Monday, February 18, 2013

Lincoln/Last Connect

so many old people at the movies during the day =/ i saw that the 12pm and 3ish session for lincoln were full, so i was scared that the 10am session were full since they didn't show the 10am sesh on the screen.

tbh, i didn't really like it. i only watched it because it was nominated for so many awards and it was 2.5 hours, so you get more out of your money by spending more time in the cinema. not into american history, so didn't get parts of it, like i got the jist of it, but when people laughed at what they said, didn't really understand it =/ there wasn't enough humour and not even action. just talking talking talking, kind of felt like watching a documentary. unlike les mis which was about french revolution and i found that wayyy more interesting. the only commendable thing i have to say is the guy who plays lincoln actually looks like lincoln the real person.

used my $8 student monday ticket, and my mum used a free ticket which my bro got from school. then after a lot of persuading, and showing the email, i got a $1 small popcorn. last month, they sent cheap tickets to see django unchained, but it was a mistake, so they gave us cheap popcorn. i couldn't even eat half the box. it was sooooo salty ad buttery and fattening. so we still have over half a box of popcorn at home. i don't understand how people can finish a large popcorn by themselves. well, i guess the guy balanced out the saltiness as he bought a large frozen coke.

also got this free wrap and milk since my bro had a voucher, and then lunch at 3, so i spent a minimal amount of money today!

towers has changed heaps. first time going in over 3+months i think. they now have a legit nike store, which you hardly see in aus. saw a sign which said staff required for a cafe without the whole "experience needed" tagline, but i don't want to work at towers, waste of time to get to considering i don't have a time for a job on weekdays, if that makes sense...

last connect today. it was really nice spending the past month going there on a mon arvo. apparently they had 60+ pizzas left...well according to my friend. really wanted to stay for dinner...hopefully i'll see the people i've met around uni.

picking outings to go to because i don't want to waste money =/ soz.

my diary came today! so fast since i ordered it last thursday. so technically only friday and this morning was as the working days. well technically a family friend helped me buy it, since my dad's credit card somehow didn't work, but it worked normally at the shops. they said it was a mini-present for doing well in the hsc, lol jokes, but whatever, yay diary!

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