Friday, February 22, 2013


finally went to costco today, since parents membership expires soon, and i wouldn't have time during uni to go.

before that, went to towers and back to the apple store. took forever for them to try and fix my usb, but after half an hour of scans/re formatting, they couldn't do anything with it. oh well, it was a free 4gb usb from usyd, and luckily i already got the stuff off the usb.

finally applied for my own medicare card. line was super long, full of old people....

then i had coffee with my mum at mrs field cookies! first time having a coffee there. i think the hk one is nicer since they're softer, and cheaper, but smaller. i had a chai latte (: i love everything chai. really awkward since we had a buy one get one free coffee coupon, but the person was like you can't do it for chai latte, and then i was like i don't drink coffee, so we were about to go. and then people were lining up behind us, and i was still thinking, and then they said i could have my chai, and then we bought a cookie. so we sat down and only paid for the cookie, and then the drinks came, so obvs the person forgot to charge us for the chai. so i went back up and told her they forgot to charge us, and then i think she charged me for a large size, even though it was a medium or small. so basically i got ripped off a dollar, but i was ceebs going up to her again since the boss was next to her and i didn't want her to lose her job if the boss knew that she forgot to charge me money, then charged me too much.

why are there sooo many people at costco in the middle of a weekday? it's not that big, compared to the way people described it. like some parts are quite tight, esp the fresh produce part where you can't fit two trolleys side by side. bought 5 massive boxes of baked goods. all different types of bread. going to be haviing more bread than rice this week...

also bought the usual bulgogi meat. spent almost 200 there. and finally saw the $174 chuppa chupps. quite cheap, 17c each when you buy in bulk...

there was so much free samples. literally in every aisle. didn't bother to try everything, but i defs tried over 15 things, so i was actually not hungry, free lunch at costco (:

and second time i had pizza from costco! so big and filling (:

didn't manage to see the pianos there.

i've finally tidied up most of my room. i am departing with my mary-kate and ashley bag which was from a showbag literally 10 years ago. i really loved mk and a, but that bag had about half a cm of dust, and full of insects inside and the plastic turned colour =/ also chucked out really old accesroies, but found my old christian dior box full of more hair accesories. i've never really been a fan of hair stuff, yet i still have 2 boxes, one bag, and four mini drawers of hair stuff...but trust me, i chucked out heaps of stuff tonight =/

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