Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HK Shopping

i've wanted to do this post ever since i got back. i've just been soo busy with stuff (and i don't have a job so kind of weird)

i love the high aussie dollar (: stuff in hk isn't as cheap as they used to be, esp street stuff. like in department stores, you can sometimes get cheaper, branded stuff with sales for less than non-branded fobby clothes. i actually didn't buy any street clothing since they were too fobby for my liking.

favourite shops are definitely zara, h&m, forever 21 and cotton on. there's just so much more styles there. i love zara!!! bought so much since they had sales. it's sooo good! and they're stuff is new, unlike aus which gets stuff a season later for double the price. and even cotton on in hk is better cause of the conversion rates, more selection of stuff, and sales. got most of my work clothes from g2000. so cheap when there are sales, but sometimes only some stores have sales for some stuff. shopping sprees (:

the only "cheap" stuff i bought were bags, since you change them every so often and they wear out more. didn't buy any cheap shoes since last time i went mainland and got two pairs of horrible heels and flats. bought some cheap jewellery, so i need to fully anti-septic wipe them...if that makes sense...

my room has been like this for a week. it's ONLY clothes and bags in the pic. there are shoes and accessories and random stuff etc put somewhere else for now. there's around 20 bags there with approx at least 5 pieces of clothing in each one

i have a massive problem! i can't fit the stuff into my wardrobe ))): like my aunt gave me over 30kg of clothes in hk, which i couldn't take them all back, so i already left 2 big bags behind (btw, she gave me 20kg ish worth of clothes when she came over last year). then there's the stuff i bought. i organise my clothes into sections very particularly so i know where every piece of clothing is. but at the moment, i'm just chucking stuff into where they fit. it feels soooo bad. i can't even walk in my own room. my room isn't that big since i have a double bed, a wardrobe which i upgraded in size only 2 years ago. i still have a chest of drawers which is full, and drawers under my bed which were full ages ago. then there's my other table which is almost full as well.

and if i buy another wardrobe/drawer, i can't really get into my room. i have a massive window, which reduces the wall space, if that makes sense...i also have the smallest room in the house, but it has the best lighting and most convenient. i've been spending the past week trying to figure out how to put stuff into my wardrobe. i don't want to chuck some old clothes out since they have memories (:

i defs spent the equivalent of my iphone 5 on food and clothes. 

this was the first time i didn't ask my parents for any money. rather i gave them some from my wad of cash from my great-uncle (:

i hate how aus gets all the old season stuff for heaps more expensive prices. like went to zara in melb (still have yet to go to the syd one) and cheapest thing there was 25. cheapest thing hk was 79, so less than 10 aussie dollars. 

now i kind of feel bad. not going to be buying any clothes soon. but in uni, i'll probs be ceems by the first few weeks to continually wear something different. even on weekends, sometimes it's quite hard to decide what to wear...

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  1. Haha, I'm not going to be buying any clothes, shoes, or accessories in Australia.

    Haha, my brother would be like "That's why you don't buy anything - just wear the same few outfits."