Friday, August 2, 2013

Watermelon Cake

today's been another good day. actually this week is good since almost everyday i have had 2 hours of lectures. for one of my vision courses, we're doing "ice breakers, and communication" type of non-uni stuff, so that's a bludge, yet they have hw, but i didn't do half of that's about 3% gone. fingers crossed i'll make it up in finals.

these days, i get sick of uni after 2 hours. how will i survive next week. i shall sneak into earlier tutorials and hopefully end earlier.

i am so excited for my birthday! not going to be hosting anything, but the amount of free food available! hope boost allows multiple ones at different stores...

thanks bitter for visiting! and thank you for the cake! this watermelon cake from black star pastry was on my to-go list. i shall go there and hopefully have one of their famous pies there.

this cake didn't really survive when i got home. some layers were tumbled, and since watermelon naturally has a lot of water/moisture, a lot of it soaked through the other layers. however, the flavours were there and it was delicious! probably a tad sweet, but it was a nice sweetness (: and there were quite a lot of strawberries/grapes on top, more than it seems.

i have five cafes in surry hills i want to go to. also, 2 places with cheap eats. problem? no money ): 

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