Saturday, February 16, 2013

HK Toilets

did this post a while ago. i shall give you people who haven't been to hk before an insight into my last trip, through a mini series (which i shall someone fit in into my busy like before uni posts)

i love hong kong toilets!

ten years ago i wouldn't have said this, and neither three years ago, but now they are super duper nice! most of them are nicer than australia.

they are sooo trendy, esp if you go to the branded department stores, as in big brands which only sell stuff like LV, coach, swarovski, agnes b (which isn't popular in aus) etcetc. like there is this toilet in Harbour Town which has a massive tv screen to tell you which cubicle is free and there is a voice and arrows around the toilet. there were also two cleaners standing there to point you in the right direction.

a lot of the toilets have those ropes, like the ones they have in cinemas, so people line up.

i would take photos of the bathrooms, but it would be too awkward. all the department store ones i went too were defs interior decorater designed. so trendy and pretty. like there are there ones which have a massive oval-ish basin . it's hard to desccribe.

and everyhing is automatic in hk.

oh, THE ONE AT THE UPPER HOUSE WHERE I WENT TO HIGH TEA HAS THE MOST AMAZING VIEW for a toilet. you're on the 49th floor, and while you're washing your hands, you can see the mountains on one side and the city view on the other. and you can see eagles flying in your line of sight. that was the only time i took photos in a bathroom in hk because everyone takes photos at high tea.

another toilet which was "upper class" had these masssive cubicles. like soooo big. bigger than some people's toilets in their houses.

even the yum cha places had nice toilets. out of the whole month, i only went to 3 dodgy/not clean toilets.

every time i go to a toilet, there is always of person cleaning there. it just feels so clean compared to aus, which is super weird, since i used to hate hk because it felt super unclean.

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  1. I super agree! Toilets in hk were a nice experience. Toilets in Taiwan was quite awful though, they have a squat-toilet bias lol