Thursday, February 28, 2013

700. Day 4

i really cbb to go to the last day. four days later, i am super duper dark.  =/

i met some really interesting people today! don't think i'll see them again, but it was really cool talking to them. i've told a few people about this already. so there was this guy who came from wa, and lived in the desert, and then went to boarding school in perth and now lives near campus. he's a halfie with smart parents, and his mum is asian, so i was thinking "i thought usually white people lived in the desert.." his two younger siblings also go boarding school.

campus tour was so worth going to! i liked the bag (: even though it was raining, i guess we learnt how to walk around campus, through buildings during wet weather. seriously, yellow shirts make awkward situations not awkward. they had good ideas for us to talk with each other. i met a few international students. this guy from singapore was really friendly, and apparently he live on campus. it's so expensive! he has his own room, but shares bathroom, kitchen etc for over $300 a week. in some suburbs, you can rent a house for 300. and the people in his apartment are randoms of all ages...obvs he's used to the heat. singaporeans have really good english. a spanish guy-his accent is cool. this other guy from malay i think also had good english. but this mainlander...really awks because i didn't know how to say his name, which was chinese...met a guy from nsb, some people who live near cabra who i didn't know where their suburb was and vice versa. i said i live near hornsby, but they still didn't now, so i just said up north.

i had another good haul of freebies even though heaps of stalls were gone, and heaps of people didn't come. got a free drink bottle, and i went to the arc stall, and saw it was $5.50. who even buys them? i really love the asos bag. i've always wanted a cloth bag of that colour, but the ones i have have wierd print, like i would not use a fair trade printed bag. but yay asos! i've taken home over two litres of soft drink/water these past few days. i only took 3 pens in total. most of the time, when people give me stuff, i reject it. i only get stuff which i don't have or are useful. so i got heaps of useful stuff (:

i have signed up for a billion things. like to get free slushies etc, i sign up at least twice a day. lucikily their systems don't recognise i've used that email/mobile again. now i've had three passionflower flavours. i unlike their page every day to get free ice cream (: they weren't there yday...

school of optom welcome-not worth it. didn't really talk much since it was raining. out of 160+ optom/vision science people, there's only like 20 guys. it's such a girls course. similar to OT, speech path, those health sciences courses...i guess if i really want to meet guys (lol, this sounds so weird) i could've done eng. apparently, from people i talked to today, petroleum eng has the biggest oppurtunity to travel! i love travelling, but no, i'm not going to do engineering.

giant slide was cool. was going to do campus fugitive, but i figured that would be like amazing race, trying to find a person, so again ceebs.

i can sleep in tmr! ive caught buses from different times in the morn to see how traffic fits in. zomg, today, during 7ish, they cancelled trains from wynyard to north syd since a line broke on the bridge. so my bus also goes on the bridge, and masssive traffic jams, since they replaced trains with buses to go over the bridge. the line/crowd at wynyard was spectacular. it could come to par with hk crowds. sooo many people waiting to cross the bridge. read the news and they said people were going to fix it asap, "emergency service" what a joke. after taking half an hour form town hall, to wynyard them finally crossing the bridge, i looked at the train line and no one was attempting to fix it. city fail. i bet they changed their trains to Sydney Trains in june/july so you can't make a pun on it...i read on the mx that the new CEO or something is from London. pleasssssssse make a good underground subway. any reliable subway will do

i've been so busy that my phone has been running on low batteries these few days. after o-week, i come home for about 15mins dinner, only time to charge my phone, then go off again. tonight my phone is full charged! finally! don't like charging it overnight since i heard it's bad, but then again, i shall google how to maximise the overall battery life...

no one is going to go tmr. that rain. at least it wasn't pouring when i got my free stuff (: didn't see many people today compared to the other days. finally after three days, they finally got thicker napkins for the pancakes. the pancakes on a thin serviette literally burns your hand since it's fresh off the bbq thing, but they had thick napkins which we could get an unlimited number of today, probs cause there were so little people.

walked home in the rain...even though it was windy and all, i still felt warm throughout the day. had a look at the foam party at around 6. there were already quite a lot of people, but they were still setting up, so obvs no foam until later on in the night, so i didn't bother waiting. dinner at 9, how fun.

last day of feb already. time does fly when you're having fun.

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