Sunday, February 24, 2013

Holiday Times

so you've probably heard me say or read that i don't have enough time, despite having almost four months of holidays. i have written every day down since hsc ended, so if you're really curious about what i'm up to, then you can comment a day and i can defs say i did something useful/went out somewhere that day.

i've calculated where my holidays went.

first of all, five trips away from home, that is, 47 days/46 nights not sleeping in my own bed.

four months is approx 120 days, so about 40% of my hols away from home.

i've spent about 7 days fully at home, no going out. (plus or minus a day)

the other days i've been out. so i've been out 66 days. some may be part days, or the whole day, or going out can just mean going to dancing or church, but it's still going out for me.

on days where i go out in the arvo, i sleep for 12 hours. so about half of the days i go out, roughly 33 days, i sleep half the day off. literally, i sleep at 12-1am, then wake at 11am-12pm. you could say i have spent most of my holidays at home sleeping.

days when i go out, i wake at 9am. last wed was the earliest i woke up at home during these 4 months-7.30am...

i've been to quite a lot of people's houses and parties.

i've been really picking which outings/parties i go to. if i have to spend some money on people who i'm not that close with, i would rather just not go at all. and if i wasn't invited to an event, i'm not "cut" since i have sooo much stuff to do at home.

i finally cleaned all the dust on my desk, and my room is now fully tidied, and the cupboard next to my desk the things inside are re-arranged! i feel ready for uni, things have been re-arranged so it feels like a new beginning. i still don't know if i should go with books or paper or macbook for uni...

i haven't really watched a lot of movies at home, but i have followed modern family and glee. unfortunately, today was the 3rd full episode of masterchef professionals that i have watched. most of the time these days, i don't really have time for tv at night. and all i've read in terms of books are the millennium trilogy. i still had heaps of books to read, but never had the time...oh, and all i've baked are failed macarons.

i've also cleaned a lot, so that's where some of my time has gone.

o-week this week, but the weather D= i just spent an hour planning a personal schedule of stuff to do and eat. so that's another 5 days gone.

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