Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Project Puzzle

i started doing the puzzle about three weeks ago. 1000 piece. it took three days (the third day was a 2-week break since i needed to find a decent board).

easiest puzzle ever. apart from the corners and edges, there are only two different shaped pieces: horizontal or vertical.

halfway through, i decided to cheat and use the numbers on the back.

the only hard thing was actually putting the pieces together. even though the picture fits and number fits, you still have to force the pieces together since they're bad quality. now i know what good and bad quality puzzles are.

then today was spent glad wrapping it. but it didn't work since it didn't stick the the pieces, and it couldn't keep upright. and since there's no place to actually put it up (and we also don't have a 75 by 50cm frame), only possible solution was to put it on top of my wardrobe, fully glad wrapped and sticky taped down to prevent dust from collecting. it took like 30+mins to figure out where to put it + glad wrap etc.

and i didn't lose any pieces even though i opened the puzzle like 10 years ago! (there was a part when i was doing the tulips and i thought i lost a massive chunk of pieces, but turns out i just put the massive chunk in the wrong place...)

i have an another opened 1000 piece disney puzzle, but i don't think it's worth doing. i think it would be the same style, where the only pieces are horizontal/ vertical ie basically shaped.

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