Wednesday, February 13, 2013

i hate washing clothes

i officially hate washing clothes.

it's such a looong process, especially in my household.

we have three washing machines, plus a dryer (last year we still had 4 washing machines) i have to separate my clothes into black stuff, then dirty clothes, home clothes, going out clothes, different colours etc and since the clothes are like are "delicates" so i have to put them into washing bags and different bags for different colours, and there are about all the colours you can have.

then, each washing machine has a different process. if i use the liquid stuff, for one of the machines, i have to dilute it with hot water, so it washes better. then also with the machines in our backyard, i have to walk all the way to the other side to turn on the tap for the water to start. if i use powder, according to my mum, i must dilute it with hot water, or else the powder will "scratch" the clothes. if i don't do that, then i have to put another liquid/other washing detergent in so it won't scratch, but apparently it's expensive, and we just get the stuff which makes clothes nice.

i haven't even got to hanging up the stuff yet. we also have three places to hang stuff. normal laundry line, if it's raining, under the pergola. since the pergola isn't sunny, so after it hangs in the humid-ish air, i take it back indoors to hang them and then have to sort and etc etc

my mum and i hate washing clothes the most. i would even vacuum the whole house. all you do is move everything off the ground, unlike washing which is a three step process. even cooking you stay in one spot, same with washing dishes. sweeping etc is also easy, since you do it in on go. washing consists of three goes which, for my house, have to move indoors and outdoors. and only allowed to use the dryer in desperate situations. not sure why we even have one when we don't use it....

finally finished reading the millennium triology today. only the 1st book is really good. law in courts seem fun. also watched the movie. was surprised daniel craig was blomkivst, did not think he looked the part, actually a lot of the characters didn't look like they did as the book described it. like berger isn't even pretty. movie wasn't as good as book, obviously, but i guess it did it's best. and i learnt something about using my mac from the movie! mind blown. it was a simple thing, never actually thought of it before...

after half an hour, i managed to get rid of 11 pieces of clothing because they didn't fit. i wonder if i can organise everything to fit into my wardrobe before uni starts....

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