i already said i'll go somewhere else the day after.

and then where to park my car tomorrow? if i'm starting out in one place, then ending up at another...

max i can pack in is 4 things for tomorrow, i think.

so sore from another 2 hours of dance. so stupid for slightly skinning/grazing me knee before a day of walking everywhere tomorrow.

don't even have time to answer people's texts/calls. soz. i even woke up earlier today to get things done.

i'm really sad. 3+ months of holidays is not enough. i now understand why people take a gap year. i think i can play for a year (it's more logical to say work, but i have no job, so i just play) and now that song from dance is stuck in my head, i just want to play, play, play, play, PLAY.

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