Sunday, February 17, 2013

HK Phones

i think i probs have mentioned this before, but here is a more proper post.

heaps of people in hk have what i call a phablet, ie samsung note 2, which is more popular than samsung galaxy s3. i asked my uncle why, and he said people have "lou far" as in, people's eyesight has gone bad and they need bigger screens.

thus, not many people use iphones ): which can probably explain the decreasing shares (i have no idea how shares work, but i know decreasing is bad)
there are some people with iphone 5's, but not much since they don't sell it instores, and you have to buy it from the website. they have heaps of iphone 5's in the mobile places where you can bargain, but i don't trust those places since they're probs fakes, which is why i got mine from the legit website.

when i went 09-10 summer holidays, everyoneeeeeee had an iphone. i guess times have changed ): like even old grannies have smart phones, and all my aunts and uncles, even the 60+ ones have smart phones.

it's quite funny to see them use it.

kids also have smart phones =/ they used to all have ds's and psp's, but i guess the smart phone technology has taken over...

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