Monday, February 4, 2013

Back to Dance/connect #8/driving unfairness (?)

reading the 2nd book of the trilogy. it's not as good. way too dragged out.

so bro started driving on sat (funny how most of my friends are learning to start to drive now). IT IS NOT FAIR. he had his first lesson in wet-ish conditions, and he was allowed to drive at 40km/h. then sunday night after church dinner, dad took my bro out to drive at night, and my mum allowed it! not fairrrrrrrrr. i wanted to drive everywhere anytime but my mum made me do 3 lessons before i could drive with my parents. but my bro just casually gets to drive at night on his 2nd hour. just because he's a guy doesn't mean he is better than me when i was on my L's. 
then there's the problem that i have to share my car. but then i do have a choice of three cars, so i guess i can let my bro drive the old one, and i'll just drive my mum's car and she'll just drive the bigger one if it just happens that we all need to use a car at the same time...
just because he was better at me in racing games doesn't mean he has more confidence compared to when i was a learner. oh wells, can't complain. full licence next year! 

soooo many people at connect today. at least 3/4 times as many as last time, so couldn't really move around to talk to people easily. but i still managed to meet new people (: and learn more stuff (: lots of people said it was there first or 2nd connect. i guess last time it was nice having dinner at the church so you could talk more. i wished i stayed for dinner today, but dancing started today.

legs don't hurt yet. so sweaty and i fill real unfit. but it's good. i need intense exercise. 


  1. I'm glad I did three driving lessons before I started driving properly, even after the lessons I almost crashed many times and actually crashed one time

  2. Lol, if racing games [well, the only one I've played is Mario Kart] reflected how people would end up driving in real life, then I'd be failing miserably.