Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 2

my phone is going to disconnect in the next 24-48 hours, but i'm so excited! and yay for not moving to voda, lol, after the complaints and media trashing them to say they're super bad with bad service. no thanks, i will pass on signing up to voda.

soooooo, this morning. i was planning to go on the iCinema tour, but i was way too tired from dance yesterday (i'm actually starting to hurt less now, so starting to get back into it), and decided to sleep in for an hour compared to yday. the last express bus in the morn comes at 8:14, so i decided to catch the normal one at 8:40 ish. when i turned the corner, i saw a bus, and it was the express! but he just left when i arrived. since the bus does a mini loop, i ran down the normal road we drive and made it to the other bus stop where the bus shortly arrived. that express bus was half an hour late, and you could see all the angry people telling the bus driver that the bus was obviously late, but for once, a late bus worked for me. i am going to get so much reading done on the bus.
to uni: 3 buses. from uni: 2 buses and one train. peak time almost 2 hours. ok ish time, 1.5-1.75hour. IF THEY FRICKKEN COMPLETE THE M2, i can get home in 1.5hour. seriously, the beginning like 2/3kms always have a massive jam. they have 4 lanes unused and blocked since they still haven't finished it ): but at least during peak times, buses come every 2-5mins to and from city (: so that's way better than 15mins a train during peak hours

not as many freebies today. no unlimited lipton ice tea ):
joined some stuff i haven't signed up for yet to get more drinks. the turbo tub was fun. it was dizzier than normal rides since the actual thing swayed and i ate lunch right before...free lunch from another Christian group. i thought CBS was the only Christian group, but turns out there's like 10 more...free lunch on a place with table and chairs (:

saw heaps of baulko kids today. didn't see any one of my friends except dandelion. it's funny how i always bump into her.

and yesss! happy to get a nice piece of paper with a seal. i'm pretty sure someone took the box near keith burrows, but if i have time this week, i want to see where the other boxes are to see what they look like...but i just kind of tagged with these guys who went to syd tech since i knew i can't solve riddles.

i got the cutest balloon ever...after waiting half an hour...i got the last one for the day (:

another really useful talk today (:

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