Thursday, February 7, 2013

hmm...kind of dug myself into a whole last night...damn.=/

i guess going central coast tomorrow for a few days is good. i can't wait for the talks and stuff.
5th trip away from home since hsc. i think it's a lot, well my record so far for overnight trips in one holiday. also, 8 plane flights in 2 months, i think i am content.
and avoiding cny dinners where family friends will spam me with questions about atars and what not. saves me the trouble of explaining etc.

so dad brought home a coffee machine yday, and i don't know where. it looks a bit half commercial ish since it's bigger than normal ones.

and i woke up before 8 today! first time in forever at home.

soo many events. not sure if i should go or not, because petrol is expensive.

i like sushi. been having it for the whole week. healthy-ish and no washing up and filling.

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