Saturday, August 10, 2013

had the worse dance day, if that's possible.

woke up at about 11 (which is four more hours than normal. i need to stop sleeping in on weekends during uni, wasting so much study time), felt like i forgotten something, but did the normal saturday wash up after breakfast when everyone has left, eat some brunch, tidy parts of the house up.

then about an hour later, i turned on my phone, and bam, my dance teacher said other people said i didn't turn up today for a lesson with the new choreographer. we only have 4 lessons with her and have to finish the dance by then for upcoming eistedfods. damnnnnnn, i can't believe i forgot i had a lesson on. you see, i normally have dance on mon and tues. tues is the important class since it's for competitions and you have to be dedicated which is why i've never missed a tuesday lesson, even during exams (and obs can't miss this tues if i already missed today's extra lesson). i guess i'll just sit out for that part she taught, you can teach so much in 2 hours. all i remembered for today was that i had an eistedfod.

so i left later than i intended and drove for about 2mins, then waited at a traffic light. i was thinking if i forgot anything, and bam, i realised i forgotten my jazz shoes! forgetting jazz shoes is the equivalent of forgetting to bring your swimmers to swimming. did a, well it's not illegal, but weird left turn. you know those t-junctions which has a designated "turn left with care", well i turned left using the lanes which were supposed to be turning right. if i didn't, then there wouldn't be an opportunity to u-turn until i get to dural. i hate driving to dural. always so much traffic since there's only one main way in and out.  so i drove madly home to get my shoes.

got third place for the other dance we have which hasn't placed yet. so far we have two dances, you either like one or the other. the alice in wonderland themed dance got 1st again. there was a section with muscial theatre, and wow, those kids were like 7 and so mature. a whole bunch of guys in those old english style clothes dancing/acting/being drama queens, and more 6/7yr old girls dancing with umbrellas for "singing in the rain". they were actually quite good. i can't imagine how much their parents invest into their dancing. you can tell their costumes cost at least $100, and they also had a costume change in the middle of their dance, well i guess that's just musical theatre.

ahhh, what is happening to me? sososo forgetful. even forgetting to set reminders on my phone.

so i got nothing done today. not goooood.

for one of my vision courses, we're starting anatomy of the eye. apparently they changed it this year so it's not as detailed as last year, probably because around 10 people failed the subject last year, which is a lot, esp in first year. the lecturer kept stressing about supplementary exams, and the procedures for it. you can get an overall of 65% for the subject, yet still fail since you didn't pass the final exam. but this subject has a dissection-can't wait (:

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