Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Failed Macarons/Troupe

i felt so sad today, like depressingly sad (or the saddest you can feel when you're baking doesn't turn out right)

adriano zumbo's macaron packet mix looked so easy! he even has videos and super detailed instructions. but i think what went wrong was that i took 30_mins to sift a packet of almond meal, by then the mixture had rested wayyyy too long. i only have this small thing, it's not even a proper sifter. someone please buy me a proper sifter and i'll pay you back! or tell me where to buy one for cheap. found some on ebay for 6 bucks. not cheap enough for me. actually, i have no idea how much they cost...

but the macarons turned out sososo bad, it's not even worthy of a photo. like they had feet and all and tasted alright, but they stuff to the baking paper.

i guess the more detailed and complicated you get with piping bags, drawing out circles, the worse it becomes. donna hay's ones turned out super nice (apart from the fact the ganache was super sweet), but her's were so simple: just spoon the mixture onto the baking paper.

don't think i'll attempt to make macarons from scratch for a while...also, i want a cooking blowtorch...
it's probs because i haven't baked in months...so i lost my baking skills..(?)

dancing again today. so sore, well just legs since we didn't do any ab stuff yday/today. but it's my first time joining troupe! it's going to be intense, but hopefully heaps fun. never had the time in primary/high school, and even if i did, my mum wouldn't be able to drive me to a quarter of the places (i still think she doesn't know how to use the gps properly...)

once uni starts, i'll be soooo busy. mon and tues night-dance, wed night-plus (it's like youth group at church, but for uni people), then sunday church. which doesn't leave me much time at all, since i finish uni at 5 or 6pm like almost everyday, and also i have three 9am starts. i do have chunks of breaks, and i probs want to be social and meet new people, but my head will tell me that if i don't study/do work, then i'm going to fall behind wayyyyy too quickly....just need to use time wisely.

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