Friday, March 1, 2013

Harvard's Blog Survey

i finally have time to do this. second survey.

Question 1: How do you feel about uni being in a week?
if you asked me yesterday, i would say pumped and ready to learn. but this arvo, i check my zmail/balckboard etc, and the lecturer's have already started saying things we should complete by week 1, and already uploading stuff. and then i looked at chem powerpoints, AND I REALISED I HAVE FORGOTTEN THE BASICS IN A YEAR. so i am screwed and i was planning to go out tmr. i shall cram chem and maths after i go out tmr, and on sunday, BUT I'M ALSO GOING OUT ON SUNDAY. i feel so crewed man. they have a diagnostic test on week 3, and if you do bad, they advise you to take the easier chem, but i have to do the harder chem since my course requires it. i feel like i'm going to fail, and if you fail first year then gg, it's practically impossible to pass my course (pass for my course is credit average or else you get a vision science degree, ie you have nothing to do in your life...) AND THE LECTURERS SAID PHYSICS IN UNI IS HARD. so did all my friends who've done 1st year physics, and the ones i asked all went to top 10 selective schools. i was never good at phys ):

Question 2: If someone asks you to name an interesting fact about yourself, do you have a go-to fact? got asked this on the campus tour yday when we had to ask people stuff and find things about them. i just say swimming and dancing.

Question 3: Name a place you can always feel safe at. 

Question 4: When you get into a train, do you prefer to sit on the upper level, the lower level or the middle? 
always up. the view! if i have luggage middle. i feel awks following my friends if they sit lower. 

Question 5: When you're in a large shopping centre, in which store/s do you spend the most time? Grocery chains don't count, probably. 

clothes shops. but i am determined not to buy a single clothing in aus this year until my bday, unless it's cheap than hk or i have to, like i have to get a lab coat...

Question 6: Do you carry a bottle of water with you when you go outside? 
Yes! i don't understand how people cannot drink water the whole day. this explains why my bag is heavy. and i always bring 600-1000ml of water, even during o-week when they give you stuff to drink. for shorter outings/when i have a smaller bag, i bring my 500ml bottle, but i still find anything less than 500ml pathetic. most of the time, i even bring my own bottle to people's houses. i only buy water if i have exhausted my supply, and i'm dying of thurst when i'm on the streets and not going home for a loong time, but that's quite rare.

Question 7: How do you feel about spending money right now? 

Question 8: Do you think that, if you were to move out tomorrow, you would be able to sustain living by yourself? 

nope, no income. can't cook properly. other things like chores will take up too much time, and cut into study time.. =/

Question 9: Do you use post it notes or highlighters in books? Probably textbooks, since none of you will have to study fiction ever again haha 

hardly. i only highlight worksheets, like sciences or english...don't even use post-it notes, only use them for things i have to remind myself and stick on my desk.

Question 10: Do you see yourself helping out at University Open days - etc in the future? And/or which societies do you plan on joining? 

i want to, but being yellow shirts is like a process similar to med. you get tested/interview/application etcetc. and my friend told me you have to get there 7am and only finish 9pm, and finish even later depending on what events are on at night. so you live in accomodation close to campus, and get shuttle bused to uni for the week. i need to do another post on this. there's more to say...

joined CBS, baking society, quidditch (they sent emails already and they have training and stuff on weekends/comps, so i ceebs to go), science soc, optom soc, and the _____ soc. didn't join dance since i also ceebs to go uni and practice at night.

Question 11: Do you read books for fun? What's your favourite genre? 
i used to, until the hsc started. i used to ready mostly fantasy, but now i read everything.

Question 12: Do you like: 
a) Big houses or small houses? 


b) A large bedroom or a small bedroom? 


c) Backyard swimming pool or none? 
do you even need to ask. OF COURSE I WANT A POOL! except i don't want the responsibility of maintaining it, lol.

d) Neighbours or a park next to your house? 
neighbours, there is less chance of having screaming kids next to your house. kids scream a lot at parks.

Question 13: What's a moment in which you were truly very afraid? 
don't have one. does being afraid of failing uni count?

Question 14: Do you find it easier to talk to a stranger if they know someone you know? 
yes, defs. did that so much this week.

Question 15: What's a song that you always wanted to sing at karaoke but didn't want to make everyone else listen to you? 

 don't have one. i'm really out of it in terms of music these days...

Question 16: Do you have a go-to restaurant if you want to eat out but don't know where to go? And/or do you usually make bookings when you go out to eat? 

not really. going out to eat is unhealthy and a waste of money, esp going out regularly. i would rather eat michelin star food and go out on fewer occasions.

Question 17: Would you prefer to go back to your home country or somewhere new which you've never been to before? 

Question 18: When was the last time you felt "Like a Boss"? That is, when did you last do something which all went to plan and you were really happy with when you finished? 
umm, don't have one. when i figured out what places/outings to go to during my busy past 4 months, i guess...

Question 19: This is mostly for the people going to NewSouth - Have you ever considered taking the ferry to uni? 
nope. the only non touristy/beachy ferry route i know of is from meadowbank to circular quay.

Question 20: Do you think two people who talk online but have never met in person can become true friends? 
nope. wait, true friends irl? or true friends on the internet. nah, don't think people who online talk online but have never ever met in person can be true friends.

Question 21: What did you usually do when lightning struck and there was no power in your house? 
light candles. i've always had a laptop from when i was little, so i would go on that, or phone.Question 22: Were you a person who ruled margins in their books? Do you think you'll continue this habit? 
yes! esp during primary. in high school, i got books with margins.

Question 23: What's your favourite kind of tree and why? ("Sam" is an acceptable answer, but be more creative lol) 
don't have one, but i like maples. but i would not have one in my backyard unless i have a massive backyard, since big trees have big roots which can screw up your sewerage system/underground pipes. i have thought about heaps of stuff on what to not have in a house. i need to do another post on houses sometime..

Question 24: How many different primary/high schools have you been to? Would you prefer to have done more or less transfers across schools? 
one primary, two high schools.
Question 25: Please name a song which reminds you of your childhood
hilary duff-sweet sixteen and others i have her whole album...and delta goodrem!!! loved all her songs and again have her whole album. the albums which were produced in my childhood. also barbie girl, and i love rock and roll.

Question 26: Did you have a distinct "lunchbox" when you were in primary school? What was in it? 
a hard one during K-2, then a cooler bag from 3-6 since i saw my friends having one. it was purple! had fruit and either nutella sandwich or fairy bread.

Question 27: How many suburbs do you know your way around? Which would be your favourite? 
i know my way around my own suburb. but i know how to get to most suburbs without a gps. i mean, it's literally just one road or the other. you can't get lost. 

Question 28: What's your favourite public holiday? 
don't have one. i like xmas since i like a big turkey and ham.

Question 29: How loud do you like your music/television? 
music soft, tv normal. i hardly listen to music these days... i hate it when people have the tv loud and i'm not watching it, it's annoying. 

Question 30: Were you ever taught to say please and thank you? How were you taught? Do you still say it often? 
probs in pre school/primary.

when i have time (yes, i somehow don't have enough time despite 4 months break, believe me, i have organised my events beforehand so please don't think i'm disorganised...) i shall create a survey, but i don't know what to ask, lol.

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