Monday, August 12, 2013

my mum actually wanted to do city2surf this year, but i told her, do you really want to pay $80 to walk 14km? but now i kind of want to do it next year (well walk about 90% of it. hehe, this reminds me of x country). i think it's one of those items on a bucket lists, like duke of ed. i've never walked more than 5km at one time. i guess doing it during uni will be better than trying it out after uni where you'll start to work and be even more unifit. i guess our stairs help to keep people somewhat fit if you don't do any other sports.

looool, if you didn't know, today a part of the roof on our library fell off, so they suspended classes near the library. i snuck into the earlier tute today and was all yolo if they marked the roll. they ended up passing the role around, and since i'm in the later group, my name was at the back, i still signed it, but if the tutors checked the role immediately after, then my name is the only name signed on that page and it would look dodgy. boringest tute ever! learning about ethics in research, blurgh. if i didn't sneak in, then i would've had a 4 hour break, and i'd rather skip a tute than wait four hours.

my bible study group this sem is half filled with 2nd year optoms. i always end up with 2/3 other optoms in my study. i have a leader who has almost the same name as me. there's more people in this group. oh, there's this girl in my bible study who'd already engaged! studying, but engaged. only 3rd or fourth year. so young and last sem bible study was all first years, this time i'm the only first year.

bro had his trial today. he does accelerated geo, and after his exam, his went with his friends to go have a "cry" ie eat food. he says hardly anyone gets band 6, but that contradicts the whole purpose of an accelerated class! you're supposed to do well, and personally i don't think geo scales well, so i don't understand how most of those guys don't get band 6.

hillsbuses have  real time now!!! and they updated the timetables by minimising the m2 traffic it used to face, so most bus rides which used to take 60min during peak hour take less than 50min (: sah good. i don't think real time is that necessary for the buses i catch to the city. they're always on time/have heaps during peak hour so it's not necessary to look at tripview. anyway,s half the time, state transit buses real time isn't very accurate.

my multi ticket acting up. when you dip it into state transit buses it's supposed to print the date, but the one i have today, it didn't print anything onto the card =/

free orange juice from maccas today (: it costs over $3.

i guess it's not a big surprise that MC is going to dubai this week, since qantas recently partnered with emirates, so i guess they have more sponsorship things when they go dubai. when you say tourist place, i think of dubai, with all their man made islands and tallest buildings and super unique hotels. since i don't have time to watch the whole ep online after dance, i just skipped to the end, and hey, the judges aren't sharing a plate this time when they taste! quality restaurant foooood....

nooooooo, they related all the foods on the MC Dine and Bar menu back to the dishes shown i really want some. they changed the names of the menu and it sounds so much more appealing than before (even though there's still choc w/ vegemite to finish...)

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  1. i think city2surf is good motivation for practising running which is apparently good for health.

    happy birthday!