Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shirley's 18th

thank you Shirley (:

house was so wonderfully coloured and decorated. soo much food and lollies, except i didn't eat heaps since i've eaten too much stuff even though i'm not in hk.

yay for pinatas! haven't hit one in so long. and haha, sardines. and yay for star shaped sunnies, which you can't see through but they're funky (:

i sometimes ceebs to socialise. like, i won't ever see some people again, and even if i do, it's probs just walk past them and say hi. and i'm really picky about outings i go to. i've skipped over 5 outings so far because they cost money/too far so spend too much on petrol/not much point. i still have heaps of stuff to do. haven't cleaned out everything yet =/ 

also saw wreck-it-ralph yday, it's pretty good. missed out on some parts, but i liked the concept (:

was nice seeing everyone (: and cutest birthday song ever.

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