Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Laduree Macarons

thank you so much my fellow optom friend Shirley! what a lovely surprise!

i know getting food for your birthday is only temporary, but i love my food (: i've walked by countless times, looking at their products/people buying/eating it, because i couldn't bring myself up to buying something so expensive. now i have finally had these most famous in France/branded $3.30+ macarons! these survived after taking them around uni and around the city! so happy not one of them broke when i was holding them for over 5 hours (:
box of 6. from what i tasted i received: raspberry, pistachio, salted caramel, praline, chocolate, coconut

praline: quite a nuttiful flavour. i think i tasted peanut butter flavour in it as well. 
coconut: strong coconut flavour, but not like artificial coconut in confectionary.
salted caramel: wasn't salted enough (compared to zumbo's salted caramel packet mix). it was quite sweet since the caramel was strong, more salt would have been a better balance.
raspberry: i think this flavour came out the clearest. it had a jelly like centre and raspberry seeds.
chocolate: the ganache wasn't your traditional butter/creamish ganache. it felt more like a truffle texture and a nice chocolate hit, but not overly sweet at the same time.
pistachio: i think this was one of the sweetest. the pistachio flavour was a bit subtle, but the green colour on the inside was so pretty!

in terms of texture, i have to say it was better than zumbo's. i was surprised since they have been imported and flown from Switzerland, but they still maintained their crisp of the macaron shell, and slightly chewy inside (i ate one3 days later and it was still perfect). that initial crunch was good (: even in their display, not all of the macarons are perfect. some of mine in the box varied in diameter, and some didn't have a perfect feet, but i guess the texture made up for it. 

i guess i like zumbo's better since they're fatter and have more exotic flavours. i think zumbo is more suited for "young" people, whilst ladueree is for more "posh" people who like their traditional flavours. although i would like to try their purple flavoured marshmallow one...

i love to collect things, and this bag and box is a defs must keep. ahhh, those colours are sooooo pretty and complement each other. both colours have a nice light shade and they're so elegant! love purple <3

if i ever go to france, i do plan on going to all the most famous places (and it's cheaper there as well).

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