Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hk Cars

again, i probs mentioned this sometime before in previous posts.

but there are soooo many luxury cars in hk. talking to my uncle, he said hk has one of the largest proportions of luxury cars in the world.

seriously, each day i see at least 5 porches, and they are just casually parked on the streets, and some hk streets are dodgy, and all hk streets are super duper crowded. like people walking past it can scratch the car. i saw a few aston martins, ferrari, maclaren. etc.

i really do love my cars. maclaren used to be my favourite brand since it was the fastest car in my need for speed 2 for pc over ten years ago.

and having a car in hk is way more expensive than having a car in aus. in hk, you have to pay a further 40% of tax. then you have to pay for parking everywhere, there are no free street parking, only cheaper parking in cheaper streets. and then when you buy an apartment, it doesn't come with a parking space. you either have to buy or rent your own parking space, and it's literally just a normal car park space. i don't think i'll be able to survive in hk with all my stuff since i have no where to store them.

lso, hk roads have heaps of tight turns, very crowded street, over and under passes, bridges and also lots of public transport and people, so aren't people scared their cars will be scratched?

people in hk are richer than you think...

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