Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Photo Filing

today was also spent putting photos on my hard drive and sorting out photos. i finally put the 2nd half of my hk pics, and aus open/melb pics onto my computer. then moving approx 50gb of photos around, and deleting and copying and cutting in order to save space/maximise digital space. i didn't have enough time to go through the photo which were bad. i really should delete photos straightaway if they're not in focus, but sometimes i get too excited and keep on snapping pics.

i have not sorted out any of my document folders/other folders. sorting at pics took up a massive chunk of my day.

and i think i'm becoming like bitter, buying things online. there has been a personal influx of me buying stuff online (not sure if that makes sense, i don't do commerce)

i secretly hope that i will see different people at uni every single day, so i can get through the whole week with wearing the same thing. i have a thing with wearing different clothes each day, because it makes the washing pile bigger (and washing is NOT a simple task at my home), and i feel that washing a piece of clothing frequently is not good (although i probs have enough clothes to not wash them frequently). basically my point is, it becomes a waste of water and time washing so many clothes just for uni.

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