Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Plan

sim card activated within four hours yesterday. so quick. and calling their customer service is so much better than their broadband customer service. awww yeah, 1.5gb interenet each month. FIFTEEN TIMES MORE THAN BEFORE!!!

day 3. today i got the most pamphlets and really heavy stuff, like 3 bottle of drinks. more freebies, but again, not as much as the previous days, and this time no pepsi max, but i did win a bottle of pepsi max...

amazing race, well, that was tiring. literally running around the whole campus. i went with daniel and his friends, but the whole group was guys =/ so i was just tagging along. lost them quite a few times, but it was alright, since i just ask "did you see a group of guys running past" and they just pointed in the right direction, or another team would run past, so i would follow them. the clues i guess were pretty good, and the things you have to do was better than what i expected. no prizes for coming third ): the paper aeroplane thing was hard (it looked really hard, was ceebs to walk up to the top to fly a plane), in the end i think we kind of just pretended we did it.

so far so good. free lunch and drinks. woke up later today, so missed out on pancakes.

the personalised tour things is hopeless. everyone directing me to different places to find the people which actually conduct the tours, but i can never find them. maybe you actually need to arrive on time, or else they just do other peoples and don't come back for people waiting...

i'm really sorry guys. i met up and hanged around with at least 5 groups of people, but i just kind of ditched them and wandered off. wandering off is not as "loner" as you think. you still bump into heapppps of people, and you can choose what free stuff you want. i think people whom i haven't seen for a few years and going up to me to say high is really nice.

I GOT MY YELLOW BAG TODAY! now to get the o-week extreme bag. I STILL HAVE YET TO GET A VODA SLUSHIE! every time i go, they said come back in 15mins since the machine was starting another batch ):  pretended i did med to get more freebies. some people knew i was a fake since they asked me questions about the lecture which i didn't attend obvs-lol.

i went for the last half of the faculty welcome, hoping for free food, but was disappointed, so i just went to the trusty CBS (:

went to plus today. doing bible study using a manuscript method. it's just the passage with no verse or chapter number or enters.

i am so dark after three days of going out in the sun for the whole day. another good talk (: i don't even have time to charge my phone ): sooooooooooooooo busy.

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