Thursday, February 14, 2013

City Food Adventures

aww yeah, i'm satisfied (:

went to pancakes on the rocks. had the blueberry one. they used canned blue berries so i was disappointed. the time before i had the apple one, and i think their apples were slightly canned, well tasted on the canned side. and the time before i think i just had normal ones. their pancakes are really good (well ofc you expect them to be). next time i might go for savouries. it was almost full even during the day when people are supposed to have work. and they are sooooo filling, what a filling brunch. i guess prices are ok. first time going to the rocks on. they have more franchises now, according to the website.

caught the free cbd shuttle bus, i think it's like the 2nd time in my life. went happy lab! it's soooo cool. now i finally now where this guy at my church buys them from. he has the round flask ones, and he takes a different flavour each week, thus my bro has had most of the flavours without going to the shop.  i bought blueberry pie in a test tube, even though it's pricey, it was really nice, plus i had like 6 or more free testers there. and the store was crammed with business people.

sydney westfield food court really is different from a normal westfield food court. not a maccas in sight. everything gourmet. i can't believe there was about 20+ people lining up for $4 per piece macaron. sooo expensive, more expensive than zumberons (which are 2.50 each last time i checked, and i have still yet to go there, but it's bit of a trek...) didn't buy the $4 ones since wayyy too many people lined up. i've already had my fair share of various high tea macarons, and macarons made by other people, so i wasn't craving them or anything.

actually, there were heaps of people lining up at everything gourmet and every food shop at westfeild, all filled with business people. i would like an office job for a few months, so i would be able to try everything there, but no way office job for a life time, i would totaly become faaaaatttttttttt.

I HAD THE MOST AMAZING FROYO TODAY. FROYO CRAVING SATISFIED! sooooo good. the chai is the best! i love everything chai. chai tea, spice chai tea, chai latte, now chai froyo. yumm. defs worth the 3.20/100g, compared to normal 2/100g. compared to supermarket yogurt which is like 6 bucks for a kilo, it's not worth it, but chai froyo and also salted caramel froyo was so good! also had biscotti which i think wasn't portrayed that nice, but still good. the whole climax of biscotti is the texture of it's hardness compared to the flavour. the green tea wasn't asian enough, and the mixed berry was actually sour, not yogurt sour, but raspberry sour which wasn't very nice. yogurt world is kind of like praus, sweeter than other froyos. their spoons are the sturdiest take away spoons i have ever seen, so i decided to take one home (: i actually quite like the sourness of yogurberry. i doubt i would even bother to go to a noggi. and also ceebs to try wow cow even though they also have interesting flavours.

also had a tiny bit of strawberry cheesecake from moochi. the texture wasn't as icy, it was more like yogurt so =/


managed to click through every single pic on google's logo. took some time.

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