Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guzman Y Gomez-Free Burrito Day

today has been a really good day (: 

yayayay food (: first time going to guzman y gomez, didn't know it existed before. this new place in the unsw university terraces is the best so far in free food. let me quickly recount: moochi opening: paid for froyo, waited 1+hours, max brenner: free hot chocs and chocolate.

today was so good! free burritos from 11-8pm. they told us they churn out 500 in 2 hours. wow, they're kitchen was hectic. at least 20 people around this bench, then other people cooking meat. it wasn't very big in their either, but i love their efficiency! it was so fast considering how long the line was. waited for about 25min the first time, skipped the line the 2nd time, and 20min the 3rd time. each time my burrito felt hotter (in heat). line was over 25m long imo.

whilst you waited, they had free corn chips with guacolmole (ahh, so good, got at least 10 big corn chips) and live music with legit mexican people singing mexican/spanish songs. they dressed up with those massive hats and we're pretty cute. they also have free condiements when you get your burrito, but i skipped them since it was jalepenos and various levels of spicy salsa.

they're actually really heavy, despite it appearing quite small. they were wrapped very nicely and eating-friendly, nothing messy which was a surprise.
burrito 1: chicken
burrito haul! beef, barramundi and pork (spicy)

utilising my kitchen scales (: it's about 500g for a burrito. i had a bit of the pork one for dinner since i'm at home and have access to cold drinks at a cheaper-than-uni price. hey, i can stand that spicyness! slowly improving guys! but out of chicken/pork, the chicken one was better. 

how much are they normally? $10.90, but these ones had rice, so and extra $2, so $12.90 per burrito times 4=$51.60. WIN! that's about 3 hours worth of work. i only lined up for about an hour today, so defs worth it (: (i had two breaks today as well, and nothing due, except for that stupid useless hw...but yes, time to spare for free food).

i have tickets to A League of Their Own for tomorrow at moore park. it's a new comedy/game/reality show and they're doing their recordings tmr. anyone wanna come? i actually ceebs going myself. it's stupid how x-factor had their auditions during some of my exams.

end at 6pm on thursdays now. the amount of people crashing our chem/visn lectures is kinda weird. like we end late sometimes, and the lecture for chem atm are pretty basic, not sure what you guys are doing coming to 5pm lectures...

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