Sunday, September 1, 2013

Masterchef 2013

the plight of the bees is the new snow egg.

just not as spectacular.

too bad it's in melbourne. at least it's more affordable. one day, i shall go to a three star michelin restaurant. 1.there's none in aus 2. even if there was, a high class three course meal is a tad cheaper overseas (unless the aussie dollar drops dramatically by the time i can afford to feed myself).

i found that this season of MC, there's less celebrity chefs. there used to be one each week for immunity challenges, but this season there's hardly any, like Matt Moran didn't even show up. guess they saved up that money for Dubai. i feel that this season the cooks are good, but not as good as previous seasons, idk, can't really talk since i can't cook properly.

it's always the first person they announce for the last set of scores who loses. didn't really like emma, since she got an immunity pin, so imo, she didn't fully legit win.

i've been eating all day =/ had the green tea gunpowder lipton tea today, it's quite a nice green tea with some oddly nice smokiness. had some home made ice mooncakes (: also, i love sara lee's hazelnut choc fudge ice cream. the fudge and the nuts are nicely balanced (: actually, i love most flavours of sara lee's, in terms of supermarket ice cream, i think i like their's better than connoisseur. didn't go out for dinner today, but then again, we don't even go out if it's someone's bday.

argh, i'm so annoyed. those accidental typos/decimal places/sig figs which always trip me up in physics pre labs. it's not hard, just why did they make the easy stuff worth more marks so then i get a pretty bad score. need those extra marks in phys, since finals will be super hard.

ok, i got no study done, ahhh, exams coming, gotta pick my game up now that masterchef is over

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