Friday, August 9, 2013

Black Star Pastry

i heard of this place well before i started uni. all my church friends who go usyd main campus said that if you go usyd, this place in newtown is worth visiting. from my house, i just catch a bus to the city, get off at a stop near wynyard, then conveniently, the newtown buses go to that stop, so it was literally hop on, hop off to get there. also caught the 370 back to unsw, it was a nice scenic ride, like i've seen green square station underground, but not on top.

i went at 10ish since i didn't want to be late to my lab. wow, so many people, i thought i avoided the whole coffee rush/peak hour, but nope, my coffee took a while to come. it's best to go by yourself, or with one other person only. personally, max no. of people is 3, since they don't have tables, only little stools to put your food on. max number of seating is about 10. so if you go in a group of 3+, it's best to get takeaway and find somewhere to eat. heaps of other people there were also eating/drinking by themselves. everyone who had the watermelon cake used their point and shoot cameras instead of phone cameras. i think i saw a tourist by herself having the cake, since she had a map of sydney or something.

brunch! quite a weird combo, but hey, there's always a first for everything (: also an "early" birthday present for myself. things i want are too expensive/not fully practical at this stage of uni life, so i am content with good food (:
famous lamb shank and red wine pie-$7.80, small cappuccino-$3.50

generous filling (:

if you didn't know, this pie won the best pie award this year. it's good. they used puff pastry (reminds me of the team challenge on MC last week, where Christina refused to make shortbread pastry for the pie, instead made the effort to make puff). this pie was completely different to other pies i've had before. i have had pies which had a piff top, but not the whole base/sides etc. this pastry was good since it had the lightness of puff pastry, but you didn't just taste butter. it also wasn't too oily on your fingers, unlike other pastries. to make puff pastry, you need heapssss of butter, so i was glad it didn't feel like i was eating butter. as expected, the red wine was subtle. it was pretty much packed with real meat. also, it wasn't overly salted/seasoned! perfect balance! whenever you eat a normal pie, you always get a massive sodium hit. this one isn't heavy on the salt flavour (: the sauce was free, otherwise i wouldn't have got it. in primary, i think those packets cost 20c, i bet now they cost 50c. didn't use a lot since the sauce was too overpowering combined with the flavours of the pie.

i was walking around today, the average pie is $5, and most of the time it's minced beef meat/small bits of meat. i haven't had pie face before and i don't really see the appeal, since you can draw a face on your pie with sauce (my bro used to always do that). even frozen supermarket pies cost about $1.50-$2 each, and the pastry is just some plain, floury thing with so much sauce and possible a lot of fake meat. i've had "gourmet" frozen pies before, the meat is in chunks, but there are not many chunks in the pie. the only thing i was disappointed in was that some of the edge was burnt. i saw one of the chefs take a whole tray out, and they were all pretty much the same dark brown...if you haven't been yet, i suggest you go before they hike up prices again. reading some reviews, last years prices was less then $7.50, i'm pretty sure they increased prices because they won an extra award.

the coffee was quite small for a small size. it was also a bit on the watery side and not hot enough. the flavour of the coffee was good. i still don't really know how to distinguish between brands of coffee beans. you can tell if the milk is frothed nicely, the texture, temp, smell, bitterness, but it's hard to tell which brand is what. i know lavazza is weaker than others, and i think single origin is blacker than others-it's still really hard to tell the diff in brands.

they didn't make any blueberry/lavender tarts today ): will go again when i have time...i heard that yesterday they sold out of watermelon cakes at 1.30. so glad i went early-ish to avoid double disappointment.

wow, the 133 chem lab room is sooo big. we 77 people (can fit even more), but later when we do babs, they can only fit 70, so they want 7 people to move into the 9am slot. no frikken way. i've only been on time to one 9am thing this sem. phys allows 20mins lateness, but for i hate my demonstrator, she has this super heavy accent and i don't understand her, and she is so slow! she only ticked off my equipment checklist, not sign it, hopefully they won't bust me. seriously, i always end up with the slowest demonstrators-waste of time! skipped my first phys "other" lecture today. i haven't done any phys tute questions, i have a feel i am not going to be able to do them without looking at answers first, just like visn =/ i can say i like fridays now, so good not having a 9-6pm on the last day of the week (:

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  1. I don't know if this means anything, but I didn't even get the phys homework booklets, let alone look at the questions, and didn't go to the phys "other" lectures either but ended up doing okay, lol. I suppose I would advise against doing that though.

    And don't worry if you don't understand much of the motion/kinematics stuff, the other half of the course is way easier to understand if you study a bit.