Saturday, August 31, 2013

i couldn't do anything properly yesterday. even at night, i thought i could still smell ammonia. dealt with 15M NH3 yday, probably to high concentrated thing i will ever deal with in my life.

last day of winter, nooo. i had a berry fruit lipton pyramid tea. it's ok, but kind of cheap. it says to put 200ml of water, less than your standard latte glass/cup. last time i had over 250ml, so it was kind of tastless. this time i had about 200ml, so the flavour was there, but i don't feel like i got my money's worth out of the tea bag. if i did put more water in, then it won't taste as good. had a piece of toast with butter, peanut butter and jam. twas so good! probs because i haven't had peanut butter and jelly for so long (: only have time to drink tea on weekends. as if i have the time to wait for the water to boil and the tea to infuse during the weekday. i can get dressed/ready and eat a breakfast in 15min before leaving the house (:

really impressed with MAC lipstick. sah good (: good make-up/brushes are also worth investing in. some people just have absolutely perfect make-up each time, then again, they already have flawless skin to begin with. i cannot find any youtube vids on how to use a quiff comb! i know you just stick it in, but how!? also sucks sometimes how my hair is so thin, it's hard to make it "poof"

eisteddfod today-so many troupes. the judges were like "the scores are going to be low as we are comparing you to worldwide dance troupes" and "you need to do blahblahblah, or else you will not have a career in dance" calm your farm, haha, i bet 90% of the people there won't do dance as a full time international career.

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